Baby Dan Guard Me review

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Baby Dan Guard Me

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Unobtrusive when not in use, this retractable safety gate screws into place, but is easy to install. It can be fitted inside a door frame or at the top or bottom of a staircase. A simple-to-operate button mechanism opens the gate, but our testers found it fiddly to close with one hand.

The gate folds back automatically and takes up minimal space. There’s no bottom bar, so nothing to trip over, and it can be opened and closed quietly.

Vicky Daly, 34, from Cheshire, is mum to Finn, 16 months. She says: ‘Perfect for the most high-traffic spot in the home. A drill is required but it’s easily installed. It’s easy and quiet to operate, and there’s no trip hazard.’

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Sarah Lovett, 33, from West Sussex, is mum to Philip, one. She says: ‘Very secure, and shuts silently, so won’t disturb a sleeping baby. It folds neatly away but I’d prefer a less ‘plasticky’ appearance.’

Laura Crumbley, 25, from Wigan, is mum to Finton, 18 months. She says: ‘Looks fab and folds away until it’s practically invisible. I found it tricky to operate, especially to close. Two hands are definitely required.’

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