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Micralite ProFold

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Micralite ProFold at a glance:

Compact, light and with a one-second folding action that takes just a flick of your wrist, the ProFold Pushchair is designed to make parenting that bit easier. Until they next throw a tantrum in the supermarket, that is…

Micralite's ProFold buggy is perfect for travelling, being incredibly compact, lightweight and folding up in just one move. It is also cabin approved, made with waterproof fabric, and has plenty of room to store all your travel essentials for your little one!

It's also now available in a snazzy new finish, Graphite.

Mum-of-two Emily put the new-look ProFold through it's paces for us, here's what she thought:

How did this product make your life easier?

I cannot believe how tiny this stroller folds up! There are so many occasions when I need extra space in the car and would never be able to fit my big buggy in.

It’s so handy when popping to the shops, especially when trying to deal with lots of bags, shopping and children, it’s so quick to pop up, it’s easy to tidy away in the house in a cupboard and pops up so quickly and stress free.

It would be so perfect for a caravan/camping holiday or a staycation, there is so much you need to take with children and this space-saving stroller can be popped in the boot, taking up hardly any space.

Not to mention how handy it would be for a holiday abroad as it is so lightweight.

The stroller is also really smart, it has a lovely leather bar in front to keep the child safe (and attach any toys to!) and a leather handle which is lovely to hold.

The seat lays back with a flap in the hood to peep at your little one which I like, I also really like the extendable hood, which not all strollers have.

The pocket in the back by the hood is super handy for any essentials plus the basket under the chair is a nice size.

Most important of all my son looks really comfortable in it and enjoys sitting in it.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

I would recommend it, it’s so handy and looks lovely and best of all comfortable. I hope lots of parents find it helpful.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

I had a regular fold up stroller for my daughter which I had before this one which I never use anymore and is completely redundant. I love that I can open this stroller one handed and is easier and quicker which is most important for me now as it’s for my second child.

What changes would you make to this product?

The only thing that I dislike about the product is, due to it being so lightweight and it folding so compact, it doesn’t feel as sturdy as other strollers. It feels a bit flexible/ wobbly when on uneven ground. But I can’t imagine you can have the convenience of this stroller without a small consequence.

Silver winner: Best Lightweight Buggy or Stroller Mother&Baby awards 2020

The ProFold also won silver in the 2020 Mother&Baby awards for Best Lightweight Buggy or Stroller. Read on for our awards tester reviews:

How did this product make your life easier?

Lindsey: This is a very light stroller making it easy to pick up, put up and collapse whilst holding baby. I found this easier than with other strollers I have tried. When collapsed it is very compact and therefore does not take up much room in the car boot. The stroller also has a reasonable sized shopping basket under the seat which was great.

Heather: This pram was really useful when we went on holiday as a family, it is light and folds down to a small manageable size with a good handle allowing it to be easily transported by one person even while holding the baby. The folding mechanism can be operated by one hand and is simple to do. The small storage compartment at the back of the seat allowed for easy transporting of the rain cover and is big enough to store some spare nappies and wipes if necessary. It allows us to go out without taking the larger travel systems and therefore it is a quicker transfer from car to the pram and saved a lot of boot space.

Nathasha: The ProFold makes your life easier by making the compact stroller an actual everyday use stroller too. You could readily swap this out for your usual pram once your child is big enough. I would probably wait until at least 6 months as these lightweight prams don’t have the cocoon effect that other sturdier prams offer. But it gives you the freedom to reduce your pram footprint early on without compromising on comfort for your child. I love how small it folds down to and how neatly it stands in the hallway. Very handy if you are limited in space at home or in your car boot. And I feel my little one is super comfortable in the extended hood, the UV protection and airy feeling it offers my little one is ideal especially for the summer. Its hood was more effective than my existing Babyzen one so I was more inclined to use the ProFold.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Kelly-Anne: I would recommend the pro fold by micralite to family, friends or fellow mum's because it is comfy to push and tall enough for tall or short mum's or dad's to push. Young children can also help push because there is enough space for a young child to stand in between you and the pram. The pram folds easily and compact which is brilliant for families with no space to store a big pram. It is easy to get up and downstairs which is great for mums like myself who live in an upstairs house. The pram is easily cleaned. There is no building required all that needs done is the pram bar to be attached it clips on and off when you require it. I would say this pram is good value for money and would be perfect for traveling, holidays or just as a pram to keep in the car.

Nichola: I love how easy this product is to use overall. It folds so small and compact it's unbelievable (and can be done with just one hand too!)The quality of the design is great and doesn't resemble a typical stroller at all in my opinion. The product looks valuable and is valuable with a nice sized basket (which is essential as a mum of 2 small ones) and suspension making it a comfortable ride and stroll - it is so lightweight too that is glides.

Natalie: I would recommend it as it's so lightweight and compact. It makes busy mum life easier and cant fit lots of things in your boot even when the pram is in. For anyone struggling with back issues like myself, its lightweight design means it's easy to shut and open and lift in and out of the car it's a nice height for posture and super light to push around. It also comes with a handy carry case and straps to make travelling on holiday an absolute dream.

Would you choose this product to win?

Keri: It makes busy mum life easier and cant fit lots of things in your boot even when the pram is in. For anyone struggling with back issues like myself, its lightweight design means it's easy to shut and open and lift in and out of the car it's a nice height for posture and super light to push around. It also comes with a handy carry case and straps to make travelling on holiday an absolute dream.

Helen: Probably not, the small lightweight nature of this product is one of the key benefits meaning it's great for holidays but as an every day lightweight pushchair for example for weekend outings it's missing a few things. My 18-month-old child is thin for his age and average height (only 11kg) yet the pushchair already seems quite small for him, despite the manual saying it's suitable up to 15kg. A number of his other 18-month-old friends would struggle to fit in this already. The lightweight nature is great for travel however even walking locally on footpaths with a slight camber two wheels often lift off the ground and the steering is challenging at times. Whilst we'll be taking the Profold on every holiday going forward for weekend trips out or a quick trip to the shops I'll still turn to our original travel system pushchair despite this being really bulky and heavy because of these pointers.

Holly: If I was looking to spend as much as this on a stroller I would definitely choose this pushchair. It offers good value for money and feels sturdy but it is probably still prohibitively expensive as an additional pram for a lot of people, particularly when lightweight strollers, which often get a lot of use (and abuse) can be picked up so cheaply.

What changes would you make to this product?

Natalie: The one thing I would change is the colour. I'm a big fan of colour and find this stroller very plain would love to see it come in a variety of bright colour combinations to really stand out from the crowd. It doesn't have to be pictures just colour other than black and grey. Some people like plain colours but feel your hit a whole new market with coloured strollers.

Helen: I'd attach a strap to the handle to give you more confidence in the product given the pointers identified above, such as issues with steering and the difficulties when walking where there is a gradient on footpaths. I'd also sew in the padding for the clip the pushchair straps attach into. This is detachable, presumably, so it can be washed but just slides on and off the clip easily meaning it can be lost.

Nichola: It is difficult to complete this section as realistically there isn't really anything I would change about this product. However, if it was a possibility and didn't affect the overall product design and intention then I would change the wheel size. The small wheels on this product sometimes make it difficult when on uneven terrain and surfaces. To overcome this I sometimes have to lift the wheels up and over which is not a problem, to be honest, but can sometimes have its limitations when loaded with various bits and bobs and another child.

Product Information

✓ Suitable from birth up to 15kg

✓ 4-wheel suspension

✓ Compact, one-handed fold

Dimensions L72cm x W44cm x H105cm

Folded dimensions D24cm x W44cm x H51.5cm

Weight 7kg

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