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This stylish grey tie dye pushchair for everyday use from Billie Faiers is part of her “Signature Range” at My Babiie. This pushchair is a lovely and stylish pushchair that's lightweight, easy to manoeuvre with a handy large shopping basket. The colour contrasting wheels and rear leg make this pushchair extra stylish and the well padded seat and padded chest pads mean your little one will be extra comfy every second of their journey. The seat unit is fully reclinable making these pushchairs great for naps on the go too! This pushchair was also awarded bronze in our 2023 Mother and Baby Awards in the Best Pushchair category.

Price: £129.99

Overview of the My Babiie Billie Faiers Grey Tie Dye Pushchair



Easy to fold

Adjustable recline positions


Light colour patterns so stains easily show

Difficult to assemble

Testing the My Babiie Billie Faiers Grey Tie Dye Pushchair

Billie Faiers pushchair awards

Our mum testers loved how lightweight and easy to push this pushchair was. Other features like the handy cup holder and hood were also a hit.

"The stroller is extremely light and good to push. I enjoy the large shopping basket and it is really useful. I think at times it was too light and easily moved away so using the break is a must. The cup holder is a nice touch too and I like you can move the handle upwards and downwards. The hood is also a good size."

While some mums found it difficult to fold, it fit into some of our testers found it folded into their cars perfectly.

"The pushchair was easy to fold into the car and back out. I was very happy to see the hood pulled over well to ensure my little girl was covered from the sun, but was able to see out well. The storage had a flap to easily access things underneath which was useful and the peep hole in the hood means you can easily check on the little one. My child did not like to be strapped in leaning backwards but loved leaning on the bar. As she is old enough I let her hold on instead. I think this pushchair would be suitable for up to young 2 year olds given the space at the top."

While some mums liked the tie dye pattern, others were't too keen, and some found the lighter colours made it stain more.

"Overall I thought it looked quite garish, which would put me off buying the product. I thought it’s design and added accessories such as the cup holder were great, but the overall look of the pushchair was cheap and not to my taste, I did think that the pushchair was slightly over priced for what it was. It made me wonder if I was buying the name rather than a decent product. I also think that for a pushchair designed for an older baby/toddler I would prefer something more compact and light weight.once a child is in it, the frame didn’t feel robust enough when lifting the wheels over a threshold. But I thought the extendability of the hood was great, and despite the extra material, sat very neatly when pushed back."

Our testers really appreciated the handy sun shade and large basket.

"I liked the basket and sun shade they were both improvements on other buggies I've used. The sun shade was quite stiff, but I'm sure it would loosen up over time. It was also quite lightweight and easy to push."

One improvement our parent testers suggested was clearer instructions to help them put the pushchair together.

"The instructions weren't very clear at all, and the clips to hold the wheels on were very fiddly to put in. I actually hurt myself trying to get them in. On the picture on the instructions it showed you just being able to slide it in, but realistically the rim on the wheel was in the way, so it was very fiddly."

Final thoughts

Our mum testers loved the extra features such as the raincover and cup holder this stylish pushchair cam with and the extra large basket was a real bonus. They also were fans of how light and easy to move this pushchair was.

Although some weren't keen on the design, others loved it. Some had issued folding the pushchair and found the instructions difficult to follow, which in their opinion could be improved.

Full product specs

Unfolded: 81.5cm L x 51cm W x 103cm H

Folded: 105cm L x 26.5cm W x 38 H

Weight: 8.1kg

Seat width: 34cm

Handle height: 74 - 105cm

Suitable from birth

Suitable up to 22kg

3 position canopy

Raincover and cup holder included

Multi position reclining seat

Height adjustable push handle

2-position adjustable leg rests

Extra padded comfy seat with 5 point harness

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