The best extendable toddler beds to save you money

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Is it time to hunt for your youngster’s very first proper bed? If so, we recommend an extendable bed. These beds grow with your child as they get taller, meaning they can keep the same bed for a good few years.

Why get an extendable toddler bed?

Not only will an extendable toddler bed save you money in the long-run, but it’s also kinder to the planet too as you won’t need to replace it as much as a bed that doesn’t extend and can get a lot more use out of it. And let’s be honest, children grow fast.

This step-by-step extension of the bed also helps your child to gradually get used to a larger bed without feeling lost in it.

It’s also useful if you need to move house or have a short term loss of space as you can simply adjust the bed for the space you have.

Will I need a conversion kit?

Mostly, yes. It may feel painful having to shell out for a conversion kit on top of a bed frame but it's worth totting up the total price of this compared to having to buy two beds for your child which is what you'd need to do if you didn't have an extendable bed.

What extendable toddler beds are available?

Unfortunately, extendable kids beds tend to only be available across single beds rather than bunk beds/high sleepers. And we’ll be honest, there isn’t a huge amount of choice of extendable beds to buy generally but we’ve scoured the internet for the best ones you can buy.

If you fancy something traditional yet modern at the same time, this steel extendable bed is the one for you. The white colour will go with any nursery decor although it's available in turquoise too if you want some colour.

Min. length: 135 cm
Max. length: 206 cm

Review: "Absolutely love this bed, perfect first bed for my 2 year old. She feels like such a big girl now. Looks amazing in her bedroom. Love that it extends so will last her years so it’s perfect!"

Although you'll have to dig out some extra cash for the conversion kit that takes this bed to an adult size single, there's no denying that this Oliver Furniture bed is seriously beautiful with its Scandinavian style and curved corners, it's a real statement piece.

Min. length: 167 cm
Max. length: 200 cm

If you've got a very young baby, it's worth considering a Stokke Sleepi which grows with your baby from birth to 10 years with the additional Junior Extension Kit. Sure, it's pricey but the unique oval shape makes a nice change from the average rectangle bed and is a lovely focal point.

Min. length: 127 cm
Max. length: 172 cm

Another one that converts right from birth to a full adult-sized single bed, this gorgeous bed is crafted from sustainable solid Australian Araucaria and Yellow Poplar wood and is available in three colours. When the time is right, simply use the easy-store conversion kit which is included.

Min. length: 142 cm
Max. length: 203 cm

A classic bed made from birch wood that you can't go wrong with, this bed can be used as a junior bed, and as your child grows, it can be pulled out to a full size adult single bed.

Min length: 165 cm
Max length: 204 cm

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