Munchkin BagIt Disposable Nappy Bin review

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Munchkin BagIt Disposable Nappy Bin

by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |
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At a glance:

The BagIt Disposable Nappy Bin can be taken with you everywhere you go, so the dreaded nappy changes or no longer a hassle. The bin can hold up to 30 nappies and is compact enough to keep anywhere, from the car boot to your bathroom.

How did this product make your life easier?

Loren: This product would be perfect for those travelling/holidaying or to keep in the car for quick disposal of nappies. It is very easy to put up and use. It's easy to open and close, and once full (takes about 3 days as stated on the packaging) you can dispose of in the bin, which makes it easier than other nappy bins.

Katie: Having used this product with my toddler who is in size 6 nappies I find that it is great for when you go on holidays and don't want to take a full nappy bin or use bin bags as it can smell. With this product, it doesn't. They are quite compact to pack away, although I'm not sure it would fit 30 in each bag.

Sarah: This product currently does not make my life easier as I believe this product's intention is to be used as a travel product rather than in daily use. The reason for this is the cheap feel of the materials used. It resembles a carrier bag with a plastic top and bottom. The product also does not present itself as a bin until the product is full of nappies.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Jodea: I think this product is ideal if you are away from home, either for the day or overnight. You can just pop one or two of the folded down bins into your bag and they'll take up hardly any space. We will definitely be taking them on holiday with us. The size is perfect for a few days worth of nappies and overall it's very hygienic, with no odour - much better than using a normal plastic bag or bin. It keeps the nappies safely sealed away and is small and discrete.

Lauren: I would recommend this product to a friend/fellow mum because the design is nice and simple. Hygiene is amazing with the resealable sticker at the top. It's easy to transport as it folds down, easy to use and no need to assemble. I think the price is a little too high for this product.

Julie: I would recommend The BagIt disposable Nappy Bin to family and friends that travel, camp, etc, or are short on space. If you are travelling in a camper or go camping for a few days then these would be ideal at keeping the smell sealed away. When it's closed you don’t smell anything, only when it's opened to put another one in but that soon disappears. Having them kept separate means you don’t need to get rid of a rubbish bag that smells from dirty nappies each day meaning fewer bags for landfills. They fold up and easy to store when not in use rather than a big plastic tub.

Would you choose this product to win?

Loren: If it is in relation to travelling then yes it is a great product, however, if up against other nappy bins as a day to day product, I would say there are better ones. It is quick and easy and does not take up too much room which is great, but the odour, if you've had a bad nappy, is still noticeable which you do not get as much in other nappy bins.

Lauren: I would choose this product above all others on the market because it is so easy to figure out the packaging. Easy to see it's by Munchkin. It stands out by the basic look which accommodates all. I am 50/50 about the product as the bit you put the nappy through is a bit sharp. And you have to carefully place the nappies.

Katie: I do not think that the best potty training product is the right category for this item as it does not encourage potty training using nappies. It says that the product is biodegradable and more friendly towards in environment than nappy bin refills but it looks like the bag is made out of the same material. The bin says it holds 150 nappies in 5 refills but this is not the case when you have a toddler in nappies and I could not get more than 14 in the bin. A standard nappy bin holds a lot more and you only change it once whereas this bin will need to be emptied a lot more times.

What changes would you make to this product?

Jodea: Getting the nappy into the bin was impossible without using two hands which can be tricky with a wriggly older baby, but is probably easier with a newborn. You have to unstick the lid and then hold that and the bin up while pushing the soiled nappy through the "odour-trapping panels" which are very stiff. At times it was hard not to get bits of poo on the panels or your hand as you push the nappy through. If the panels were a bit more flexible this might be easier.

Amy: When you push your hand through to open the lid it hurts your hand. Your hand often goes right in when you try and push the nappy through. I also don see the need for the see-through strip as you don't really want to see the dirty nappies, you can tell when it's full as no more fit.

Kate: Design. The handle is actually quite painful to carry once the bin is full (the plastic is quite sharp on your hand when it is full). I would also prefer to fit in more nappies - can't remember how many it claimed to fit in, but I think it would be a real struggle to do so and certainly, it doesn't fit many in once you have an older child in nappies.

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