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Joie Flex

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The Joie Pact Flex Signature stroller has a tiny taxi design to make tucking, tidying and travelling easy with an ultra compact fold. This stroller is suitable from birth and has a flat reclining seat and included infant seat adapters. Made up of beautiful lines with textured and woven fabrics, bold block quilting with a soft touch and special effect sleek high gloss frame and a luxury zipper which pulls and accents in luxe faux leather texture. The stroller features flex comfort ride system for a 30% smoother stroll and a full-size hood with 50+ sun protection.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Thokozani: This product is great. I am a mum who doesn’t have a lightweight stroller and would at times postpone or cancel a trip simply due to difficulty in compacting my current pram. I use public transport a lot and sometimes its very difficult to get the pram onto the bus or train due to the availability of space. The Joie is collapsible with one hand and extremely compact. When it is in its collapsed state, it is slightly larger than a briefcase. It's extremely lightweight, so it is easy to carry and it comes with a helpful handle.

Laura: This pram is well made, lightweight, easy to use and my little boy loves it! He had no problem falling asleep in it and the multiple recline positions made it a comfortable ride for him. The quality of the fastenings are great and the padded shoulder straps are a great feature. The basket can easily hold a handbag and some essential shopping!

Kirsty: I would recommend this product for a mother looking to purchase a pushchair for a one-year-old upwards. I think its foldability and design make it perfect for the next stage pushchair, especially for people with limited storage space. It is perfect as a holiday pushchair as it will fit nicely in the overhead compartment of a plane or train.

How did this product make your life easier?

Vicky: When I pick a pushchair I'm looking for something that is easy to use, comfortable for my little girl and good value for money. The Joie pact flex signature got 3/3 on those. This pushchair is easy to put up and down one-handed, which is great if you have your hands full, which as a parent is all the time. My little girl was happy to sit in this pushchair and appeared comfortable which is very important to me. The price is very reasonable.

Holly: The Joie Pact flex signature is a great lightweight and compact pushchair. It is easy to put up and down with a lovely smart but simple design. I had so much space in my boot and I highly recommend it as a fabulous travel pushchair that is easy to use and manoeuvre when pushing as well as getting it in and out of your car.

Helen: Getting in and out of the car was a breeze with this pushchair with its one-handed fold and it’s super lightweight frame. It came with a dustbag and a carry handle and the compact size meant it was easy to throw over your shoulder when travelling on public transport. Unfolding it was slightly more challenging as the complex fold meant it took a while to ensure it would land on its wheels. The best bit is that it doesn’t look like a lightweight buggy as when it’s up it is a really sturdy, high quality and a stylish pushchair.

Would you choose this product to win?

Charlotte: I would choose this product to win. Comfort and practicality have been well thought through. It is good quality and perfect for people who want a lightweight stroller that doesn't take up much room. With the benefit of being so small, you can also take it as a carry-on for the plane rather than having to check it in the hold.

Hayley: I would be happy to purchase one. I liked the style, the colour and loved the way it was so easy to use. The hood also folds down quite low so the sun doesn't go in the baby's eyes. I would be happy if this product won.

Tonileigh: I haven't tried out any other compact strollers but this one has won me over. The Joie gives me everything I wanted in a compact stroller. It folds down nicely and has a shoulder handle to help you carry it. It pops up nice and quickly too!

What changes would you make to this product?

Shannon: I would change the wheels. Whilst totally suitable for the pushchair, I much prefer air-filled tyres that are a bit bigger as it makes the ride smoother for the baby on board.

Thokozani: I really enjoyed using this pram and although there aren’t many things I would change about it, the one thing I would is the handlebar on the pram. I found it quite fragile and was unsure whether the prolonged use would eventually break the handle. I appreciate that you are able to adjust the handlebar to different heights but I felt it could be slightly sturdier.

Laura: The wheels on the stroller seem a little small for rougher terrain. If you were to take it into woods, or for a longer hike I'm not sure how well they would cope. In town they are great and my son seemed quite comfortable going over the grass in the park so the suspension must be good.

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