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personalised school name labels

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Whether you've already bought all your back-to-school supplies ready for the new term or you'll be hitting the shops the day before school (no judgement here), labelling your children's belongings with personalised school name labels is a must for any parents who don't want to be buying a new school jumper every week.

No matter how organised your little one might be, things are bound to get misplaced in nursery or school, so having your children's school uniform clearly labelled with personalised school name labels is an important thing to do before sending them on their way. Not only does this mean it can easily returned to you at the end of the day but if one of their friends accidentally takes home your child's cardigan as well as their own, their mum or dad will be able to return it to you when they next see you in the playground.

Editor's choice:
Best rubber stamp with ink: Rubber Stamp
•Best for shoes: Peel and stick shoe and property school Labels
Best for staying power: Sew in Name Labels
•Best for all materials: Personalized Name Labels for Kids School

We've compiled a list of the very best personalised labels, some of which can even be used with a label maker. Check them out below.

Best personalised school name labels

Best rubber stamp with ink

This rubber stamp set uses black fabric ink to clearly mark your child's name which you can personalise up to three lines of 19 characters per line. It can wash up to 30 degrees without washing out and be tumble dried and if it does wash out over time, you can simply stamp your clothes again. We love that this one doesn't require an iron which isn't always ideal with small children in the house, and it can be applied in a second.

Reviews: "Mixed reviews but thought I’d give it a go used it for about 1 year now the items I stamped have slightly faded but still able to see after plenty of washes (my children are in nursery so get very messy) no smudging and very easy to use. Now about to buy my second one for my other daughter.


  • Doesn't need an iron for application
  • Long lasting


  • Can smudge
Size:1 line, 2 lines or 3 lines
Application:Inkpad and stamp
Machine washable:Yes (up to 30° C)

Most fun name stamp

Custom name stamp
Price: $6.98

To inject some fun into a bit of a mundane admin task, these little characters can make the task a little more child friendly and fun. These will never run out with up to 2500 marking times on each stamp. With over 30 different icons to choose from, different fonts and 13 different character design options, you really can personalise this stamp to your child's taste.


  • Features fun graphics
  • Easy to use


  • Doesn't work on dark fabrics
Size:6.1L x 2W x 4.8H cm
Application:Ink stamp
Machine washable:Yes

Best name label stickers

If stamps aren't your thing, these easy-to-use stickers could be just what you're looking for. Ideal for all kinds of fabric and any colour, these stickers work by being stuck to the care label on any garment with strong adhesive that won't come off in the wash. Although the stickers won't come off in the wash, if you go to peel them off they should come off fairly easily which is ideal if you're needing to donate any clothes or use them for another one of your children.

Review: "I’ve bought quite a few sets of these stickers now for my children’s clothes and other items for nursery and school. They stay on really well, but you can also peel them off easily if you need to. They stick well to water bottles and can go through the dishwasher lots of times before they start to fall off. I’ve only needed to use one sticker per item of school clothing to last the whole year. Would recommend."


  • Easy to stick on
  • Doesn't require an iron


  • Can come off easily
Size:12 x 23 mm (3 lines)
Machine washable:Yes

Best for shoes

Stickers that fit into the heel of shoes can often be easier to stick in because of the shape. If you're looking for personalised school name labels in a variety of shapes this set could be ideal for you. This set also gives you the option of printing their class name on the label too and you get 56 stickers in a set.

Reviews: "I can't add a photo as its my sons name but these are so handy especially in the current climate where they have to have named bottles etc! I've wiped and washed the bottle and the sticker is still on and looks like new. Would definitely recommend."


  • Different shaped stickers
  • Includes class name


  • Doesn't stick well to all fabrics
Size:Up to 3 lines of text (12 characters/spaces per line)
Application:Adhesive stickers

Best for lunchboxes and water bottles

While many of the above options are ideal for fabric, you'll also want to make sure your child's drinks bottle and lunchbox don't get lost too which is why we love these adorable personalised school name labels and stickers ideal for children to pop on their plastic items. The 46 name label pack includes 30 iron-on name labels for clothing items and 16 stick-on name labels with 25 different designs to choose from.

