OK Baby Sofa toilet training seat review

OK BABY sofa toilet training seat review

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The OK BABY Sofa toilet training seat is a great encouragement for toddlers when potty training. This universal seat fits most standard toilet seats and gives your tot's bottoms a comfortable place to sit when in this new environment, and respectfully this is also a Mother&Baby Awards 2023 Bronze winner.

It's an ergonomic seat that's designed to reduced any splashing and make our kiddies feel less intimidated about using the toilet. The OK BABY Sofa seat is made of rubber and plastic together, so there's no gaps to collect germs, which also makes it hygienic and easy to clean.

Overview of the OK Baby Sofa toilet training seat


  • Easy to clean

  • Reduces and minimises splashing

  • Lightweight

  • Easy to use


  • Doesn't fold down, so not always suitable for use when on the go

The OK BABY Sofa toilet training seat is a Mother&Baby Awards 2023 Bronze winner.

Testing the OK Baby Sofa toilet training seat

Our parent testers, and their little ones, put the OK Baby Sofa toilet training seat to the test – here is what they thought.

Brogan said: "We loved using this toilet seat as we have had issues with other brands and them not being comfortable or too hard to get onto when attached to the toilet. However we found this a lot softer and easier to get on and off of. It‘s a nice plain design, it’s easy to carry around and leave in the car on trips out."

Kelly said: "My daughter got on well with this seat. She found it comfortable to sit on and we particularly liked the handles on the side as this enabled her to become more independent. When she was using the toilet she could hold the handles and use them to manoeuvre on and off the seat from her step. She was also able to put the seat on and off the toilet on her own as it isn't too heavy."

Carmen said: "The Sofa toilet training seat fits our toilet well and does not slip around. It's helped my child feel secure on the toilet and the handles are a great help. I am really happy with this and I had tried a number of seats before, but this has been the best one and is just perfectly made for my son’s needs."

Mee said: "My son is still potty training. When we he first say on the OK BABY Sofa toilet trainer he didn't seem ready yet. Now he seems to enjoy sitting on the trainer as it fits well on his little bottom. Overall, the toilet trainer is a good make, compared to the one we used before."

Lucy said: "The seat was brilliant! My daughter was already potty trained, but continued to use a support seat. The handles on this one meant she could easily lift it on and off the toilet herself and was much more independent. I asked her what she thought and she said ‘it’s awesome’! Easy to clean, great design overall."

Caroline said: "My son was very excited to get a special toilet seat that he could use to help him sit on the toilet ‘all by himself’. Up until that point he had enjoyed the potty but he was starting to want to use the toilet instead. It made him feel like a grown up and gave him a sense of independence. Overall, this product helped my son to use a proper toilet with ease and comfort. It made the experience enjoyable for him and helped him gain confidence in sitting on the toilet. I would certainly recommend this to other parents."

OK Baby Sofa toilet training seat specification

Material: Soft, anti-slip rubber

Dimensions: 42cm x 35cm x 9cm

Other: Lightweight, splash guard for boys, universal seat fits most standard toilet seats

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