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Infababy Ezeego Stroller

by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |
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Infababy's Ezeego Stroller is the ultimate next-generation stroller that is efficient, modern and born ready for whatever adventure is next with you and your baby. It features a compact fold so it's easy to store away, and comes with a nylon carry-bag when out and about.

How did this product make your life easier?

Sophie: The stroller is very easy to use, compact, lightweight design. Folds and unfolds very easily once your know-how. My daughter was very comfortable in it and a lovely extra is the bumper/play bar. My daughter loved holding on it for a better view whilst out walking. The storage bag is also very handy, keeping it cleaner and definitely keeping the boot of the car cleaner!

Christina: This stroller folds down really easily and into a brilliant size! This stroller is very lightweight and is easy to carry when needed. This stroller fits in my car boot, which is very small! It comes with a handy travel bag. The stroller reclines to the lying down position, perfect for a sleepy baby!

Emma: The pram, is extremely easy to put up and down, it also comes with a very useful cover and fabulous handle to use when carrying around. I love the one rounded handle rather than having two handles. So that you can use one hand to steer with ease while holding on to your other child's hand. The pram was super easy to push even on grass. We took it to the great Yorkshire show and it was just so easy to take.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Harriet: Yes, it is great value for money. Easy to put up and down. Lightweight and easy to put into and out of the car. It would be the perfect size to travel with the added bonus of the carry handle and bag. It was sturdy and seemed robust. The child appeared comfortable in the pushchair. Great little viewing window in the hood?

Claire: I would recommend this stroller for holiday purposes, I feel it is much more suited for that than a day to day stroller, it's lightweight design, foldability and transportability are perfect for a breakaway. It would transport very easily and be ideal for time away from home. It would also be easy to wipe clean.

Brogan: We love the lightweight frame. The super stylish design is a standout, as monochrome is super stylish and more importantly unisex. The different seat positions and sun canopy make for an extremely comfortable ride, and it’s amazing that it compacts small enough to fit in the overhead locker in the aeroplane which makes every parent's anxious journey 100 times easier!

Would you choose this product to win?

Jody: I think this product should win due to how small and compact it goes. It can be opened with one hand if needed and takes up so little space when folded. It's a nice design and my daughter really loved it. The harness is a 5 point harness and easily adjustable and the back rest simply goes up and down with the squeeze of a little handle. The stroller can be pushed with one hand as its so light weight. The handle bar does not adjust however I tried with myself 5ft 7 and my partner 6ft 2 and both found it comfortable to push due to it being light weight so this was not an issue.

Vickie: I would definitely choose this pram as overall I feel it’s worth its money. I loved the style of it, even though it’s a lightweight pram it feels very durable and robust. Which is what every mother wants. The pram basically does everything it needs to do but is just a lighter and more compact version of any other pram. The pram is stylish. It wipes over well too which is great as little ones with sticky hands is a bit of a nightmare on certain materials. Once wiped over the pram looked as good as new. I have already recommended this pram to a fellow school mum as she was looking for the perfect holiday pram, which I definitely think this is.

Tiffany: I love the fact it’s lightweight and so easy to open. Getting it in and out of the car is a doddle. The wheel cap did keep coming off and it got lost in the end. Also, the handle is very narrow and not very comfortable to use. The hood doesn’t shade baby unless they are lying back which is disappointing on a sunny day. Also the material at the back for when you let the seat down can sometimes get in the way and make it fiddly to recline.

What changes would you make to this product?

Stephanie: If I could change one thing about the product it would definitely be the handle. It was too narrow and too low. My arms felt too close together while I was pushing. It really needs to have a wider and adjustable handle, that would be great. I also found the lack of storage a bit of a struggle but as it’s a stroller they aren’t really built to carry lots of bags.

Danielle: I believe this product does come in other colours I personally wouldn't have brought it in black and white as I feel this made the stroller look cheaper/ less stylish than if it had been in silver/grey. I also found that the basket under the stroller although usable it was difficult to access when baby was in the stroller but understand that to make it such a compact stroller this will happen.

Hannah: For me, a bigger basket that is easier to access particularly when the seat is fully reclined would be the perfect way to improve this stroller as I like to carry everything including the kitchen sink. Finding a way to include this and keep the stroller compact would make this a fantastic stroller to really rival others on the market.

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