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Quinny Hubb

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At a glance:

The Hubb pushchair is a one-of-a-kind travel system as it has a different setting for every age of your baby. You can feel assured that your youngster will always ride in comfort with rear-wheel suspension and an adjustable footrest. It's highly manouverable and can get through the narrow passages effortlessly.

How did this product make your life easier?

Hayley: This pushchair was effortless to put up and down, it was done with ease. To build this up it was very quick and easy to assemble. All the adaptors were easy to pop out and in. To have a forward and rear-facing pushchair was excellent for what your child wanted. The sun canopy was very big and made it great for shading my child.

Fiona: The pram is very easy to assemble initially and thereafter to fold up and open out again. For me, this is one of the most important things to look for in prams as when trying to deal with an impatient toddler getting out of a car those extra minutes really do make a difference to her happiness and mood!

Therese: The hood, including extension, was really reassuring on sunnier days and put my mind at ease that my baby was being well-protected from the sun. The buggy was also easy to put together and to adjust – e.g. handle height, straps. It steered well and the big wheels made it relatively easy to manoeuvre on and off curbs and on footpaths.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Ruth: The pram feels very sturdy and solid. It's a good general pram and it has a great number of options to make it a double pram. It is easy to steer and manoeuvre. It has a huge basket which is great for carrying shopping. It is easy to fold and unfold. It is easy to use. The seat adjusts to a lot of positions. The hood is large and folds out further with the zipped area. Which is great for keeping children out of the sun.

Meg: I would recommend to a friend for the fact it is a lovely classy design, along with the fact material used is easily cleanable. Perfect for babies and toddlers who tend to make a mess in the buggy. The extendable hood is perfect for extra sunny days or if you want to shelter your child as they sleep in the pushchair.

Sophie: I think I would recommend this because there were many great features. I liked the sun canopy as it had good coverage and removed the need for a parasol. I also liked the fact it could convert to a double buggy, was easy to fold and had great basket space. An added bonus is the lifetime warranty which is fab for peace of mind!

Would you choose this product to win?

Abigail: I would choose this product over others in its category for the giant basket, which if you have two children, you more than likely need! It feels very strong and will last the wear and tear of a good amount of years. Although this pushchair can be used as a single-seater, I think it looks strange. Other pushchairs in the same place in the market look much more stylish as a single but also have the option of turning into doubles with specific adaptors. This one isn’t stylish as a single pushchair and looks a bit like a wheelbarrow to me.

Kerry: I would choose this product above all the others on the market as it’s just so practical! It is really easy to push around and moves with easy, especially over bumps and kerbs. The comfort of the pushchair is great and the handlebar in front is great for the child to hold onto and attach their toys etc. It’s easy to recline too.

Hayley: I would definitely choose this product above others especially if I was to have another child as it has connectors to attach a car seat or another chair part to the buggy. I found it easy to lush around and the handle bar adjusted to my height which is excellent. The rain cover fitted in with ease this attached and stayed there even with my child trying to push it off.

What changes would you make to this product?

Sharon: This is difficult to answer as I liked the buggy very much. The one thing which would make it perfect is if the frame could be made to be less bulky. Being slightly smaller and a little bit lighter would make life much easier to store the buggy in the hallway but in particular to fit in my car boot.

Rebecca: The Quinny Hubb is an excellent pushchair but even though my little one is Pettit not even two at the time of testing the pushchair and only 11kg so well within the limits I found that she was at the top end of the pushchair limits hight wise, with the folded foot guard and the extra zip away sun hood it made it all seem very tight. Which would make me question getting this pushchair if I was thinking of getting it for the double child option as there would only be a limited time the older child could use the seat option comfortably. Though I do realise the pushchair has other options for older children such as the fixed boogie board.

Alix: I would definitely like to change the weight of this pushchair! It is very heavy which makes it hard to carry and move around if you have a child in your arms m. You would need both hands to carry this pushchair anywhere. Also, the front wheels squeak a lot which isn’t ideal when your child is asleep in the carrycot.

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