Britax HOLIDAY DOUBLE Pushchair review

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Britax HOLIDAY DOUBLE Pushchair

by Catriona Watson |
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At a glance:

Whether you take the train or a trip in the car, the Britax HOLIDAY DOUBLE makes travelling with children simple. At the same time, it’s great for getting around in cities or other busy areas thanks to its sleek design. The easy and quick fold to a compact size and the smart carry straps makes it easy to take anywhere.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Fatima: I would definitely recommend this product to another mum. It folds down easily and is very light for a double stroller. It's easy to use and carry as it has two shoulder straps that mean you can carry it like a rucksack. The two small baskets at the bottom are perfect for carrying a few extra bits.

Charlotte: I would recommend this. I like how Britax have marketed this as a holiday buggy because that’s exactly what it is. The design and build are not top-end, but for the price and its primary use, it doesn’t need to be. I liked how it reclined allowing my children to sleep if they wanted to. I was expecting it to be huge when folded and I was genuinely shocked at how small it was. I’d buy it for that reason alone! My children didn't complain about being uncomfortable but they didn’t enjoy being in it for long stretches which is understandable.

Shazia: I was highly impressed by this practical double buggy. It is ideal for travelling or as a spare buggy to leave with grandparents. It folds down very small and can be placed anywhere in the car, even in front of a seat due to its small size. My toddler was cosy in the seat and the straps were secure so it feels safe. It is a very light buggy which is easy to use. The mechanism to collapse it is well explained in the instructions. The seat does not fully recline and my children struggled to sleep at a 45-degree angle.

How did this product make your life easier?

Eleanor: This is a great, small folding, compact double buggy. It’s great for putting in the back of the car and popping kids in for the school run, a dash to the shops or similar. It is one-piece so there is no faffing about building it, which is especially good when it’s raining and you just want to get moving.

Amy: The Britax holiday double makes life easier as a mum because it's lightweight, cheap and very easy to push. It is easy to quickly get out of the car and put your children in and the straps are quick to do up. It looks nice and the fact that it is £200 is fantastic.

Natasha: The one thing about travelling with small children is the huge amount of stuff you need to take with you. The holiday double definitely ticks the box if you want something lightweight to just push about two children on holiday. It is very easy to carry around and causes no problems going to an airport and compacting it down for the plane. The strap means its really easy to carry.

Would you choose this product to win?

Nadia: I think this product should win. It is marketed as a 'travel' pram and it certainly does fulfil that objective. I think it is the best lightweight buggy/stroller. What makes this stand out is its compact and lightweight nature which makes it portable which is clearly an important factor when travelling. In comparison to other double prams that I have used, this one is the most compact and lightweight that I have seen. It is not that strong so I would not take this on rocky terrain and would select a more robust pram for that purpose.

Sana: Yes, as a lightweight holiday stroller I would. It obviously has limitations which would automatically prevent it from being a top-choice product. The biggest criticism is the lack of recline. I wouldn’t have been able to use it for my newborn and the lack of a recline makes the buggy uncomfortable for older children who need to sleep. However, as a back up/occasional/holiday stroller, this would still be a top-choice due to its unique and convenient compactness/lightness.

Emily: I think that this would be a great buggy to take on holiday but my only reluctance would be its durability and movability if used excessively. I would need to test it further to know how sturdy it actually is.

What changes would you make to this product?

Katherine: I would say this product was only really suitable for nice smooth paths as there isn’t suspension. It would be fantastic if it could be designed to be more suitable ‘off road' as I think it would make for a smoother ride and nicer to push.

Shireen: It would be useful if both seats reclined fully to enable children to have a decent nap. The basket space is a little small but this is understandable considering the size of the stroller and its compactness. The sun shades were very flimsy and kept slipping off. However, overall I enjoyed using this stroller.

Elizabeth: I would definitely choose this pushchair above others purely because it folds so small for a two-seater pushchair. It is not terribly heavy and I had not realised there was anything on the market like this pushchair. I have been pleasantly surprised by what Britax has designed.

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