OXO Tot Potty Chair

from OXO Tot
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This easy-to-clean Potty Chair makes potty training easier for everyone. The seamless design is comfortable and won’t leave marks on tiny tushies, while the high backrest supports tots and encourages proper potty posture. The non-slip base keeps it in place while in use, and the smooth surfaces and side handles make cleaning the inner bowl super easy. It also features a comfortable handle for easy transport.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Rebecca: My daughter loves sitting on this potty and it is helping her build up her confidence. The rubber rim around the bottom means it is secure on all floor surfaces. I love the removable seat which has smooth lines so there is no chance of a pinched bottom. It is great that the bowl can be removed easily making it easy to keep clean and hygienic. The easy carry handle is a good feature too so it’s easy to pick up and move around.

Emma: I would recommend this to other mums. It is a very nice, comfortable and well-built potty. It is very hygienic as you can easily clean it while you're in the bathroom at home or if you're out and about in the car.

Caroline: I’d recommend this item based on the colour combination. I was sent the grey and white option which really goes well with modern colour schemes. I personally think it is far better than the ones with cartoon characters on. The removable bit is brilliant for ease. The moulded plastic is easily wiped/washed clean for hygiene purposes. There is also a rubber rim around the bottom which it makes it non slip.

How did this product make your life easier?

Victoria: My toddler can sit on the potty unaided and doesn't fall off because of the back support. It is very stable on its base. It is easy to clean due to its removable inner liner which means you don't need to clean the entire product. This also makes it easier to empty than a conventional potty.

Emma: The potty was a fantastic addition to our home. We already had a cheap potty, however, my son had not shown any interest. When we introduced the OXO Tot Potty Chair he was intrigued by its chair like appearance and he started to use it of his own free will. We didn’t have to offer any encouragement other than having the potty chair accessible to him.

Natacha: This potty is sturdy and the design is slick and therefore easy to clean which is very important for a potty. The tall back meant that my child’s posture was well supported when he used the potty. The design of the inner bowl is very useful and it is easy to separate from the main body of the potty once it has been used.

Would you choose this product to win?

Rebecca: I love the general look of this potty and the sturdiness with its wide base and high back making it comfortable for lengthy potty visits. The rubber seam trim on the bottom means it does not slip and slide around on the wood floor. This is a no-fuss potty which does exactly what it should. It is practical and very easy to clean. It’s smaller than most potty seats and more attractive. The high back was useful when using the potty first thing in the morning or during the night as it stops a drowsy wobbly toddler from tipping over.

Emma: Yes I would choose this product. It is nice that little ones are able to sit high off the floor. It is quite big and does stand out but I still really like the product.

Caroline: No I wouldn’t choose this product to win. Mainly due to the price and how bulky it is. However, the colour makes this product different from others as it’s modern and stylish.

What changes would you make to this product?

Victoria: I would make it less bulky as this impedes your ability to transport it. The bulky design also means that it would prevent me from taking it out on day trips. There are other similarly priced items that can be used both as a toilet seat and a collapsible potty.

Emma: I would not change anything about the OXO Tot Potty Chair as it has been a great addition to our home. I had dreaded potty training but this made it almost enjoyable! The price is more than average but it is well worth the investment. I perhaps would have been put off by the price tag but I had already purchased a very similar cheaper product that my son did not like as much. He always goes for the OXO Tot and I think that the comfort factor made a big difference!

Natacha: If I could change one thing about this potty it would be for it to have a detachable seat that can be used on a regular toilet. This would make it more suitable for my child who prefers to sit on a toilet. This would also enhance the functionality by adding a travel-friendly option.

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