Bamboo & Mulberry Silk Cotbed Sheet review

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Bamboo & Mulberry Silk Cotbed Sheet at a glance

babyTresses Organic Bamboo & Mulberry Silk cot bedding are lovingly produced to provide that extra protection as your baby sleeps and naps. Luxurious, naturally hypoallergenic, dust mite repellent, thermo regulating, plus your gentle solution for baby hair bald spots. The sheets ensures baby's hair and skin glides gently across the mulberry silk headrests to combat dryness, prevent hair tangles, eliminate breakage and keep skin soothed, hydrated and supple. Great for allergy and eczema sufferers. Range of sizes available from moses basket to cotbed. All the benefits of 100% silk for babies straight from birth.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Caroline: Mums can be concerned about their baby’s sensitive skin and hair loss. Rubbing from cotton or polyester sheets can exacerbate this. This sheet was cool and soft to the touch and the silk is the kindest material for baby’s soft and unblemished skin. This meant I didn’t need to worry about my baby’s hair rub or skin issues.

Kirsty: I wouldn't say that this product does make my life any easier as a mum. My baby does not keep her head on the silk portion of the sheet so I can't say whether or not it would improve the condition of her hair. The silk portion of the sheet is in the wrong place to put baby in the feet to foot position, so I can only use sleeping bags and not tucked in blankets if I want to try to place my baby's head on the silk portion, but this is not an issue for me as I prefer to use sleeping bags anyway. The one thing that has made life easier is knowing that the sheet is made from high quality safe natural fabric that is antibacterial and hypoallergenic. My baby does suffer from eczema, but since she wears a sleepsuit to bed I haven't been able to notice an improvement in her skin since her skin doesn't really come into contact with the sheet.

Jennie: If I had this sheet at the start of my daughter developing a bald patch, it would have been brilliant. I understand how it would stop hair falling out and allow regrowth. It’s very easy to wash and has no complicated washing instructions that you might expect with silk. The area that isn’t silk is still incredibly soft and feels superior, and so we were confident that our daughter was sleeping on premium bedding.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Juliana: This are definitely the most lovely feelings sheets I ever touch and I believe they could do what they say it would (prevent bald spot). I wished I could attest that as that would mean my baby would sleep on his bed. Love the package it comes in. And my toddler would only love the sheets more if it had dinosaur prints.

Laura: I would definitely recommend this product to a friend as it was great in helping to prevent bald patches from appearing or worsening. It was so soft on her delicate hair. It was also great in reassuring me that due to the silk paneling that it will keep my baby cool on the warmer nights. It also was advertised that it keeps baby warmer in colder nights but I did. It get the chance to test that out yet.

Caroline: I would recommend this to a mother concerned about her baby’s sleep environment and hair loss. Unlike other products such as head rings or supports, this can be used as a baby grows up as it fits a cot bed. Babies move a lot in their sleep and muss up their hair. I would be less concerned about any issues caused when using this sheet.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Kirsty: If my baby would sleep with her head on the silk portion all night and was suffering with bald spots, I would choose this product over all others on the market. This is because silk can be very expensive and compared to other silk baby bedding products, the baby tresses sheet is more affordable. I like that the silk portion of the sheet is 100% mulberry silk and the rest of the sheet is 100% organic bamboo, so the sheet is naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial. The material does feel lovely and soft. I would also choose this sheet as a pillow case version or in a smaller size for babies who cannot move around yet and still sleep in a small crib or Moses basket.

Laura: Yes I would choose this product particularly for the new born stage as this product is great to help prevent the bald patches at the back and side of the head. It it’s also great as it keeps baby cool in hot weather. It was great quality and did exactly what it was described so would definitely buy.

Jennie: If the whole sheet was silk, then yes as the quality is fantastic and the feel of the sheets is very luxurious. But as there was only a section of silk, it wasn’t very useful for our daughter’s age and development. If I was to have another child, I would definitely use this sheet, and probably buy more! I do feel this product is fairly unique, I definitely hadn’t heard of silk sheets for cots and was unaware of the benefits until I got to test this product!

What changes would you make to this product?

Juliana: The few things I would change about this product is its price tag. Although the quality is undisputed, the price is quite high for a cot bed sheet. If the price was more appealing I would even buy a king size sheet (if available) so I could sleep in it too. The other thing I would change is to add cute prints to choose from.

Laura: I’m the only thing I would change is easier cleaning as you cannot tumble dry this product due to the silk and has to air dry which is difficult as you need a quick turn around with baby sheets and will be difficult to dry in winter months. Maybe if the silk panel could be detached before washing somehow so you can tumble dry the main part and then there is less surface area to dry with the silk panel.

Caroline: I would like the silk panel to be a little bigger because my baby moves around in their cot a lot. It would also be good for there to be a choice of patterns or colours - however, this may in fact be the case and I was sent a plain white one. Or it may be that dying the silk would negatively impact on the natural qualities?

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