Onco Baby Rear View Car Mirror review

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Onco Baby Rear View Car Mirror

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Keep an eye on your child in the back seat and provide some additional entertainment for your baby with this handy and durable headrest Onco Baby Rear View Car Mirror, designed for safe travel.

Onco Baby Rear View Car Mirror

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  • Adjustable angles
  • Safety first
  • Award-winning 
  • Easy to install


  • Expensive
  • One colour


Onco Baby Rear View Car Mirror

The Onco Baby Rear View Car Mirror won Silver in the Mother&Baby Awards 2024 for Best Safety Product.

Onco Baby Rear View Car Mirror key features

  • Onco’s baby mirror is made from 100% shatterproof plastic and measures 24.5 x 17.5cm - offering you a crystal-clear and wide view of your newborn whilst driving.

  • The 360° rotation allows you to modify the mirror’s angles with minimum effort to fit your and your babies needs. This makes it a great choice for all car headrests.

  • Choose between 3 different attachment options to ensure your mirror firmly stays in place and won’t wobble during car journeys. The adjustable straps are easy to install and remove.

  • Designed to keep you and your baby safe - thousands of families put their faith in us to make their journeys easier every day.

Testing the Onco Baby Rear View Car Mirror

I'd recommend the Onco Baby Rear View Car Mirror because it was so much better than the one I originally had. It was fairly easy to install, and the large size of the mirror means I get a clear, unobstructed view. It's the perfect addition to your car if you have a rear-facing car seat. We love it, and our baby loves looking at herself in it. Plus, it looks smart.

I think the Onco Baby Rear View Car Mirror is great at a really competitive selling point. Most car mirrors are the same from what i've seen so there isn't anything that particularly stands out to me about this item but I would recommend it as it was very easy to use. My partner and I would swap it between cars depending on who was looking after the children and it was really simple to unclip and transfer to another car. It is quite a big mirror surface so I was able to easily see me kids and they could see me.

Well made and sturdy piece of kit. Comes with straps and clips that are adjustable and will fit to any headrest. The mirror itself is very big and of good quality. There were no imperfections or smudges in the mirror. The mirror can be moved to change the angle of the image so you can adjust it however you like/to see clearly in the cars review mirror.

This is a great product. I even purchased a second one due to me having twins. The mirror is very clear and a good size to see baby. My boys also liked to see themselves in the mirror and this entertained my twins on car journeys! It was easy to attach and it can be adjusted very easily too. It also felt secure when attached to the headrest. Price is very reasonable too.

I like how it hasn't just got set angles like some in-car mirrors have; you can move the mirror to endless positions to get it lined up just right. The fact that it's easy to install is a plus. The large size of the mirror means it's so easy to keep an eye on my baby when I'm driving, and she can see me too.

I was able to see my children in the back seat and they were also able to see me which was a comfort for them and meant they were calmer in car journeys. I used it with both my toddler who is almost 2 and my baby who is 10 months. My toddler's car seat can either remain up right or recline if she is tired and so I was able to adjust the angle of the mirror if my toddler was in the reclined position so it was flexible to use.

As a new mum I was very nervous driving with my baby on my own. Having them in the backseat is safest but I worried about not being able to see them. Also they would get upset being in the back by themselves. This mirror allows me to check on my baby and is also so big they can see my reflection as well as their own which helps keep them settled.

Final thoughts

The baby rear-view car mirror is a brilliant idea for parents who would like to keep an extra eye on their children whilst driving. This product can't be faulted it does what it says on the tin! This mirror is adjustable for different angles and would be perfect if you have more than one child sitting in the backseat.

Full product spec

  • Product Dimensions- 24.5 x 7 x 17.5 cm; 349 Grams

  • Material Type- Plastic

  • Material composition- ‎smooth acrylic

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