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Bumprider Seat+

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Bumprider Seat+ is an exclusive patented accessory for the famous Swedish invention Bumprider Original Ride-On Board, which transforms your buggy board into a deluxe ride-on seat board. Only 0,7kg and extremely small when folded, the Seat+ can be stowed in any storage and take loads up to impressively 22 kg, whilst the Bumprider Original Ride-On Board itself is approved to 30 kg load. For an optimal seat position, depending on the structure of the stroller or if the child prefers front- or rear facing mode, you can easily change the direction of the seat in seconds.

How did this product make your life easier?

Charlotte: As a mum the Bumprider Seat+ is very helpful, for example: When we go on our daily stroll to the local shop or for a nice walk and my Daughter feels that she doesn't want to walk anymore, she can quickly sit on the Bumprider+ at the back of our pushchair and we can continue with our walk. The Bumprider+ helps with daily life as a mum and makes things a lot easier. It helps with less tantrums when my daughter refuses to walk anymore, she can sit and have a rest for a while or two seconds and then get off and walk again if she feels like it. For me as a mum the Bumprider + is very easy to use as it attaches to the back of my pushchair when we need it. We can enjoy our daily strolls a lot more now we have the Bumprider + and my daughter is very happy sitting on it, it means as well I know where she is at all times when she is sat on it too but also it gives her that independence to get off the Bumprider and walk if she wants to. For example: when we go on a walk to the park which she loves to do.

Amy: The bumprider makes life easier as I can attach it to the stroller and my eldest can jump on it when they decide they don’t want to walk anymore. It means I no longer have to take the double pushchair everywhere which means we can get around the shops easier and it frees up space on the boot. It is also a lot easier than having a stroller and having to carry a child they can either stand or sit on the board.

Sammie: My daughter is 20 months old and likes independence but equally when we go out walking I like to be able to do it safely and efficiently. The ease of the buggy board and seat style meant she could be sat on quickly to benefit me however it also was relaxed and meant she didn’t feel restrained or like she was being strapped into a buggy so we could both get about to do things without tantrums

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Amy: I would recommend this product as it is very easy to clip on a off of a stroller or buggy. It is also a very smooth board so pushing a buggy with the board on is smooth and easy to turn. The seat is great for of the child wants to sit down. My child has also said it is comfortable to sit or stand on.

Claire: I would definitely recommend this buggy board to another mum. it's a great design that makes life easier when little ones are tired and don't want to walk any longer. its great for those who are better off sitting rather than standing on a buggy board with it having the seat attachment also.. value for money is very reasonable for what you get and the quality of it.

Alexia: It is a product that I would recommend and is useful with versatility to all prams, is good quality but it is also more expensive than others on the market, the bugaboo buggy board and seat for bugaboos for example is cheaper as a combined seat and board than this is to have the board and seat as an accessory. It is also heavier and bulkier than its competitor.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Stephanie: I did like the bump rider but I felt it was very bulky once my little boy was sat on it. I had to stand quite far back from the pram when pushing which made it harder to push comfortably. The straps that hold it in place clip onto the bar beside the brake on my pram so I felt it was quite awkward when I had to stop and put the brake on the pram.

Donna: I think an amazing product but not the cheapest and that may be the stumbling block with many parents who may not be able to afford it. The quality and design is modern and it’s very comfortable. I think it should win as it is a lifesaver if you have more than one child. I would pay the price for it but again I don’t know if many other would?

Claire: I wouldn't hesitate to chose this buggy board above all others on the marketplace due to its great design, sturdy manufacture and seat capability which many other buggy boards just don't have. the only criticism I have is that it didn't fit my pram chassis too well, the board stuck out too far at the back and moved from side to side too much but it fit my buddy well.

What changes would you make to this product?

Lauren: I would just slightly modify the connector for the seat to the board as it can sometimes be a bit stiff to click it together and attach the seat. Once or twice I thought I had clicked it shut but then my toddler was riding on the seat and it would fall back as it hadn't fully clicked shut so was loose on any incline.

Charlotte: I would of liked to see the Bumprider+ it many colours, I personally find black a bit boring and to see lots of bright colours would of been amazing! For example: a colour that went with your pushchair or a different pattern, something that brought your own personality out on. The design of the product its self I really like and it suited our pushchair and my daughter. One other thing, is that my husband pushes the pushchair when we are all together and out and about when my daughter sits on the bumprider+ and it is in full use when he is pushing, his feet get stuck sometimes or he kicks the product by accident, I have put this down to the wheels being a bit too close together and the bigger your feet are or taller you are you accidently catch your feet on it. I think the wheels could be spaced out a little further or the product could be a little taller with a bigger gap at the bottom for bigger steps when walking other that that the product is lovely to use and we have been really happy using it.

Sammie: I would only change the style of the seat I personally did not like having a child seat without a back I felt it lacked security for a younger child. Due to the cost of this product I would rather buy it from a young age and it be adaptable/usable up until my child is older rather than having to wait to use this for an older toddler. I feel like 2-2.5 years would more suited

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