Dreamiie by Samantha Faiers MBX6 Wave Pushchair

from My Babiie
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Dreamiie by Samantha Faiers

by Catriona Watson |
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One of the lightest and stylish pushchairs on the market, the My Babiie X6 model weighs just a little over 6kg! It is lightweight, practical, super nice to push and with a one-handed quick-fold mechanism means getting this pushchair up and down is extra easy! The compact fold means it can be easily packed into the boot of your car or stowed away at home. The MBX6 pushchair also comes with a free rain cover and cosy footmuff!

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Nikita: Being a mum with a young child it is great that you can easily put up the pram with one hand. You want to be able to go shopping and have the luxury of storing a decent amount of shopping under your pram which the Dreamiie allows you to do. The different seating options the pram has are very nice as they allow your child to grow with the pram.

Kate: The system is rather large as a whole, however, the way the frame folds and the bassinet/seat are removed is the easiest I’ve experienced. It’s very smooth and easy to do with one hand. Post-c-section this would be a real positive although it is still heavy. The weight is completely made up for by the look. This is one seriously eye-catching pushchair!

Samantha: The design looks sleek and eye-catching. Folding and unfolding it with one hand makes life simple. Adjusting the height of the handle is easy. I am 5’11” and so many other brands do not cater for tall parents. It glides along easily one or two-handed. It makes manoeuvring between people and around shop aisles a breeze. Changing its position is easy and it is important to see your baby during those first few months. My child sits higher up in the seat making access to her easier without having to bend or crouch down.

How did this product make your life easier?

Dvora: This product is definitely easier to push and easier to manoeuvre around stores/through doorways than my previous pushchair. It folds without the need to remove the seat but I found it difficult to collapse. I think as with all prams this takes some getting used to. I also really liked the easy access to the underneath storage which is nice and big.

Elizabeth: I didn't like that there was no ISOfix base for the car seat. I am used to having an ISOfix attachment and while not massively difficult to use with a seatbelt attachment, it does add an element of complication. I liked that you were able to extend the hood so much (it was the largest I have seen). This is really useful in the sunny weather and it is good for covering a sleeping baby.

Anna: I liked the modern design which was robust in construction. There was a lot of room in both the pushchair and the carrycot and both could be set to be parent or world-facing. This is great as when children get older they want to see the world go by. There was a good amount of storage in the basket underneath and the clip on footmuff was a really good feature. Other footmuffs on the market can be connected to the pram liner which is awkward when you don't need to use it.

Would you choose this product to win?

Tanya: I loved the extra large canopy which meant my little one was shaded from the sun at all times. The pushchair is excellent quality, made of hard-wearing material and it is easy to wipe clean. Removal or partial removal of the bar meant it was easier to get little one in and out of the buggy without taking the whole bar off.

Shelley: Yes I would choose this product. I feel that this complete travel system includes everything that is needed and offers good value for money. Others on the market are far more expensive and still require you to buy add-ons such as footmuffs or rain covers. It is suitable from birth to 15kg so no other purchase is necessary.

Kat: For those looking for an urban pushchair, the quality is good and it copes well with the bumps on a high street. The size of the basket is good, but it could do with higher sides as it wouldn’t contain loose shopping very well. If you’re looking for an urban/country option this might not be for you as the lightweight frame means it feels slightly top heavy and can feel unsteady when manoeuvring on gravel paths.

What changes would you make to this product?

Katie: There are a few things I would change about this. I found it heavy and bulky to lift in and out of the car. The way it folds is really easy but it is never small and only just squeezed into my car boot. If it folded forwards that would make the fold down size more acceptable meaning people with smaller cars could use this system. I would change the buggy seat bar to tan leatherette like the main pram handle. This would be more practical to wipe clean and would look better. The white frame looks lovely but it is not practical.

Lucy: I would like the option to use an ISOfix base for the car seat, for added peace of mind and in-car safety. I also think that the shopping basket is very small, it could be redesigned to allow deeper sides and therefore allow you to store bags properly. I would prefer to have a metallic chassis rather than the white coated one. The coating can easily scratch and show the metal underneath. It shows immediate and obvious signs of wear and tear which will only get worse after it is put in and out the car boot a few time.

Lisa: I would change the weight of the product. Although the company describe a selling point as it being “lightweight”, I actually found the travel system extremely heavy and struggled to lift it. It’s much heavier than my current system which is described by sales staff in the shop as being “bulky and heavy”. The product would definitely not be suitable after a c-section or for anyone with back problems as it didn’t feel lightweight at all.

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