Kids Kargo Duellette BS Combi review

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Kids Kargo Duellette BS Combi

by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |
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Kids Kargo's best selling pushchair promotes comfort and durability for all the family days out, whatever the weather. With a 5 point safety harness, parent and forward facing options, and an auto-lock when it's closed, this stroller is a lifesaver being able to fold flat when you're storing away or popping it into the boot.

How did this product make your life easier?

Curstain: The best thing about this buggy is my 6ft 2inchs other half has finally used a buggy without complaint. It was really easy for him to walk with it and normal after 5 minutes of him banging legs and whinging I end up taking over, but not with this product. The variety of combinations means it is great to go out, whether it is nap time or for them to see the world. If they are having a needy day they can look at you and if it is an explore the day they can look out at the world.

Mark: This pushchair enables me to take both children out at the same time and allows for ease of transition from baby to toddler. A twin pushchair is much easier with multiple children and it is solely this reason that I found it easier to use. There isn’t anything more I can add to this other than it fulfilling its primary function.

Kate: This product has made my life much easier because: Having both children in one vessel is ideal. My toddler still finds he is too tired to walk anywhere too far so he likes being at the front with full visibility rather than having to juggle him and a pram. Having the children one on top of the other makes it much easier to go into and walk around shops. Living in a spa town means I have to negotiate around a lot of regency buildings that can’t be changed or adapted to the entrances that can be narrow, so this is ideal. It's easy to collapse into the car too. This is an important factor when dealing with two children in the rain. The covers were easy to take on and off with lots of zippers. This was great for when you have a sickie baby or a nappy explosion!

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Sarah: I’m sorry to say I wouldn’t recommend this product to a friend, but if I had to promote it, I would say that it represented good value for money and is sturdy, smart and gets the job done. It is easy to put up and down and the chairs are easy to attach and detach. There is a good-sized shopping basket, albeit difficult to access with a second child in place! I found it difficult to get a child in and out of the second seat. I found that the bassinet seat that converts into a pushchair seat was difficult to do. The instructions could do with some improvement. The pushchair was difficult to steer also.

Kate: I personally would not recommend this product to a friend/fellow mum. Whilst it is more stylish than my other double pram, the combination of the seats means that it is practically unusable for my family. My toddler will not sit underneath with the carrycot on top as there is barely any room for him – the carrycot is about an inch from his face. However, this the most optimal combination as it means that the carrycot is on top and parent facing which is important with a newborn. If the carrycot is on the bottom and the toddler seat on top which works for the toddler better, the carrycot is too far back and it makes it difficult to push as it gets in the way.

Alice: If someone was looking for a reasonably priced double travel system for short flat journeys this seems like a good option. It has great flexibility of positions of seats and unlike some doubles, the baby seat is not really low. It has great storage and I really like the look of it. The leather looks great and seems hard-wearing. I wouldn’t recommend it for those with children over 2.5 as my average height 2.5-year-old was a good few inches too tall for the toddler seat (although they could sit comfortably in it, albeit with a slightly restricted view!)

Would you choose this product to win?

Kirsty: I felt that it was difficult to get both boys in optimal positions so as not to interfere with one another whilst out and about. Other options provided a better option here. I also felt that it lacked sturdiness and I could easily see problems with the long term use of the pushchair, it just didn’t feel up to the job compared with Cosatto and Mamas and Papas.

Catherine: I think I probably wouldn’t choose this just because of the limitation on the seat set up. However, I think the price is really good for a double pram and its design and style make it look like a more expensive pram which is really nice. However, I don’t think it should win because it is heavy and it’s not usable in a way that works with a toddler and a young baby so it limits its functionality as a double pram.

Sarah: No. I have a bugaboo donkey and feel this is far superior. I have also tested the bugaboo Vista as a double which I also prefer. Unfortunately, it is difficult to compare due to the vastly different price bracket this pushchair comes in compared to these other premium pushchairs. With that in mind, it definitely offers value for money although I would probably rather by a more premium price second hand than buy this new I’m afraid. The features that I enjoyed were the sunshades with zipping and mesh to extend/see the child and allow ventilation. My older child enjoyed sitting in the front seat as it was nice and high. Generally, the fabric and materials used looked and felt cheap in comparison with the other pushchairs (but that is to be expected for the price.)

What changes would you make to this product?

Alice: It’s pushabilty. I really like a lot about this product but ultimately didn’t ever walk more than I needed to with it because it was incredibly heavy to push and the bottom seat kept hitting my shins. The pushability is really important when making that on the spot decision whether to drive or walk, and although pushing this pram with a toddler and a baby was a great work out for the arms, I often struggled to lever it up the pavement, especially with the toddler loaded at the front. Having a slightly longer handle would help with the seat hitting the shins too.

Curstain: It is very heavy and bulky to use. I do feel it needs to have more legroom as at a standard 5’6 I kept hitting my legs on the bottom bits and I had to lean forward to push which was not great on the lower back especially when having no core strength as a new mum. It is also quite big when folded up and I think most cars would struggle. Luckily I have a large vehicle so not an issue for me.

Sarah: It is quite a big change but I would go for a side by side pushchair design instead. If that was a step too far, then create a better way of getting baby into a second seat. My partner said that he would improve the manouvre ability. It is difficult in shops because although it is narrow enough to go down the aisle, the turning circle is quite large so hard to move around corners. My side by side buggy is easier in these circumstances.

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