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Joie Baby Tourist

by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |
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At a glance:

The Joie Tourist Best Stroller is a quality, lightweight b stroller which you can pack away in a quick one-hand fast fold action, making any trip out with your little one effortless.

How did this product make your life easier?

Kirsty: There are several features on this stroller that make my life easier as a mum. It is so lightweight and easy to fold and carry, which helps me so much when I'm trying to fold and lift it in and out of the car with my baby in one arm. The stroller is quite compact so I am able to fit it in the car even when I have a boot full of shopping or camping gear, so it is very useful to take on holidays when boot space is limited. There is a handy button that keeps the crotch pad attached to the buckle which is really helpful for me since I usually find that the crotch pads on other pushchairs and car seats are always falling off and going missing. One of the most useful things about this stroller for me is being able to attach my Cybex car seat onto it. This makes my life so much easier when I'm popping in and out of several shops when my daughter has fallen asleep in the car.

Ellie: This product is amazing for any parent who relies on only one hand! The fact the pram collapses and opens up with ease is such a game-changer and it is so light and easy to pick up. In the past, I have had to put my baby in the car seat first before I can collapse the pram and pack away in the car, but with an unsettled baby this can be really difficult. The tourist means you can keep hold of your baby up until the last minute and then get in the car and go. The shoulder strap is so helpful because it eliminates the awkward pram carry that usually results in bashed legs and trapped fingers. It really is a brilliant pram for making life that bit easier when out and about and you're trying to juggle children and dogs!

Sophie: I liked the tourist stroller and think it provides value for money. The biggest selling point in my opinion is the quick, one-handed, folding action which means the pram can be easily stored away/ moved around. This would definitely make day to day life much easier. It’s extremely compact when folded, taking up limited space in the car boot. Once folded the strap means the stroller can be easily carried/ moved around. It can also stand in the folded position. Overall, the pram feels of high quality.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Nikki: Yes - it lacks features that some of the larger travel systems offer such as larger wheels, larger under storage, larger hood - but for value for money, this pram can do it all if you wanted only one pram. It would also be great as a second pram if used for travel and as a bonus is quite smart and sleek in design and also seems comfy for little ones.

Emily: It’s a great lightweight pushchair that folds easily. It is beautifully designed and there are some great features such as the deep sunshade and decent storage. The leather handle is very comfortable and it feels spacious without feeling bulky. The pushchair moves smoothly and feels well-made. Overall I would say it is a high-quality pushchair.

Hollie: I’d recommend it as a cheap solution to a lightweight buggy, however, if the budget would allow I would suggest people opt for something more. I dislike the fact that you move the back of the buggy up and down with a drawstring, I find this to be a very cheap and ineffective way to make a comfy ride for baby. I also found the straps difficult to adjust so Oscar wasn’t as securely fastened as I would have liked.

Would you choose this product to win?

Amie: I would choose this product over others for the UPF 50+ and water repellent canopy is perfect and saves carrying or using an umbrella or sunshade. It's great not having to remember things as I have enough to remember to take out. It is featherweight and this is what I would need in a stroller and how small and easy it folds.

Pip: I would perhaps for a summer pram as I think the seat is quite exposed to the wind and in the winter it would be quite cold for the baby and or child. Someone like me who has two dogs and walks every day in rain or shine needs something a lot sturdier and able to be protected from the elements. However as a pram for those rare days that I go out into town, it would be great.

Jenny: Yes I would actually. At the moment I have the ‘dinosaur’ Cosatto stroller, as I love the fun design, but I would absolutely go for this stroller if I were in need of a new one, as I loved the value for money and the compact fold.

What changes would you make to this product?

Kirsty: If I could change one thing about the Joie Tourist stroller, I would make it more sturdy and stable so that it doesn't feel like it can topple over. I love that it is really lightweight, but it does mean that it feels like it might tip backwards when it's standing still or sideways when you turn corners. This makes me feel on edge when I am using this stroller with my baby, especially when it feels like my toddler could accidentally knock it over when running past. I would feel much more comfortable with the stroller if it felt more stable on the ground.

Ellie: I would change the colour of the carrying strap because every time I folded the pram down I struggled to find it due to the fabric all being black. This did sort of defeat the purpose of being able to fold one-handed because it then is fiddly to have to rummage around looking for the strap! Although I appreciate the pram has to be kept quite basic due to its need to be light, I did find the seat quite basic and not particularly comfortable for my daughter. The seat and back are quite hard with minimal padding. Whilst she was absolutely fine in it for a time, it's not the sort of pram I would want her in for a long day. Not only is the seat quite hard, but it also doesn't sit completely upright. I can see how this would be great for a smaller baby, but my 15-month-old couldn't really see what was going on around her. I also found that putting a blanket over her was quite hard because there wasn't really much space to tuck it into, which wouldn't be ideal in the winter.

Nikki: I would change two things - the size of the hood - or at least the ability to easily attach something to it to block out the sun if needed. The hood is so shallow I'm not sure whether it provides any benefit at all. Secondly, I would make sure that the seat was more upright when in the 'fully upright' position as my toddler likes to sit upright so he can be very nosey!

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