Tried&Tested: Silver Cross Jet 3 stroller

silver cross jet 3

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This month in the Tried&Tested hot seat, the new and improved Jet 3 stroller from Silver Cross.

Lightweight and agile without compromising on comfort or style, the Jet 3 features a super simple fold which can then be pulled along suitcase-style for easy transportation.

Here's what our tester parents thought...

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What were your initial thoughts of the Jet 3 stroller?

Meredyth: It was very neat and tidy. The size was perfect for travelling. Lovely and compact and loved that it had a lay flat feature. Was quite hard to wheel when folded due to the handle being short and not able to adjust this.

Laurel: I was pleasantly surprised at how compact the stroller was. It seemed of very good quality and I liked the colourway of the black with the tan handle. I noticed that the basket was a lot smaller than our pram that we have currently, but that was to be expected with it being a compact stroller.

Laura: My initial thoughts of the Jet 3 stroller was that it was super lightweight and my concern was that it would be flimsy because of it but in reality this wasn't the case at all.

What is your favourite feature of the Jet 3 stroller and why?

Ashley: My favourite feature is how lightweight it is! Super easy to get in and out the car, and yet still substantial enough that it doesn’t feel like it will tip over! I actually had a fair bit of weight clipped on to the back and was surprised that it didn’t tip even without my 9 month old inside it.

Kim: My favourite feature of the Jet 3 stroller is how lightweight and compact it is. It’s literally the size of a small suitcase when folded down so easy to store and doesn’t take up a lot of room in your car, and when up it’s really light when pushing even with the baby in.

Laurel: It's so lightweight and folds very small, making it easily transportable, perfect for days out and upcoming holidays. I also like that it comes with a cover to put on to protect it whilst in transit in the car/airplane etc.

Did you use it in full lie flat mode?

Laura: Yes, my baby could lie flat in the stroller for naps when we were out and about. It was super easy to put into lie flat mode and change back to sitting.

Kim: Yes my 11 month old woke up really early one morning during the heatwave and the only way I managed to get her to continue her sleep comfortably was in the stroller. She managed to have another few hours as the fabric can full lie flat.

Meredyth: We used this when she was asleep, which was great. I love that we will be able to still use this for future newborns. We also used it to change her nappy, which was very helpful.

How easy was the Jet 3 stroller to fold?

Laura: Super easy to fold the stroller once I knew how. The only recommendation I would have is to give out some instructions in the box (we didn't have any and had to Google) as I had no idea how to unfold it and was worried about breaking it initially. However once I knew how to fold and unfold, it was super easy and quick and as I mentioned, can be done with one hand!

Kim: So easy! Once you’ve pressed the buttons in it virtually collapses itself!

Ashley: Honestly, it’s straightforward enough but I think because it is so lightweight, it’s awkward. You can’t shake it open like you would other strollers, it actually requires you to physically pull it all the way apart using both hands which isn’t always ideal with a baby in tow. I hoped the mechanism would loosen over time to make it easier but this hasn’t been the case.

Would you recommend the Jet 3 stroller to other parents and why?

Ashley: Yes, I would. It’s substantial considering the lightweight design, and great looking, the Silver Cross quality you expect. I love the colours and the magnetic straps are easier to put together than on the bigger SC prams. The under seat storage is also bigger than expected.

Meredyth: I would recommend it but not sure for that price. It wasn’t the best on cobbled streets and kept getting stuck which made it very difficult at times. However, it was great for in the airport and on the plane. Very stylish and saves so much space.

Kim: Yes I would highly recommend this stroller. Incredibly compact and lightweight to lift and as a mum without a massive car it’s perfect for fitting in the boot with your supermarket shop as well! 10/10

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