John Lewis & Partners Everyday Stroller review

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by Lorna White |
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This John Lewis & Partners Everyday Stroller has a single-seat, is lightweight, forward-facing, looks smart and is well priced for a pushchair given the features included.

Here's what our tester Chris, dad to Dominic, 11 months, thought of the John Lewis & Partners Everyday Stroller.

This product has also won a 2024 Mother&Baby Award in the Best Lightweight Stroller category.


  • Easy to collapse
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable


  • On suitable on smooth pavements

Testing the John Lewis & Partners Everyday Stroller

Although we think very highly of the umbrella pram, my wife and I use (iCandy Peach 2019) there are some situations, such as when we need to quickly nip to the shops, where having something that it is lighter and more compact makes getting our baby around easier and less stressful – and that’s definitely the case with John Lewis’ everyday stroller. It’s far more suited to getting around shops with narrow spaces between displays as well.

Being easy to both collapse and fold open, it’s become our preferred choice for when we decide to take shorter walks to get out of the house. It’s also proven to be an invaluable failsafe for those situations where one of us has ‘forgot’ that the pram is in the boot of whichever car they happen to have driven off to work in, meaning we don’t have to carry baby far on the way to nursery.

The seat back can be made to recline with a single hand, the calf rest is adjustable and it includes a rain cover (something that not all strollers at this price point do).

The carry handle is well-positioned to evenly distribute the weight of the stroller when folded and as the seat base isn’t overly narrow, we’re confident we will get many years use out of it (our son is currently 11 months old).

The basket underneath of the Everyday Stroller is robust for a stroller and although it doesn’t boast anywhere close to the same capacity as our pram, we felt the available space was quite generous given the size of the frame (although disappointingly, it’s not large enough for our changing bag).

It’s perhaps obvious to point out that being a stroller it isn’t the best for any surfaces other than smooth pavements, with vibrations going up through the frame and being felt through the foam grip handles. It does though easily change direction.

As yet we have (somehow) avoided any accidents, so cannot comment on how easy the materials are to wipe clean.

Assembly took less than 10 minutes, which we felt was quite quick.

With affordability and style in mind, this stroller we feel is a strong contender. For parents that are looking for a stroller that isn’t finished in a vibrant hue (as many strollers on the market seem to be) it’s ideal – the diamond stitching to the seat back and calf rest, in particular, looks very smart.

Our pram remains our go-to option for getting our baby around – we do not regularly use public transport, nor do we use our stroller every day – so for the occasional use we tend towards it’s ideal. That said, my wife initially had her reservations about the seating position – being one of the more inexpensive strollers on the market, it does not offer the option to be parent-facing (like our pram does) – but this certainly isn’t as a big a concern now as it was initially.

Final verdict

A larger selection of recline positions would be useful, although the lie-flat position is certainly helpful for encouraging our son to go to sleep.

Although assembling the John Lewis & Partners Everyday Stroller was straightforward for the most part, there was an element of head-scratching when it came to attaching the hood to the stroller – the instructions really could’ve been clearer, although we did eventually figure it out.

With my wife and I both being over 5’ 10” tall, we would appreciate the handles being adjustable – in their current fixed position, they feel a bit low for us. Neither my wife nor I found that, at 7.1kg, it was especially heavy, though we’re aware there are lighter options on the market.

Any additional features (such as smaller dimensions, parent-facing seat position etc.) would justifiably inflate the price well above £100 and not make the stroller as affordable, therefore – which we consider to be one of its strengths.

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