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Familidoo Air

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At a glance:

The Familidoo Air stroller is the perfect combination of lightweight and easy to fold with its cool design and practicality. The Air has all the features you need in a lightweight, super-compact buggy, including an easy to operate one-handed fold that’s ideal in today’s fast-paced urban environment where time and space are hard to find. Suitable from six months upwards it features a five-point harness, a carry bag, a rain cover and an easy access shopping basket.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Ritienne: The design is good as the product is very easy to manage with minimal effort and is easy to open/close. The back of the seat goes down for when your toddler wants to nap but I found it was a bit short for mine as his head was touching the top when he was lying down. It is probably too small for a one-year-old who is a bit taller than average. It packed up very easily in the bag that comes with it, it is easy to put in the car boot and to carry around as it's very light.

Sadie Marie: I would recommend the Famillidoo Air stroller to friends and family who are planning on going on a trip/holiday away or even for the school run! With a quick one-handed fold/unfold mechanism it is great for getting in and out the car quickly.

Lucy: It’s light, slimline and easy to fold. If you live in a small house or your hallway is thin then this is a great pushchair, without compromising on space for the child. It would be good to take on holiday due to the way it folds up for the car or aeroplane. The design is bright, original and my daughter really loved the animals. At first I thought the storage underneath was minimal but actually, I could fit a lot in there and it was deceptively spacious.

How did this product make your life easier?

Sue: If you are going away on holiday with a car full of kids and stuff, or on a plane, then this is the buggy for you. It’s so light and compact that you would think the quality would be compromised but it’s not. It’s a very sturdy buggy that folds down inside a tiny neat bag. I wouldn’t be surprised if you could use it on an airline as carry-on luggage. You can sling the bag over one shoulder and off you go. I love the bright cheerful design and pattern which is really smart and I enjoyed showing it off to other mums.

Paulina: The Familidoo pushchair is amazing as it folds and unfolds with the movement of two fingers. You can hold your baby while unfolding the pushchair as it doesn't require two hands. The pushchair folds into a small piece and fits in pretty much every car. The pushchair is super lightweight which makes life so much easier. The hood is well designed as it goes down quite low so the baby is covered even with a low-lying sun. The back of the pushchair is adjustable which makes it easy to find a comfortable position for the baby.

Nicola: It is a really nice lightweight buggy. It folds up very small so it’s much easier getting it into the car when travelling. It’s nice and narrow so has been good in my terraced house and also places like the school run or the shops. It manoeuvres very well thanks to the bar rather than separate handles. The handle itself is nice and soft and comfortable to hold. I prefer this type of handle because you can push it one handed which is vital when you have an older child.

Would you choose this product to win?

Zoe: I haven't had much experience with other lightweight strollers but I do think it should be towards the top of the market for several reasons: the unisex design, the good sun cover and rain cover, the ease of pushing, the ease of manoeuvring, the comfortable seat for the baby and the excellent price point.

Verity: I don't think this product is priced accordingly to similar products I have tried that are on the market. I do believe it should be cheaper for the features it has. The basket on the bottom was very small you couldn't put much in as the Velcro didn't hold very well. You could only really fit the rain cover in it.

Helen: I trialled another lightweight buggy which I would probably choose over this one. The main reason being that the Familidoo Air buggy handle height isn't quite high enough to be comfortable pushing for long periods of time as I am 6ft tall. I loved how flat the seat lies for naps, but it didn't quite sit up straight enough at the highest setting.

What changes would you make to this product?

Véronique: The buggy does not feel sturdy enough, however that could compromise its weight which is the outstanding factor along with its compactness and foldability. I would not feel happy leaving my toddler sitting in it without me holding onto it. I would say it is more for a toddler as it is not cushioned enough for a younger child.

Vicki: The seat needs to go higher up so the child can sit up without slouching. Unless my daughter held onto the bar at the front she was quite far back even though I tried to push the adjuster up as far as I could. If that could be improved along with the handle being suitable to carry all bag types then I would definitely find this product more appealing.

Lucy: I would change the basket. It was a reasonable size and easy to get to but the fabric is very thin and if you put anything of any weight in it scrapes along the floor. The Velcro kept coming undone and the stuff in the basket kept falling onto the floor. It was then difficult to re-attach the straps to the frame.

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