Ickle Bubba Gravity Stroller review

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Ickle Bubba Gravity Stroller

by Lorna White |
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The Ickle Bubba Gravity Stroller at a glance

Ickle Bubba are masters in the stroller market with several awards already under their safety belt. And this compact, lightweight buggy brings a little magic to their offering too. Its smooth, one-click collapse-away button allows it to be stored super easily, while a chic carry handle gives you the freedom to pick it up with one hand leaving your other free to tackle the baby!

With its lie flat-seat and extendable sun canopy, it’s a stroller that will suit birth all the way to four years. It includes peekaboo panels for ventilation in summer and has a snug foot cover for colder snaps.

Ickle Bubba Gravity Stroller pushchair features:

  • Reclines flat for newborns; keeping them cosy and cocooned with a quilted seat liner.

  • Toddlers up to 25kg will love the seated position and smooth ride.

  • Handy coffee cup holder for longer journeys and adequate sized under basket for a shopping bag/ snacks/ nappies.

  • Easy unzip extendable UPF50 canopy for extra shade.

  • Ergonomic wheel design makes manoevering around corners and pavements effortless.

  • One click, one hand collapse button with handle to carry upstairs or into house leaving other hand free for baby!

How did this product make your life easier?

Since my daughter Piper turned two, I’ve been in buggy limbo - I either had to use the heavy double stroller which I used from her birth to carry her and her older brother Ridley, or as she got older, a flimsy foldaway on the verge of collapse. Before the Ickle Bubba Gravity Max entered our lives I didn’t realise it was possible to have a buggy that folded fluidly, but wasn’t so flimsy it would flail around at the mere sign of a stone.

Piper loves it so much she will often insist I wheel it into the lounge so she can recline and watch TV. She also spends hours on a walk looking at the sky through the cute panel openings in the canopy and enjoys the fact she can see my face and chat to me even in the rain.

My previous foldaway didn’t have any sun or rain cover and this has it all, plus when in upright position there’s some storage in the hood for easy snack access.

The wheels are so smooth that the ride is a joy for both passenger and driver. I can even push it with one hand as it’s so easy to control (unlike Piper!). And as mentioned, the magical one click, one hand fold mechanism is so fool proof that even my five year old Ridley can do it (not that I’ve encouraged it!).

Would you recommend to other parents?

Without a doubt. It is the perfect partner from birth onwards and great if you don’t have space to keep a buggy up in the house/flat.

It looks the part too - super slick with a matching leather handlebar and safety bar, with soft quilted lining that is snug as well as chic. Easy to get in and out of small spaces, shops, on public transport and feels sturdy on all terrain while still feeling light to push.


What would you change?

Honestly hardly a thing. I have a five year old who moans about walking A LOT, so it would be great if it also had a buggy board attachment but then it would probably impact its slick design and would take away some of the magic. He will just need to learn to stop whining!

Product Information

  • Suitable from birth up to 25kgs (approx. 4 years)

  • Upright dimensions: W47.5cm x D83cm x H99cm

  • Folded dimensions: W47.5cm x L55cm x H26cm

  • Handle Height: 99cm

  • Wheel diameter: front – 14cm , back – 15.2cm

  • Stroller weight: 7.79kg

  • 4-year warranty

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