Callowesse Dreamy Willow Bunny Baby Sleep Aid with Smart Cry Sensor review

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Callowesse Dreamy Willow Bunny Baby Sleep Aid

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Callowesse Dreamy Willow Bunny Baby Sleep Aid with Smart Cry Sensor
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Callowesse Dreamy Willow Bunny Baby Sleep Aid with Smart Cry Sensor at a glance:

Meet Callowesse Dreamy Willow, a super soft and plush bunny rabbit that will become your little one's perfect companion. Day or night, Dreamy Willow will soothe your baby with its shusher sleep aid and Smart Cry Sensor that both parents and babies love.

This lullaby toy includes 6 soothing sounds, inclusive of 2 well-known lullabies, 2 white noises, a real mothers heartbeat and a soft shusher; not only this, but a soft glow nightlight is included in Willow's tummy to create a calming nursery environment.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Farhat said: "I have been testing this product with my fourth baby. I use sound machines at night with my older three children too, but the baby has been using this throughout the day for nap times too. As you can imagine, with three older siblings all under the age of five, our house is very noisy all the time. With the safe sleep guidelines recommending you sleep the baby in the same room as you for the first six months, including naps, it means this sound machine sleep aid has been a lifesaver in drowning out some of the noise my older children make. The smart cry sensor works very well and the fact that it switches itself on to soothe the baby has been a real bonus. It has definitely meant my baby sleeps more soundly and deeply."

Katie said: "This is absolutely brilliant during the night feeds for as the cry sensor means that I don’t have to get up out of bed again to turn the white noise on. The soft glowing light has also made night feeds easier as I was finding a phone torch/lamp was too bright for during the night and woke the baby up which was irritating."

Victoria said: "Great product and has helped to settle my little one who wakes constantly and struggles to self soothe. I previously had an Ewan for my older child but Dreamy Willow is just as good, if not better and cheaper (with the crying sensor). Would recommend. Keep using every night/nap and they soon get used to it, it will definitely help if you persevere and they start to associate the chosen sound with sleep."

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Bethany said: "I have and would recommend as I feel this is a great product. The design of having the different functions on the bunny’s ears, arms and legs is very good as it saves opening the back up to click for different options. You can see which one you want and it’s quicker access! It’s also very soft and my baby loves to look at it, he smiles at it and it’s definitely a comfort to him! We take it everywhere with us which is easy to do because it’s just like a cuddly toy! I love that you have the option to have the red light on or not too, there’s so many levels of sound options too!"

Ashley said: "I would recommend this product due to the length of time the noises stay on but also due to the variety and quality of noises. The sleep aid is extremely easy to use and unlike other similar products on the market, batteries seem to last longer in the Calloweese. The hanging attachment for the teddy is also very handy to attach to the next to me crib or pram."

Yasmin said: "It’s so light and easy to carry, it also comes with a strap to strap it on to your pram or car seat. My son loves the design as it’s so soft and easy for him to hold. It’s so easy to use and there are pictures to guide you as to which sound it is and I love that you can turn the sound up and down so easily."

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Paula said: "From heartbeat to lullaby’s this bunny grows with your baby. For me, it stands out more than the other baby aids due to its cute design and it is reasonably priced. it can be strapped to the cot so less risk of suffocation. It is displayed beautifully in its box so it would be a perfect gift for any parent."

Izzy said: "This is a lovely gift to get for a new mum, I think especially for a little girl, it looks cute and it's a nice toy to have as well as being a sleep aid, so it has dual functionality. It's a good size and comes in a nice box. It's sensitive to the baby so it definitely picks up on them crying and goes back on which is good."

Laura said: "There are very similar products out on the market to this product, I don’t see much differentiation between this and the Ollie the Owl apart from the design so I’m not sure if necessarily choose this above others. I do really like this product though and it’s certainly helped me at bedtime - sleep is such a stress factor with babies and this has helped reduce that stress!"

What changes would you make to this product?

Bethany said: "You can’t take the battery pack out to wash the bunny! Since we take bunny everywhere with us, over time he is going to become dirty and maybe the material won’t stay as lovely and soft as when first received. That is the only thing apart from that I think it is a fantastic product and will be part of our daily and night routines for a long time! Would definitely buy one for my future children."

Laura said: "I would love it if an app could be developed so you could control it from your phone. During daytime naps, my little one will only sleep when the white noise setting is on. As this only lasts for 20 minutes, it means I have to keep going back to her room to reset it otherwise she would wake up. If you could reset it from an app on your phone it would be hugely beneficial!"

Katie said: "The one thing I would change about the product is the ability to turn off the light in the cry sensor mode, it automatically comes on which did bother me slightly as it would be nice to have the option to turn it off. Initially, Some fluff did come off the product which isn’t great as my baby likes to suck on the ears of toys etc."

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