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CBX Etu Plus

by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |
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At a glance:

The Etu Plus is a lightweight, one-handed stroller that is perfect for every trip out, whether popping to the shops or exploring on holiday. It also has a carry bag, a handy shoulder strap for when you need to carry it, and a tightening strap system so you can recline the seat to the correct angle.

How did this product make your life easier?

Rebecca: The thing that really stood out about this buggy is the fact that it is very narrow. It really worked well in places like shops and getting in and out of the lift. The hood is also great as it covers the buggy really well, so it provides great protection from the sun. The breathable mesh on the extendable hood is also fab.

Lucy: This is a great little stroller for the money, it has a nice compact fold for carting around and putting in the car yet this doesn't come at too higher price. It still has some great features such as the bumper bar, peephole on the large hood and the good recline on the seat to keep your baby nice and comfy.

Maria: This is a good travel buggy. Travel buggies make life much easier for travelling. I have compared travelling with the Etu plus to travelling with the bugaboo chameleon by plane and it is much more comfortable to be able to keep the buggy in the plane. When travelling by train, the Etu plus or a travel buggy is necessary, as larger buggies can be hard to place anywhere.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Sarah: I would recommend the Etu Plus to a fellow mum because it is easy to put up and down with one hand which is extremely useful especially when travelling with other items of luggage (and of course my baby!) Another reason would be the fact that it lies flat is also a huge plus as it can be used from birth.

Faith: I would recommend this buggy to mums because I think that it is very good quality and is very easy to use. The fabric looks great and feels robust and like it will last. The colour was great, the handle was a slightly weird foam but felt good to hold on to. I found it was easy to erect. However, it is not easy to put away as it doesn't have very good clips that keep the second half of the buggy together.

Mia: I would recommend the CBX Etu Plus to a friend for a variety of reasons. It is compact and easy to transport. It has a lovely big hood with the zipped breathable extra section which covered my baby well. The stroller had a bumper bar attached which my baby liked to hold onto and I could attach toys. The lie-flat recline was handy for baby to have a comfy sleep!

Would you choose this product to win?

Alice: I'm not sure if this product should win as I have limited experience with its competitors. My friends have the Yoyo which to me seems a more practical buggy and they would also rate it above this. I'd prefer a better mechanism for sitting the baby up from a reclined position, and a smoother overall fold/unfold mechanism. Its big advantage is the lightweight nature, I would highly recommend for its lightweight.

Lauren: I would not choose this product unfortunately as I do not think it is suitable for bigger or more active/independent toddlers, it is a bit too lightweight for my liking and would not last up until the weight limit 15kg due to height restrictions. I also think that the overlapping bar looks flimsy and could be broken easily.

Alexandra: Yes, I think this product could win this category. I really liked this pram. I thought that it was easy to use, compact and lightweight. It was easy to set up with one hand and folding down to cabin bag size was very useful. It's an ideal stroller to keep in the car or take on holidays with sufficient storage and an amazing large hood! Given how lightweight it is there are still all things you would expect from a stroller with a comfortable padded seat.

What changes would you make to this product?

Maria: I would make the wheels foldable as in the yoyo. The yoyo can be folded so that the wheels are side by side and the final width is around 7 cm less than in the Etu plus. This makes a difference when carrying it and transporting it. So even though they have a similar weight, this makes a difference in terms of how easily it can be carried.

Alice: As I have stated above I would change the recline mechanism and also how well the handle moves in the fold/unfold process. Other than that I cannot think of anything further I would change in this buggy. I loved how light it was especially when using around London/on the tube when travelling alone.

Lauren: I would like to see it become more toddler-friendly, so far it’s a great product for babies and I think a lot of new parents would buy it but then find their child grows out of it quickly so, unfortunately, it is not good value for money. The main issue for older babies is the lack of clearance between headspace and extended sun canopy.

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