BlinkyWarm All Season Buggy Cover review

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BlinkyWarm All Seasons Buggy Cover

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Now there is no need to remember ‘all the things’ every time you leave the house, and risk packing the wrong thing! The BlinkyWarm™ 5-in-1 All Season Buggy Cover & Cosy Toes ensures you’ve always got it covered...Quite literally!

Designed to shield your child from the elements all-year-round, this universal waterproof & fleece-lined cover comes with a sun shade, sleep shade, rain cover, and integrated air-flow system - offering complete protection for little ones whenever you need it.


  • 5-in-1 all season buggy cover
  • Machine washable or wiped clean
  • Compatible with lots of buggy brands
  • Sustainable


  • Expensive
Body fabric100% polyester
Canopy fabric94% polyester, 6% elastane
PVC window100% PVC (phthalate free)
Mesh100% polyester
Zipper100% polyester mesh with nylon teeth and metal puller
  • BlinkyWarm™ is packed responsibly using minimal lightweight, recycled card packaging.
  • Fleece lined, waterproof cosy toes cover
  • Universal straps to fit most buggy brands
  • Foldaway rain, wind & sun proof cover
  • UV50+ sun protection
  • Works as a handy sleep shade or mesh insect net
  • Integrated air-flo system
  • Reflective strips for roadside safety
  • Handy integrated storage pouch


BlinkyWarm All Seasons Buggy Cover

The BlinkyWarm All Season Buggy Cover won Silver in the Mother&Baby awards 2024 for Best Travel Product Over £30.

Testing the BlinkyWarm All Season Buggy Cover

One tester said: "The design of the BlinkyWarm is really modern and because it’s also minimalistic and comes in a range of colours you’re likely able to pick one that matches your current pushchair. I also thought it looked and felt high quality. It’s really beneficial that it can just be thrown in to the washing machine too!

"I would recommend this product to all mums, the design is lovely and very small packaged however when in use comes in good for all weathers. I originally thought it didn’t look very warm and quite thin however I couldn’t believe how good it was. I would definitely recommend this product to fellow mothers."

Another mum added: "This is super easy to use and I was super impressed. It’s easy to put on to your pram/buggy, and can be done super fast. I was very pleased that the inside is super soft fleecy material which kept my little girl warm during heavy rain when caught out in a downpour! The outside is beautiful colour and waterproof. After checking it when we were back in the house it didn’t even feel damp but I still made sure to hang it up to make sure it was perfect for our next use. It's easy to fold down and back into bag position ready for next use. I would recommend to friends, family and anyone who has a little person in a pram/buggy.

"I used this product when taking my child out for a walk in the rain and wanted to test out the rain cover as well as the general cover. It kept my child (aged 1) dry and was also well ventilated. How easy it is to put onto the pushchair is also beneficial if you don’t have a helping hand as it just clips on."

This tester agreed it made their life easier; "Made my life soo much easier! With British weather being the way it’s been currently you can easily get caught out and end up in the rain or very windy times, however with it being lightweight it's easy to carry/take with us and can easily be put on within minutes. My daughter is 15 months old and definitely comfy for her, kept her warm and dry in all the times we have used it.

"Having a good, warm, waterproof foot muff means I can still dress my child comfortably without multiple layers on the legs in colder weather. It was really easy to put on and take off, and didn’t take up much room when folded up and put under the pram. I didn’t get to use the product too much in cold weather but definitely when it rained and it stayed nice and dry on the inside."

Final thoughts

The BlinkyWarm All Season Buggy Cover is an excellent addition to have on your buggy as it's protective against all weather types. It's designed in a lightweight material to be easy for parents to carry and put up in minutes.

As long as you're happy with the choice of the 5 colors and have the right buggy to fit this product, you will be happy with choosing this product.

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