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Paw patrol training pants

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Paw patrol training pants at a glance:

Potty train your child with confidence. The Paw Patrol easy to pull up pants are to support your child in their potty training journey whilst also making your life easier too. Wetness triggers action, your child will still feel wet but the pants are design to catch any dribbles so their clothes need changing less. The fabric is really soft and easy to wash with a stretch waistband that fits snugly around your child.

How did this product make your life easier?

Aimee: It makes life easier as a mum because the pattern on the pants is a design that my son wants to wear being a Paw Patrol fan. The colours are also vibrant which my son likes. It also makes life easier because ot makes the transition between wearing oull ups/nappies alot easier/quicker than going straight from nappies to potty training.

Geetanjali: The training pants are made from a high quality thick absorbent material which means I do not have to change my daughter's pants as often as I would need to with other pants in case of small accidents which may go unnoticed shortly after potty training. I felt like I had to worry less while using these compared to other similar products due to the high quality of it.

Nadia: This product made potty training a breeze as it’s the perfect go to product between pull ups and underwear. My son enjoyed the fun design and felt like a ‘big boy’ wearing these . We found we were changing a lot of pull ups/nappies that were dry and I felt guilty about the impact to the environment and cost.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Lucy: I would recommend to encourage potty training but I would have to point out that they were not perfect. I would tell someone that would still need a change of clothes when you are out and about. The quality of the fabric is very good and the design is appealing to children. I would imagine you would need to have several pairs of pants to get through the day with accidents.

Aimee: I would recommend this product to other parents because they are comfortable for my child to wear and they definitely help with the transition from wearing nappies/pull ups straight to potty training. There is less mess and accidents when using these Paw Patrol pants. The design is also very cute and it makes the child want to wear them.

Geetanjali: Yes, I would definitely recommend these to another parent as they are not only functional but also very soft and comfortable. They also wash really well- I wash at 40 degrees and there has been no shrinking or fading. They are really easy to pull on and my 2 year old sometimes manages to put them on without assistance which is amazing!

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Nadia: I would choose this product as a must have accompaniment to the potty training journey especially if your child is dry most of the time. I think the flexible design made play time at nursery easy and encouraged my child to use to toilet. I think the design was plus and fun pattern made my child want to wear them.

Lucy: To be honest I didn't see enough of a benefit to recommend these over normal childrens pants. They are a cute design but I didn't think the fit or absorbancy were worth the expense. I think normal nappy pull ups would work better to absorb accidents. As the fit was so snug my child needed help to take them up and down too.

Elaine: I think it would be hard for me to say that this product should definetly win as in honesty not tried a huge range of similar products to make that estimation. As I have said I think ease of washing, apparent comfort and enticing design for a toddler make this product a successful one in this household.

What changes would you make to this product?

Elaine: My little boy is pretty skinny so found it a bit loose about his waist - he is very small for his age so do not think I can necessarily fault the product as such as he would not be a typical build for other children in his age group. Probably a daft note but I thought design quite masculine in nature, maybe not appeal to girls?

Aimee: I would change it so there's different colours and designs in the pack. This would give a bit more of a choice on what to wear. I would also make it a little bit more waterproof. Although it stops alot of the mess there is still some leakages. Other than that it is a great product that I would definitely buy.

Nadia: Sizing ran small and I had to request the next size up. My child is an average 2 year old (just turned two at the time of testing) and I had to request the next size up as they were really difficult to put on and very tight around the thighs. However the size 3 was a perfect fit and larger size was much more comfortable for my child.

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