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Mutsy i2

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Sleek design and versatility is the essence of the Mutsy i2. This pushchair has a fully adjustable seat and can be folded up easily to be very compact. Ideal for everyday use, it is practical and stylish.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Emma: I would recommend this buggy. It is well built, has a good design, looks very stylish and is easy to push. I think its really important that a buggy is easy to manoeuvre and lightweight. This ticks all the boxes! I love that it comes with added extras like a cup holder and a clip-on shopping basket!

Kirsty: I would recommend this product as the design is very desirable. If I had known about this pushchair when I was pregnant, I would have definitely purchased it. It is good value for money. My daughter was very comfortable and even fell asleep in it. I was able to make full use of the recline position, which lies pretty flat.

Vicky: I would most definitely recommend the Mutsy i2 pushchair. It is made from recycled bottles which is great for the environment. The movements of the pushchair are smooth and easy. I took it for a test run on a woodland walk which was fine as the suspension handled the bumps.

How did this product make your life easier?

Holly: The Mutsy i2 is easy to use. The collapsable function is great as it folds down quite small and easily fitted into my little SUV boot. The quality and design are really good. It feels robust and is easy to steer over uneven ground. The design is lovely, it looks really expensive and sleek. My little boy had loads of room and was comfortable.

Natasha: It is definitely good if you are out and about in a busy city. It is light and stylish so you can whizz about without a big clunky buggy. The pushchair basket is easily accessible so it is great for shopping and grabbing things on-the-go. You can fit a lot in it and pop it in the boot with space.

Emily: This buggy has a nice easy design and is fashionable. It is easy on the eye, has a modern design, is practical and serves its purpose as a buggy. Although I found it easy to assemble, I have found collapsing it and removing the seat before transporting it very difficult to do.

Would you choose this product to win?

Tracy: Yes I would choose this over others. I loved the colour pack that came with the one we were testing. The grey and blue were very stylish. The brown leather bumper bars and handle look like they would withstand a lot of use for a few years. I really like the mesh viewing on the hood and the fact that it can be parent or world-facing.

Hayley: I would use this product because I have a big car so can easily fit it in. I love the colour and the leather handle makes it stand out. I do think this product should win because it looks good and is very easy to use. I love that you can put a car seat on the product so you don't have to mess around moving your baby to the carrycot from the car.

Katherine: I think this product has winning qualities. The main reason is the design. It is very modern and sleek, it's not too chunky or heavy and it has good suspension for all types of terrain. The ease of foldability is fantastic, quick and straightforward. I also love the big sun canopy!

What changes would you make to this product?

Shiona: I am not sure what I would change about the Mutsy i2. You get a lot for your money. My pushchair cost more than this and it doesn't have certain features that the i2 does have.

Zoe: The fold is quite fiddly. It is a three-part fold - the seat goes down first, then the handle and then the squeeze fold to collapse it fully. Once it was collapsed it was very compact but I felt this was quite difficult. The harness was stiff to get in and out. The peek window is velcro and sometimes I would wake my baby up when I was checking if she was asleep.

Emma: I would change the foldability. It involves three steps and it throws me a bit! Sometimes when putting it up with the three-step process the sides don't always click in and it's not until I have put my daughter in that I notice it's leaning to one side. It is simple to then click up but I would worry it might collapse one day. That's the only bit that's not user-friendly!

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