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Silver Cross Jet stroller

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Jet is the all-new, ultra-compact lightweight best travel stroller that folds so small it can be used as a piece of cabin baggage stowed away in the overhead locker and it can be wheeled like a small suitcase. Jet also includes a handy cover to keep everything tidy whilst your on your travels. Suitable from birth up to 15kg, Jet has a soft padded lie-flat seat, multi-position recline and adjustable calf support to ensure your little one is comfortable whether a baby or toddler.

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How did this product make your life easier?

Charlotte Hart says: "I love this stroller it’s made my life so much easier to be able to hold my baby and quickly pop it up. It’s also so light weight to get in and out the car and love how small it folds up. The rain cover is also really good it fits over so nice and snug. I also love the fact it has a peep hole window to keep an eye on my daughter when pushing her."

Lauren Hartley says: "I really love how the jet is so lightweight and easy to move around. It’s so easy to pick up and move between the house, different cars and around shops. I found it can fit anywhere I have tried, including the smallest of cars. An added bonus is it can stand on its wheels without falling over, so you can wheel it into the house and stand it at the front door without taking up too much space. I found this also very easy to put up and down without much practise. This would be great on holiday, knowing you can compact it so small and keep it safe, but still have it on hand quickly when needed, particularly getting off a flight."

Emily Harvey says: "This stroller has a beautiful modern style that I feel really proud to use and show off. Its lightweight and so easy to use I would rave about it to friends. Being able to take it of the car and unfold it in seconds is my favourite part and when going on walks with friends with little ones, I can’t help but promote this stroller. I’ve had a silver cross travel system and although its beautiful and durable, the weight is so heavy and it takes up so much room In the car. The Jet is so small and compact and lightweight it makes my outings so much easier and that is why I will recommend it to all my friends."

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Emma Hatfield says: "100% would recommend. Its such great quality and lightweight, I think most mum would love it. Another big plus point for me is the fact baby can lay almost flat so it is really easy for them to go to sleep in it. Great if you are doing a longer trip and want baby to have a longer nap - it would be great for holidays in that sense."

Gail Hayes says: "I would recommend this product to a fellow mum because of how perfect it is for holidays, particularly those abroad in hot places. Everything about it has been designed around this - it's light weight, ease of opening up and collapsing, large and high SPF protection hood, the fact that it pulls along like a suitcase when folded, its size and approval on some airlines as cabin baggage, and even the fact that the brake is controlled with the bottom of your foot rather than the top like many buggies, which is perfect for when sandals or flip-flops are worn! I love that it is designed and made in Britain too! However, I don't think that it is the most comfortable lightweight buggy that I have seen on the market."

Victoria Haynes says: "I think this stroller is unique because of how compact and lightweight it is. If you are often in the car or travelling with a child frequently this stroller is a massive support.It is a stylish design with lots of features which are very useful, such as concealed windows for checking on your little on without you disturbing them! I also would draw attention to how easy it is the push the stroller around. Often strollers are much less easy to turn and steer than larger prams or travel systems but this is great! My family members all had a turn of pushing and couldn't believe how easy it was."

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Sara Healey says: "I think as a compact travel pram it performs well. It folds easy and is a great size. My little boy seems happy and comfortable in it so far. My concern is that as I use it on uneven surfaces I don’t know how long the wheels and frame will actually last. It makes the walk quite hard work as you end up fighting with the pram trying to navigate the terrain. As a round town or on holiday pram I think it would be great and would recommend it."

Leila Hill says: "This product is more expensive than other strollers on the market but this is due to the high quality of the product. You really get what you paid for. The stroller is large so your child will fit in it until a reasonable age but it compacts down into a small trolley to transport it so it will never get in the way."

Charlotte Hart says: "I would pick this over others because it folds up so small I love how I can fit so much more in our car we took it away for a break in the uk and managed to get so much in our car as it took up only a small space. It’s so light weight Aswel and it is just so smooth to push and so easy to pop up and down without a faff or to complicated."

What changes would you make to this product?

Lauren Hartley says: "I would change the clip that is used to change the recline seat positioning. It can be difficult and tricky to do by yourself once baby is in the stroller. Maybe also an adjustable height for the push handle as I’m quite short so would have benefitted from it being able to be moved lower. Overall though this wouldn’t stop me buying the product."

Emily Harvey says: "If I could change anything it would be to improve the wheels if possible. On hard ground and concrete it is perfect however any slight uneven-ness in the ground or any stones and the stroller can get difficult to manoeuvre. I wonder if when on holiday, this could be an issue on certain ground. Like mentioned above I’m not able to go away abroad so can’t test this theory. However I have a UK break booked and I am unsure whether this stroller will be suitable as I don’t know how the ground conditions will be. I understand that the wheels need to be small to help with the foldability so it may not be possible."

Emma Hatfield says: "Hard to criticise this one! One thing I would love is if it was possible for the seat to be back facing as well as front facing. This is just a personal thing, as I have a baby who likes to see me and look at me! So a forward facing seat took her w while to get used to. Other than that I don't think I would change anything about it - I really love the pram"

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