Fitty Jogger DS Combi + Tan Handle set

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Fitty Jogger DS Combi + Tan Handle set

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At a glance:

The Fitty Jogger DS Combi is suitable for both newborn and toddler and is a great pushchair that has been designed to accommodate everyday life. The Fitty Jogger is beautifully designed so that it is suitable for more than one child. It has built-in suspension, three puncture-free tyres, a large shopping basket, a footmuff and tan leatherette handles. It is easy to manoeuvre, compact and lightweight.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Gemma: This product is a good price for a double pushchair. The price is competitive and there are a few options of how you can position the two babies. It is also helpful to be able to have the option to use it as a single. However, with all products of this kind, there is one child who is close to the ground without a good view of what's going on around them.

Katie: The thing I liked most about this pushchair was the evident quality of the materials used in the construction. The primary seat looks great, is made of attractive and durable materials and appeared to be relatively comfortable. Compared to a side-by-side design, the chair is fairly compact and would fit through most doors easily.

Emma: I'd recommend this product because of its features. It was very comical for both my children. They can get in and out easily and there was still room for a big shopping basket at the bottom. It folded down easily, was easy to store, transport and clean.

How did this product make your life easier?

Lauren: As a mum of one, the full use of this product was lost on me. However, I tested this with my own child and my nephew and found that it made getting out and about with a child under one and a toddler much easier. I didn't have to worry about what to do with a tired toddler whilst out.

Hannah: I would not say that this product has many features that would make life easier. It is simple to fold but not quick. It is handy that you are able to configure the seats into different arrangements. But, unfortunately, the baby on the bottom gets a raw deal in all configurations. If you do have the need for a double pushchair it is easier that this pushchair would fit through a standard door size.

Aimee: I adore the fact that this stroller can convert from a seat to a carrycot unit. My son is nine-months-old and still prefers to lay flat when taking a nap. I have no concerns if he falls asleep sitting up in the stroller position as I can easily recline it and turn it into a bassinet without disturbing him. It has made journeys and ventures out a lot easier and smoother.

Would you choose this product to win?

Emma: Despite having many good features I don’t think I’d choose it above all others on the market. The product felt quite rickety at times despite looking like a heavy duty pushchair with the large wheels and mudguards. I found the product difficult to manoeuvre in shops due to its length and width although perhaps this is typical of all double pushchairs.

Beccy: I don't think it should win as I have seen other products with the same setup which seemed more sturdy. Though it was easy to push, I felt when I was going up and down curbs that it might break. The basket was a great size as even with a child in the bottom seat there was a good amount of room (although the child could access it).

Karen: I found it easy to use whereas in the past I have struggled to be content using a pram with more than one child. Previously I have used a single seating travel system and a sling as I struggle to find something that is not cumbersome. This would have solved a lot of problems for me had I tested this produce 17 months ago!

What changes would you make to this product?

Alice Jayne: When we did use the carrycot and the stroller seat, I felt the carrycot foot end was too in the face of the stroller, based on its size and layout. I think personally, it would be beneficial to add an extra inch or two to the length of the mainframe, so the carrycot seat could be placed slightly further away.

Beth:  I would like to see more headroom for the lower child, and maybe have the bottom seat a little higher up so that the lower child can't touch the wheels. It would also be nice for the whole pushchair to be a little narrower so that it could fit through a standard door frame. If something could be done so it's a little easier to steer then that would be ideal.

Gemma: I would change the positioning and size of the seats. Perhaps there is a way they could both be a little larger to accommodate a larger toddler and then also positioned in a manner which could allow the bottom child to be able to see a little more of what is going on around them. Particularly when in carrying cot mode the bottom passenger's view is very limited.

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