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At a glance:

The Splash About Splash Jammers are designed for toddlers and young children as a grown-up equivalent to the Splash About Happy Nappy. It's approved by swim schools to keep leaks out of the pool for children who still have accidents and who need extra protection. It features a high scoop back waistband for improved form and fit, a uniquely designed gusset to enable the jammers to fit completely between the legs and silicone seal around the thighs.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Rachel: I think that the quality of this swim nappy is clear when you hold it. It is well put together and will withstand a lot of wear. If will be very resistant to soiling and is approved by my swim school which is reassuring. It also dries easily which is great for taking on holiday as that will allow multiple uses per day.

Jennifer: It's the perfect follow on from cloth reusable swim nappies for potty training toddlers. Its design is super cute so they are very attractive to toddlers while drying quickly and effectively for Mums and Dads. I was worried they were going to be difficult to get on but they weren't. They are so robust! My son seems pretty happy and confident in them too!

Samantha: I would definitely recommend this product. They are available in a variety of designs and are excellent quality. They fit with or without a swim nappy and they do exactly what they need to. They fit comfortably but are snug enough to prevent any accidents/leaks. We have not seen any deterioration in the quality of the product or fading of the design and we have been using them for several weeks now. They are really easy to clean and I fully expect they will last the full 12 months intended and they are therefore good value for money.

How did this product make your life easier?

Elizabeth: I used this whilst potty training my toddler. They are a great compromise as I didn’t feel confident going in the water without her wearing a nappy but didn’t want to put one on her and confuse her. This is a must-have product for any mum who is starting potty training. They are a step up from the happy nappy and make your toddler feel more grown up. The colourful design meant my toddler was happy to wear them.

Chelsea: As a mum, I am constantly forgetting things so when we plan to go swimming I always manage to forget swim nappies and have to buy some once we get there. The splash about pants act as a swim nappy and it makes it easy and less stressful for me.

Donna: Today was the first day taking my 3-year-old daughter swimming without a swim nappy. She is fully potty trained, however, the last time we went she did have a poo in her swim nappy meaning we had to come out. I was really confident taking her using these splash jammers. They fit perfectly and even with the sealed legs they were comfortable and didn't mark or pinch.

Would you choose this product to win?

Helen: I would definitely choose this product to win. Not only are they practical, stylish and comfortable for toddlers but they are so much less wasteful than disposables. I can’t comment on how they cope with incidents as we didn’t encounter any but the swim pants wash easily along with the rest of the families swimwear.

Lisa: I think this product is excellent and the value for money compared to disposable swim nappies it great. The designs are funky, the shape and way they contain accidents inside are great too. There are other reusable sim nappies but not of the same quality as these ones as they seem much more durable.

Rachel: Out of all the swimming nappies that I have tried these are up there. They would be especially helpful for a young child. They are definitely the highest quality and the other features such as easy drying and being very leak resistant is very reassuring. The shark design also went down very well with my little boy.

What changes would you make to this product?

Jennifer: I would get rid of the plastic tagging and add more designs! The product range could be developed into wet bags, full swimsuits for children or those with disabilities etc. They are a great product and we absolutely love them.

Samantha: I cannot think of anything that I would change. They provided everything we needed for a comfortable, protected swim with our toddler. There are a number of designs and we cannot fault the quality of the product for the cost as they are excellent value for money. They are hardwearing and will last until our toddler grows out of them.

James: Whilst I loved the design, it would be really nice if there was a matching top. I used a top from a different swimming outfit but it would have looked better if the top matched. However, this is a minor point and does not detract from the overall usability of this product. I will be buying a smaller size for my younger child when they start potty training.

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