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When preparing a nursery, there are a few essentials that you'll likely never forget; we're talking about cots, changing tables, baby monitors and other items that are integral to creating a safe space for your little bundle of joy.

Having said that, a nursery is made up of far more than just the basics. In fact, you might be surprised to discover just how many nursery accessories you're missing out on, that are designed to make your life so much easier. Apart from practical accessories, decorative accessories can also breathe life into a new room, and make your nursery all the cosier.

Between room thermometers, nappy bins and cute rocking chairs, we've made a list of all the nursery accessories that are vital to creating a fully functional, not to mention aesthetically pleasing space for your baby. Shop the nursery must-haves below.

Storage Basket With Lid
Price: £17.99

Never underestimate the value of a basket with a lid when it comes to your baby's nursery. Between the constant nappy changes and used muslins, having somewhere to toss all baby's laundry is key. We love this teddy bear designed one which will blend wonderfully with any animal theme.

Review: "I bought the large one and of course had to buy the baby bear one. This basket is adorable, love the lid and hides my sons secret items. This goes perfect with his wild child theme room."

You'll be spending a lot of time in the nursery, sometimes at ungodly hours, so we recommend creating a nice and cosy 'mum zone'. A rocking chair is the first step to creating your zone, perfect for nursing your little one and rocking them gently to sleep. We love this contemporary light grey one, ergonomically designed for optimum comfort.

Review: "This chair is so wide and comfortable! I'm due in 2 months and ordered this chair a month ago. My 4 year old loves it when I read to her on this chair as it is so soft and has such a smooth motion. Night time feeds are going to be warm u0026 snug :)"

Cute Bunny Baby Night Light

Rrp: $22.97

Price: $15.97
Alternative retailers
Walmart$28.36View offer

While your bubba won't be afraid of the dark just yet, a night light will help create an ambient sleeping environment and make the transition to bedtime much easier. Plus, when you're stumbling into baby's room at 4AM for a late night feed, a night light will help ensure you won't be tripping over the odd toy lying on the floor. This bunny one changes seven different colours and is ideal for a woodland theme.

Review: "This light is so cute, my daughter loves being able to change the colour of it by just tapping the rabbit. For a small light it’s quite bright and helps my daughter to settle to sleep."

As much as we adore our babies, there are some odours that we could do without, and that of a dirty nappy sits at the top of the list. This nappy bin by Tommee Tippee twists and wraps each nappy individually to restrict unpleasant odours even when the lid is open. It holds up to 28 nappies and the antibacterial greenfilm layer kills 99 per cent of dangerous germs.

Review: "Super easy to use.. no smell whats so ever (we keep it in living room). Easy to clean and handy to use."

Cotton baby mat
Price: £19.99

Made from organic cotton, this cute bear-shaped mat is ideal for tummy time. Your little one can lie comfortably, taking in the world around them, fully supported by the light padding and soft material.

Review: "Absolutely in love with this item. Perfect for little one for tummy time as it is well cushioned, much thicker than I was expecting. Quality is lovely! The mat is also much bigger than what it looks online too which is a bonus!"

You'd be surprised at just how much a lampshade can help elevate a room, especially a cute elephant-inspired one like this! The matching clock and changing mat are also available, if you want to stay consistent.

Review: "Such a cute little lampshade for my baby’s nursery. It matches his white/grey elephant curtains from Next perfectly. Really pleased with the purchase."

Improve the air quality in your little one's nursery with a simple humidifier. This noiseless option by Babymoov is expertly designed to provide clean and healthy air for your baby. You can monitor the temperature, humidity rate and even diffuse essential oils. It’s also helpful for reducing congestion and flu symptoms, keeping you assured your baby is in the healthiest environment.

Review: "This has really helped our little one when he has had a cold or cough. Keeping the air a little most seems to help him breathe better and stops the tickly cough from waking him up. It's easy to use although I recommend regular cleaning on the outside parts, and every few months to use a sterilising fluid in the main water chamber to guard against mould etc starting to grow."

What nursery is complete without a personalised blanket? This grey cable blanket is the perfect baby boy nursery accessory, made of pure cotton and available in a range of five gorgeous colours.

