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Cybex Priam

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Sleek, stylish, plush and practical, with lie-flat, sit-up, forward and rear-facing options.

If you want a holiday-friendly pushchair, then the extendable sun canopy is ideal, as is the choice of wheels for different terrains. A higher seat position makes this brilliant for mealtimes on the move. The sizeable basket can be securely closed.

Tested by mum Laura Elliott for the M&B Awards 2016:

Why would you recommend this product to a friend/fellow mum?

This travel system is very high quality and has clearly been thoughtfully designed. It is also very stylish and I have had many favourable comments on the style of the product while using it. The system includes a carrycot, chair and car seat making it excellent value for money. The car seat is very well designed with multiple useful features including an adjustable head rest and a reclining mode. My little one certainly appears to be very comfortable using it and has napped much more frequently in the car since using it! The frame is very light and not bulky at all which has helped us with our numerous car journeys.

How does this product make your life easier as a mum?

The system is easy to manoeuvre and control which has been a real bonus when out and about. It also seems to cope well with some of the rougher terrain that we have to deal with living out in the countryside. The product offers three choices of wheel (and also a ski option for those in cooler climes!) and we found the all-terrain ones to be great.

If you could change one thing about this product what would it be?

I really like the car seat and it has numerous safety features which are very reassuring as a parent but it is very heavy! Lifting it onto a supermarket trolley can be quite a struggle and I have a reasonably light baby.

Tested by mum Elizabeth Emmanuel for the M&B Awards 2016:

Why would you recommend this product to a friend/fellow mum?

This pram is a luxury item that has been a delight for my baby and I to test. The only drawback is that it's too big for the majority of car boots. The seat is very comfy and can easily be adjusted to different angles depending whether baby wants to snooze or sit up and be nosy. The sun canopy is very practical and the shopping basket is a good size. The seat is high up so baby is close to me and my back doesn't get to hurt so much! The Priam is very easy to manoeuvre.

How does this product make your life easier as a mum?

This is a get out of the way here I come pram! It takes up a lot of space indoors and outdoors!

Tested by mum Carolann Dick for the M&B Awards 2016:

Why would you recommend this product to a friend/fellow mum?

This is like the Rolls Royce of prams! This has an 'I'm different look at me' vibe. Very sophisticated! I haven't tried a pram that manoeuvered so well! It has excellent suspension even going over very uneven park ground. My baby was able to sleep comfortably in it, and because it is pretty high off the ground, she can be at the same height as me at a dining table.

How does this product make your life easier as a mum?

This pram is big, excellent size shopping basket and baby is nicely cocooned. The fact that it's so easy to steer is great.

Tested by Vicky Parker, 38, from Leicestershire, mum to Sofia, eight weeks.

She said: ‘Sofia loved the adjustable seat. It’s like an armchair on wheels! Ideal for reflux sufferers. This ticks every box.’

Tested by Caroline MacPherson, 33, from Buckinghamshire, mum to Delphi, six months.

She said: ‘Looks like a beautiful piece of art, yet it’s practical, compact, and easy to use and fold with one hand.’

Tested by Charlotte Kewley, 32, M&B’s fashion editor, from London, mum to Isabella, nine months.

She said: ‘Light and easy to fold. Isabella looked so happy in this – I wanted to climb in too! Worth every penny.’

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