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Jungle themed nursery examples with leafy background

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The clock is ticking - your baby is arriving in just a few weeks and how to decorate the nursery is still only an idea in your head. We’ve all been there, and we know that designing a nursery can be daunting. As fun as it sounds, deciding on the colours of the walls, or the type of furniture you want can be tricky.

Themed nurseries are a great way to add a playful touch to a room, and a jungle theme is one at the top of our list. Apart from being able to include a range of animal-themed decorations and toys that little ones adore, a jungle theme also allows you to keep the room gender-neutral. Plus, a jungle theme also has the benefit of giving a relaxing quality, with earthy browns, greens and yellows helping to create a warm aura (which is perfect for bedtime).

So, if you’re interested in creating the perfect jungle room for your little explorer, take a look at our list of the best items for a jungle-inspired nursery.

The best jungle-themed nursery decorations and furniture UK 2021

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Best neutral baby mobile

Lull your baby to sleep with this tropical elephant and leaf mobile. The wooden beads and cotton threads are sure to add an ethereal and boho look to your nursery.

Best jungle curtains
Palm Tree Leaves Jungle Leaf Curtains
Price: £39.99

These leafy green curtains will immediately transform any room with their bold green colours. Plus, as blackout curtains, they will ensure that your baby is getting the best quality sleep.

Best jungle changing mat
East Coast Nursery Ltd Botanical Changing Mat
Price: $11.99

A botanical changing mat is a useful addition to your jungle-inspired nursery. This one is 100% waterproof, wipeable and padded with foam to ensure maximum comfort.

Best jungle wallpaper

Giraffes, flamingos, and monkeys will keep your baby company with this beautifully designed exotic animal mural. Simply peel and stick to bring your little one their very own safari.

Best animal wall stickers
Animal Wall Stickers For Kids Bedrooms
Price: $9.99

If you’d rather opt for a monochrome nursery, these simple black and white animal drawings will add the playful touch of nature, while keeping the tones neutral and understated.

Best children's teepee tent
Lavievert Children's Tepee Tent

Rrp: $69.99

Price: $54.99

While a tepee won’t be used until your baby gets a little older, it is the ultimate statement piece for a jungle-themed room. Later down the line, the tepee will also be ideal for playdates.

Best jungle nightlight

Get your little one an elephant nightlight to complement their jungle nursery and fend off all the monsters come bedtime.

Best jungle nursery pictures
LamourFouPrintShop Safari Nursery Prints
Price: £25.42+

Six paintings of the best safari animals that will complete any jungle nursery. Each animal drawing comes with positive messages such as “be brave” and “be strong” to encourage and inspire your little one as they grow.

Best jungle swaddle wrap blankets

Swaddle, burp or nurse your baby with this super soft leaf print blanket made of cotton and bamboo. The naturally occurring antimicrobial traits in bamboo will also keep things clean and hygienic.

Best jungle rocker toy

We couldn’t help but mention this cute elephant rocker, which can be fully customised to include your little one’s name. While you may have to wait a few years to use this, it will make for the perfect animal decoration in the meantime.

Best jungle vine leaves
3 Sheets Green Plants Eucalyptus Vine Leaves
Price: $12.99

If you don’t want to commit to a whole jungle wallpaper, these vine leaf stickers are a fab way to introduce an earthy atmosphere and bring any room to life.

Best jungle rug

Another great accessory if you’re opting for a monochrome style, this giraffe rug doubles as a playmat and crawl mat. The rug also comes in the form of a rabbit, fox, koala, and lion.

Best jungle pillow

Pillows are a must-have decoration for any room, and this mustard yellow zebra cushion will add a pop of colour to your baby’s nursery.

Best animal footstool

This soft animal footstool holds up to 25lbs in weight and comes in a range of colours to match any palette, as well as a variety of animals; from elephants to dinosaurs.

Best personalised safari print

Another wonderful choice for wall art with realistic animal watercolour paintings and beautiful calligraphy to be customised with your little one’s name.

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