Review: "Bought for a family member, she loved it ! Thought it was beautiful, and it arrived on time with no issues."

After the best baby girl nursery accessory? Look no further. This Peter Rabbit nursery print is simply magical, and features your little ones name in bold, embellished with beautiful flowers.

Review: "Over the moon with these prints for the nursery. They are great quality! The picture doesn’t do them the justice they deserve. They are gorgeous. Couldn’t be happier! Thank you Pretty Little Prints."

Help your bubba feel safe at night with this three-in-one mobile that plays soft, calming music until your baby drifts to sleep. The 20-minute auto-off timer also means you don't need to worry about getting up to turn off the mobile and waking up your little one in the process. You can display a magic starry night on the walls using the projector function, helping create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere come bedtime.

Review: "My 4 month old daughter loves this mobile and has done since birth. She gets so excited watching the toys rotate and enjoys the light show and music. It's easy to fit and use and is a beautiful addition to our grey and pink nursery. Each song lasts around 20 minutes before the mobile automatically turns off - just enough time for me to shower and dress before I have to switch it back on for her. This is a good feature though as it saves battery, and will be good in the future when we will be using the mobile to help her to sleep. I highly recommend and it has been so useful in keeping her occupied and content."

mDesign Hanging Wardrobe Organiser
Price: $21.99
Alternative retailers
Wayfair$21.99View offer
Walmart$23.99View offer

With all the onesies, blankets and other tiny little outfits you'll have acquired during your pregnancy, a hanging wardrobe is a nursery accessory that can't be missed. It can be hung from any cabinet for extra space and requires minimal set-up, which is always a bonus.

Review: "Perfect for organising my daughters wardrobe. Nice modern colour, strong, easy to hang and great additional storage to avoid excuses for the ever growing ‘floordrobe’."

Ensuring that your baby's room is at a safe temperature is key, and a room thermometer will give you that extra bit of confidence. This clever little gadget shows you at a glance whether the temperature of your baby’s room is ok. It glows blue if the room is too cold, red if it’s too hot and stays yellow when at the recommended temperature.

Review: "This is a superb product. The light has a lovely warmth and the ability to reduce the brightness is excellent. The written temperature is easy to read and the colour guide brings such peace of mind to easily check the baby’s room temperature. Thoroughly recommend this product."

Total darkness is key to having a great, uninterrupted slumber - and mums know better than anyone how valuable that is. These blackout curtains will ensure not even the slightest bit of light gets through, and can also help reduce noise from the outside world so your little one can get those Z's in peace.

Review: "We were very pleased with our purchase as they are a good quality material and finished the nursery off perfectly, but little did we realise how much they would be loved by our son! We use a night light in the room at night so that we can see to change his nappy but not too bright to wake him up after nighttime feeds. The light makes the stars shimmer and I assume stand out clearly to him against the dark grey background - they mesmerise him even when he is grizzly at having his nappy changed!"

Ingenuity Cradling Bouncer

Rrp: $42.49

Price: $38.98
Alternative retailers
Target$43.99View offer
Walmart$43.99View offer

A baby bouncer is great for when you need both hands but still want to keep a watchful eye on baby. This one is made of breathable fabrics, comes with two plush toys for extra entertainment, as well as eight melodies with volume control.

Review: "My little boy loves this bouncer, he seems very comfortable and snug. So easy to assemble, the vibration and sounds are also helpful especially vibration as my son has reflux so it helps settle him."

Do babies need a nursery?

While nurseries are completely optional, having a designated place for all your little one's items will reduce clutter and make life easier. A nursery also gives you a private space to nurse, change nappies and do all baby-related activities. Finally, while baby will likely be sleeping in your room for the first few months, making the transition to their own room is another key milestone, another reason for which a nursery is recommended.

What do you need for a baby nursery?

Preparing your nursery and need a quick checklist? Say no more! We've listed all the nursery essentials below:

• Cot (plus mattress, sheets and blankets)
• Moses basket/crib (plus baby bedding including mattress, sheets and blankets) - for baby sleeping in the room with you for the first 6 months.
• Sleeping bags/sleep sack
• Baby monitor
• Waterproof mattress covers 
• Cellular blankets

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