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Let your little one snooze safely in our adaptable baby sleep bags, designed to help your little one sleep through the seasons. Our Baby Sleep Bags have detachable sleeves making them suitable for temperatures of 14c - 22c. You will no longer need a range of Baby Sleep Bags for all temperatures, making life much easier when it comes to bedtime. You can rest assured that our Baby Sleep Bags comply with all the latest safety standards, so you can sleep soundly too.- Removable, zip on/ zip off sleeves- Breathable mesh panels for ventilation- Hypoallergenic and sustainable filling- Travel friendly design.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Lisa: It made it really easy to change my baby in the night without disturbing her too much. I could move it out of the way during changing with ease so it didn’t get dirty or wet. The sack feels soft and comfortable. I love that the Zion is protected and be kept away from the child’s face. This sack kept my child warm. I love how it has detachable sleeves. It is easy to wash and washes well I loved the transportation hole as this allowed me to keep her warm whilst we were travelling and then transfer her earlier from the car seat to the cot.

Shazia: It's good because I don't have to overdressed baby in a sleepsuits before putting the growbag on as the design of the grow has sleeves. If baby already has something long sleeve on or it's a slightly warmer day, then the sleeves can easily be removed. It's also easy to zip up and allows for easy access if you need to change baby's nappy.

Rachael: The sleeping bag is super soft and gentle against my baby's skin which i liked. No risk of irritation. The mesh built in to the arms and neck area is a fantastic idea and certainly helped cool baby on mild nights. The design of the sleeping bag was lovely and neutral which can be used for any gender. I would recommend this to mums for the winter, autumn and springs seasons for these reasons.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Emily O: I would definitely recommend this product to a fellow parent because it’s great quality fabric, caters for all your needs, plenty of use from it too as it’s well sized, washes well, even after lots of use it’s still in great condition, the designs are fab we continue to use it daily. It also came well packaged, would make a great gift to either a new parent or a fab buy if your looking to try something different from the usual other brands.

Debbie: It is really good quality, soft and breathable fabric, I imagine it comfortable for our little ones. It has great little features too. I particularly liked the mesh detail, detachable arms and the double zip for easy access to change in the night. I also like the design which is important to me when choosing bedding. I didn’t use the travel feature, but this is handy if you would use.

Emily J: I would recommend this sleeping bag as the mesh at the underarms and the neck is such a great way to keep baby cool and keep the air flow in the sleeping bag. I would say though i would have to mention in my recommendation about the arms/shoulder opening not being poppers or flexible enough to get tiny arms into.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Gemma: I hadn’t heard of it before receiving it but now I’ve used it I would definitely choose this over other products if only the tog was more suited to the current season. I’m not sure if they do thinner/lower togs. I’d choose this mainly to help with transitioning out of the swaddle as allows arms to be covered then removed.

Lisa: I really like the variety of features it offers. I have found that other sacks only offer one or two features. I have another sack which only offers ease of night time changing. Another sack I have only has the car seat hole. I don't have any sacks which have removable arms. It’s these features which make it a quality item, which I would recommend to other parents. I really like the colour and the way it looks. I like the fact that it is gender neutral as well.

Shazia: I'm not sure I would as it is quite expensive and I can get much cheaper ones that are also good quality. I also found that for a 2.5 tog, it's very thick - thicker then the tommy tippy one I currently also have so I wouldn't really use it. However, I think the sleeve feature does make it relatively unique and so would consider buying it based on that.

What changes would you make to this product?

Rachael: I would make the sleeping bag arms and collar section more flexible so babies arms can go in easier wither baby is awake or sleeping. This would make life for a mum smoother. I would also like to have had a mesh section at the foot of the sleeping bag to ensure more air flow through out for hygienic reasons.

Emily O: I would suggest possibly looking at another way/place of the zip and fabric around the neck, it is the only bit I struggled with, it’s quite chunky underneath your babies neck and can be quite awkward to zip up and make sure it sits comfortably, other than that absolutely fantastic product and we have loved testing it.

Emily J: More arm/shoulder flexibility and this would be my first choice sleeping bag. I would also say the price is a bit on the expensive end. with sizes from 3-9 months then 9 months onwards, for myself on maternity at the ender scale, I would not have the funds to entertain purchasing a 9 month plus sleeping bag and would purchase another brand sleeping bag with a more affordable price.

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