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Kinderkraft CRUISER

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Kinderkraft CRUISER at a glance:

With large, puncture-proof wheels, an advanced suspension system, and smooth backrest adjustment. Kinderkraft Cruiser provides a comfortable experience for both the parents and the child. The stroller features a useful, detachable feeding tray and a large basket for all baby's essentials. With premium rear rubber wheels are puncture-proof and abrasion-resistant. They also offer great, all-terrain shock absorption performance.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Annique Jeffrey says: This product makes my life easier as a Mum because the stroller is compact enough to fit in the boot of my small run around car. It also provides a decent level of comfort for my little one. The open and close function is quick and easy, so no need to be faffing around. The cup holder is a blessing, as it means I don’t need to keep bending down and looking for my water bottle in the shopping basket!

Jessica Johnson says: It was SO easy to use, I have two other pushchairs (other well-known brands) and this is the easiest one to assemble. It is very lightweight and easy to take everywhere with you. I liked using it as a spare one – it would be ideal for all events but I would use it on holiday – it is perfect for that! When it came, it took less than five minutes to assemble I slot the wheels in, and it was ready to go! It fitted in our large family car and my husband’s small hatchback which was so helpful! It is a lightweight, stylish pushchair that my baby loves to be in. She looks super comfortable. By husband works a lot which means it is often just me and my baby when we go out, it made my life much easier because it was so easy to fold away and get back out again – even in a hurry and carrying lots of other things. So 100% it makes life a little easier.

Alexia Jones says: My favourite aspects of this pram, without doubt, are its manoeuvrability and the fact that it is light weight. It steers very easily and can be steered with one hand. This is invaluable when trying to manage two children. The tray is very easy to wipe down when my toddler had used it for snacks. However, the buggy collects dogs on it in a way that no other buggy I have used has. This feature again, is particularly unappealing. I have yet to try to clean the pushchair but definitely wouldn’t want to have to try to remove dog hairs from it on a regular basis (it was full of hair having been put in the boot on only 2 occasions). The number of additional extras impressed me, even if the quality was less impressive. A cup holder seemed like a lovely, frivolous addition to the pram. The single fold was easy to use to collapse the buggy, but the catch mechanism left a lot to be desired in my opinion.

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Emily Jones says: I would definitely recommend this product to other mums based on its light weight feel and the fact it is narrower and fairly easy to fold down. I also really like the tray table, under storage and hood. I found the under storage to be great for holding a lot of items and the tray to be great for snacks/beakers and the sun hood is very large, completely covering your little one from the sun. I feel improvements could be made to the tray table, which would allow you to adjust it. The tray table is currently fitted in one position, which means it is only useful if you push your little one right up into the seated position, which isn't as easy as I would've liked either. When using the product, it is great and very easy to push and move around and get from A to B, however when it comes to adjusting the seat back position, I found the straps would often get stuck and found it did not glide as easy as I and another mums would like.

Joanna Keady says: Having tried two umbrella style pushchairs and a well known brand buggy of a similar size and also having a travel system we spent £1000 on this one has been my favourite by far. The main reason being it is lovely to push and my baby has been very settled in it. It is so much lighter and easier to manoeuvre but feels robust and substantial. My husband is 6ft 1 and he has found it great to push too. Other pushchairs have shorter handles and he is often left kicking the base as he is too close. I think it’s great value for money. It doesn’t replace a travel system as although it says from birth I wouldn’t be comfortable placing a newborn forward facing and without the support a bassinet offers but it rivals other pushchairs and it good value for money It is easy to use, folds up with ease and nice small to store and move in and out of a car. You would need a better footmuff for winter the one provided doesn’t offer much heat.

Nicola Kirycuk says: I would definitely recommend this product to a friend. The push chair is light weight and comfortably to push, even one handed. It can be collapsed with the push of two buttons and one hand and easily stored away due to it's light weight frame. It is smaller than my travel system but still takes up a fair bit of room in the hallway or car but the large back wheels make up for it as its a smooth ride. The only downside is the front wheels struggle to get over some bumps, but once you get used to this its fine. My baby seems very comfortable in the push chair and frequently falls asleep in it. When she does I am able to fully recline the back to lay her flat using the toggle on the back. The vision panel is handy for keeping an eye on her too. The cloth material seems easy to wipe down although I have not needed to do this....yet. The pram seems very sturdy, is able to cope with forest walks and exposed tree roots so it gets a thumbs up from me.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Clare Kophamel says: I think this product would be a deserving winner based on value for money. I think it would be hard to find a pushchair with all that this offers at a cheaper price. I have spent more money on a pushchair than this in the past and found that this has been much better in every way. This pushchair is ideal for pavement/ park walks but on rougher terrain you can feel more bumps than in a heavier duty pram.

Yasmine Littlewood says: I think it is much cheaper than other strollers of similar specification, and so I would choose this stroller as it really is as good as the top end brands. The fact that it comes with a tray/foot muff and drinks holder just gives it that edge, because these extras usually cost more to purchase, and can really add up!

Suzanne Lockwood-Peck says: This is a very good pushchair for the price and I believe it is great value. Once you get the nack it is easy to fold and takes up a small amount of space. I believe it would also be good for travelling and taking abroad. The quality of the seat, Straps etc is very good for the price and the wheels make it a smooth ride for the baby allowing it work well on most terrains without problems.

What changes would you make to this product?

Jessica Johnson says: One thing I would maybe change would be the liner – black is a great colour especially when your baby has snacks and makes such a mess but I do like the idea of a bit more of a luxurious liner for my baby to sit on – maybe fur or something a bit more plush. I also like the idea of a ‘window’ on the hood so that I can see my baby when pushing the pushchair – practical and comforting. I also like when the handle changes angles – helps with comfortability but the foam made it comfortable in the angle that it comes in. These are the only things that I would change on this pushchair.

Nicola Kirycuk says: A piggy back board attachment would be a great addition for older children to ride on the back of the push chair. I'd prefer the handlebar for the baby to be a bar rather than a snack tray as theres not really anywhere to put toys and tend to not give snacks in the pram. The handle bar is the perfect height for me at 5 ft 8 but it would be better if it was adjustable for people of all heights. The push chair can also only carry up to 15kg so infants may outgrow it pretty quickly.

Emily Jones says: If I could change one thing about this product, It would be that the rear wheels were to already be assembled prior delivery. The rest of the pushchair arrives perfectly assembled and is very easy to organise ready for first use. I just found the rear wheels a challenge and stressful whilst trying to look after my little one. I would also change the seat position adjuster to a more durable clasp, so that it glides freely up and down the fabric and clasps shut tightly.

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