Munchkin CosieNosie Nasal Aspirator review

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Munchkin CosieNosie Nasal Aspirator

by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |
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Help clear up your little one's stuffy or blocked nose with Munchkin's CosieNosie Nasal Aspirator. It's easy to control and help keep clean with its internal chamber that helps prevent a spread of germs. It also comes in three different sizes so you can find the perfect one for your baby.

How did this product make your life easier?

Lauren: This product has saved endless amounts of doctor trips! With the weather changing my little one has a running nose quite a lot. This product made our long nights shorter. It scoops up and pulls all the goo out what's troubling your child effortlessly. This product is great. It is simple to put together, easy to clean and works really well.

Lydia: This product came in very handy for my newborn as she had a cold very early on and she was so congested at night. It's small and simple to use, especially in the night and it came with extra nasal ends so you can keep extra ones sterile. It managed to remove all blockages from my daughter's nose and she was breathing clearer instantly. A must-have for a newborn.

Zoe: A recent cold in my little one has given me the opportunity to try this out. An efficient little tool to remove snot from his nose. This means that he has slept much better at night and I’ve then had a much better sleep too! Winner winner! I have previously used other tools (and even in a moment of desperation used my own mouth) and this is definitely the easiest!

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Michelle: I would recommend this product hands down to fellow mums. It’s a life saver for babies who are snuffly - helping them to rid of it and to breathe more easily, and also to sleep better. The product is very, easy to use, and clean. It’s also easily portable and comes in its own carry case to help keep it hygienic and clean. I also like that there are 3 different interchangeable nozzles to suit any tiny little nose!

Sophie: I would definitely recommend this product to other mothers, especially if they have a child with breathing issues, or just for those that are regularly catching a common cold. The product comes with a lovely case, which fits perfectly into a small handbag, which would also keep any germs encased whilst out and about, so hygienically it is very good. It is easy to use but it does need you to be able to take large breaths. It is very easy to clean and take apart so hygienically again it is very good. It comes with different size nozzles so grows with the baby, therefore making it long-lasting. Also, the actual quality of the product seems hard-wearing with strong quality plastics, compared to some other makes I have used where the rubber nozzles after a few uses become lose and easily fall out of the product. The design is also much better than others as it has been designed so that mucus is not easily transported into the suction pipe. This is a big reason that I would recommend it as no one wants to be sucking up there child's mucus.

Leanne: It allows you to clear your baby's airways easily. You can see what is coming out as you aspirate. It's easy to use and has different attachments for different noses. It's easy to take apart and clean. It's small enough to take out and about with you. I have been converted from just using saline as I used to.

Would you choose this product to win?

Emma: I thought that the storage case was a great idea as it meant there was somewhere clean to store it and you are not hunting around in a cupboard or drawer to find all the parts. The lack of filter made cleaning really easy, especially compared to other brands I’ve used. The price is very reasonable too-for once the word ‘baby’ doesn’t seem to have hiked up the price!

Natascha: I would choose this product on the market not only because I’ve tried it but the price is very reasonable compared to other products I have seen. The quality is great! It comes with two spare nose parts just in case you lose one or in need of a new one. I think this product should win. This product stands out to me as it has a great little case included!

Paula: It has different sizes for the nose piece, which means that you can use it from baby to toddler, with good fit. It is very hygienic, you can clean and sterilise the whole thing or just the nose piece, and it is of good build quality. The price of the product is comparable with other owned brands from supermarkets and pharmacies, but the quality is better, and the design superior. I wish I had this product before purchasing the other one I had since he was a baby, as I was not able to use it with success, mainly because of the poor fit.

What changes would you make to this product?

Hannah: An all-round really well-designed product. I have no changes or improvements to note as I am very pleased with it! It has a simple and effective design, it does exactly what it needs to. The product price is also accurate in my opinion, it's a well-made piece of kit. Never did I think I'd be sucking snot from my child's nose, but it's a real game-changer when little one can't breathe. Well done Munchkin!

Emma: I didn’t feel that it was necessary to have the three different sized attachments. The smallest one was fine for both my three month and three-year-olds and I feel that the others are surplus to requirements. Perhaps removing these could mean that the price could be lower, making the product even better value for money.

Leanne: I would probably say it would be ideal if it came with a small cleaning brush for the different attachment heads. I am using the smallest attachment and sometimes bogies get stuck in there! I have had to use a small cleaning brush from a bottle set to clean the tips. Otherwise, it is brilliant to use.

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