My Carry Potty Training Pack review

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My Carry Potty Training Pack

by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |
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Get your tot out of the nappies as soon as possible with My Carry Potty's training pack. This fun and stress-free way of potty training include a training potty guide, an illustrated book 'George & Hollie and the Magic Potties', a box of rewards and a certificate, and more.

How did this product make your life easier?

Victoria: It is attractive so my daughter is instantly interested in what it is. We can take it out with us to the park or the shops and my daughter is more than happy (at 2 years old) to carry it around with her. She already loves to sit on it and it has massively aided her potty training progress and made my life easier.

Gladys: I was a little skeptical of this, to begin with, but I was totally won around by the end. We have previously used a palette that was comparatively lighter but really disliked its demand for constant pricey plastic bags. The carry potty was a hit with my son who immediately demanded to sit on it and I'm sure squeezed out many a wee just so he could sit on his special potty. It really came into its own when we went camping and I loved being able to close it without risk of leaking. I would definitely recommend.

Melvyn: We have not been caught short since having my carry potty when we have been out and about! The children aged 6, 5 and 2 years have all used my carry potty with ease. The potty training academy included has really helped our 2-year-olds potty training journey be a successful one. He would bring us the book to read and asked to watch the DVD. He always tried to do a wee just so he could get a sticker!

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Courtney: Yes absolutely. I have already recommended this product to our friends and families. I think that children responded really well to the concept of reward charts and this training pack uses that as an incentive. The addition of the book also helped and my daughter enjoyed reading this. The potty itself is very durable and easy to transport. As mentioned, my husband "tested" it to ensure that it didn't leak before we started using it and it passed. There were no signs of leakage when closed. It was very easy to wipe clean after each use. Also, very handy when out and about and easily transportable.

Julie: The travel potty is brilliant. It’s easy to use and attractive to my daughter. It's lightweight so easy to carry with us if we need it, and small so we can take it in the car on long journeys. It’s perfectly water-tight so no worries about leaks either. It gives me peace of mind that we have a back-up if we can’t find a toilet or get caught short whilst out. The potty comes with a pack to help with potty training and my daughter loved the story that was in it.

Katie: I would recommend this potty as its a great idea that you can keep it stored if you can't dispose of it when out and about. The potty is a small enough design to be able to fit under the pushchair if your put and about for the day. I'm not sure how hygienic the potty would be if your child used it and then needed to use it again and it hadn't been disposed of.

Would you choose this product to win?

Kerry: As a portable potty it's great as you can easily seal so can be emptied when you get to a toilet, and you don't have to be always near a toilet. The colourful design was a hit with the children who all paid an interest in the potty and wanting to carry it around. This potty started to instill a sense of pride and accomplishment for my son who would carry it around say, "mummy I need potty now" and he would put it down and wait for me to open it.

Susan: I particularly like the design of the travel potties and so did my son. It is very handy to carry around and the stickers are of good quality and good variety. I like the idea of putting the stickers on a chart rather than on the potty, like I was previously doing as this is more hygienic. I would like to try the training toilet seat as well as I have heard from a lot of other parents and from my son’s nursery that many children go straight to using this rather than the potty.

Victoria: Yes, I would choose this product above others currently on the market. I have previously used the potty and although it is small and handy it is a faff and includes ongoing purchases of waste bags. The my carry potty doesn't require any bags and has a tight seal to prevent any leaks. It has a cute design and can be disguised as a lunch box (not that you would want to taste these contents.)

What changes would you make to this product?

Melvyn: If we could change one thing about my carry potty training pack it would be the length of the colourful storybook. As we did find it a tad long and the 2-year-old especially did not have the concentration for the full book. Maybe splitting the book up and having different stories e.g. a six story's in one book? Or George and Hollie's mini-adventures?

Courtney: I honestly don't think there is much to change about this potty. Maybe a carry strap for it so it is easier to transport when out and about. The lock on the potty to close it can be a little stiff, which is a good thing as it stops my daughter from opening it when there is stuff in it. On the otherhand though.. she once thought she had locked it then lifted it and trailed its contents all over the kitchen.. that is probably more a fault of ours than the potty design though. Overall a great product.

Julie: If the pack wasn’t just focused on rewards it would have been better for us. I have no issue with the reward chart in the pack but the fact that the storybook and DVD focused on these as well meant they didn’t work for us. It, therefore, didn’t seem good value at all, as the potty can be bought separate from the pack.

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