Review: A friend recommended these and i'm so glad I went ahead and purchased them. There's a variety of labels to chose from. Very easy to stick on they have stayed on for nearly a year on my daughter’s uniform and still no sign off them coming off. Considering my daughter’s uniform goes in the wash every week.


  • Fun designs
  • Freezer and dishwasher proof


  • Not suitable for steam irons
Application: Sew-in
Machine washable:Yes

Best for staying power

If you REALLY want your child's labels to stay secure, then we'd recommend sewn in options. Including 72 labels per pack, they're available in black, navy, red, green or pink lettering. This traditional method of labelling is ideal if you might want to wash their things at hotter temperatures or if you find other methods of ironing or sticking doesn't work for your fabric type.

Review: "These are great have these for both boys and been using for while and they are great once sew them in they are good quality and nice print size."


  • Reliable and secure
  • Easy to read


  • Require sewing
Size:60W x 17L mm
Machine washable:Yes
Dishwasher safe:Yes
Microwave safe:Yes

Best for versatility

Perfect for packed lunchboxes and water bottles, these stick-on labels require no ironing and fully washable and waterproof, so they're built to last. There are 36 in a pack and you can choose from a variety of bright and colourful designs, including animals and rockets to name a few.

One reviewer said: "These are amazing! Bought for both of my children now and I can’t believe how well they stick! We’ve used them everywhere from water bottles to coats, plimsolls and even on baby’s bottle which go through the steriliser daily! I’m still yet to have any fall off at all!"


  • Can be used on all sorts of material
  • Decent size


  • Not ideal for siblings (has to be the same name printed on each one)
Size:5.5 x 1.6 x 0.05 cm
Machine washable: Yes

Best for a classic design

If you're after something that's reminiscent of your schooling days, these labels are the ones to go for. You get 100 labels at such an affordable price, plus they're left blank for you to personalise yourself, which is perfect if you've got multiple children.

One reviewer said: "Love love these labels. So much easier than sewing and more secure than sticky labels. Once ironed the labels are securely glued to the garment."


  • Machine washable
  • Big, so plenty of space to write their name


  • Pen not included

Best for stickers

Fed up of ironing on labels? These special stickers only take a second to apply and they will stay put for wash after wash. How clever! Simply customise with their name and then stick them over the labels when they arrive and they will be good to go.

One reviewer said: "Love these stickers for my daughter for nursery they have been used on bottles and been washed and washed and still not rubbed off same with the shoes without the shoe cover protector. Stick onto clothes lovely. 2nd lot I've brought in 4 months! Definitely recommend!"


  • Glossy finish
  • Quick to apply


  • Not suitable for washing machines with steamers
Size:22mm x 11mm
Washing machine safe:Yes (but not steaming)
Tumble dryer safe:Yes (on a low heat)

Best for all materials

Is there anything this kit can't do? We love this multipack because it's machine washable, dishwasher and microwave safe, plus it can withstand the freezer too! You get some sticky labels for stationary, shoes, lunch boxes, toys etc. and some ironable ones for clothes and fabrics.

One reviewer said: "I find these stickers great so far so good I bought them for my kids for when they return to school but I’ve started using them for other items now I have so many of them in different sizes so can use for different things."


  • Broad range of sizes
  • Can add their class or form name


  • Packaging may need improvement
Size:‎31 x 1.5 x 31 cm
Application:Stick-on and iron-on
Machine washable:Yes
Microwave safe:Yes
Dishwasher safe:Yes
Freezer safe:Yes

Do I need to put a label on everything?

Most schools and nurseries will request that you clearly mark your child's belongings with their name, whether that's their jumper, shirt or shoes or items like their water bottle and lunch box. When finding the right labels for you, consider what fabric they'll need to stick to and check whether or not they'll be suitable for your items.

It might seem like a boring task but trust us when we say you'll be thankful for it when your child comes home with someone else's clothes!

Are there any safety concerns when it comes to labelling things?

When it comes to keeping our children safe, we take things very seriously, and some parents have expressed concerns about displaying their child's name on labels.

We'd advised putting any name labels on the inside of clothes or school backpacks where they aren't visible. Alternatively, you may just want to put their initials, providing no other child in their class has the same initials.

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