Suuthe SmartMat review

from Suuthe
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Suuthe SmartMat

by Emily Gilbert |
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This smart mat from Suuthe mimics the natural environment of the womb to calm and comfort your baby, bringing peace to your home and aiding their development.

Product specification:

  • 2 Vibration Modes

  • 2 Audio Modes

  • Removable Outer

  • Water resistant Inner

  • Gradual Shut-Off

  • Battery powered

Here's what our tester thought of the Suuthe SmartMat...

How did this product make your life easier?

When we started using this mat, we could tell the impact it had immediately. Occasionally our baby, just a few weeks old, would have trouble settling in her Moses basket. With the Suuthe SmartMat, we found that she would settle much easier and stay settled for much longer. It was used every night and sometimes in the day. We used it that much that I had to buy a large number of batteries to keep replacing the AA batteries required. We found with our baby especially the white noise sound was the best to help her sleep and still do now at 11 weeks. The mat made our lives much easier in the earlier weeks of our daughter's life which anyone can appreciate, however, once she got to around 10 weeks it seemed less effective in calming our baby.

When we would put our baby to sleep overnight we found that she would sleep very well, but when the mattress progressively turned itself off, she would stir, which showed how well the mat was working. I believe it would be worth adding a small digital display with maybe hours/mins and one of the buttons could be programmed to add more time which I feel would have been very beneficial.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

I would 100 per cent recommend this product to parents, we didn’t get the product until our baby was a few weeks old so would have benefitted from having it from birth. For the price you pay, you are getting a product that will make both the parents and the baby's life easier.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

I haven’t been able to find any similar products on the market, I had seen the self rocking Moses baskets which can be very expensive. From using this mat and knowing how well it worked, I would choose this above the more expensive products on the market. The product is very simple and effective but I feel it could also be improved on with some small changes.

What changes would you make to this product?

We loved the product so much because of how it settled our baby more that we would need to keep turning it on every time it turned itself off in the night. Therefore I would find it useful to have a choice of a longer duration. Obviously this would therefore require ideally another form of power. From my experience, I found we were using it that much that we were changing the batteries every 4-5 days. Therefore I feel a chargeable battery would potentially be beneficial to the product. However, I presume this wasn’t an option due to safety risks. Because we were changing the batteries so frequently we also left the screw out of the battery pack and just used some tape to make it easier to replace the batteries, especially if I needed to do this in the middle of the night. I therefore feel the current battery pack should be more easily accessible by excluding a screw and potentially having a Velcro/zip slot on the cover to access the battery compartment without taking the entire cover off.

We also found after a few weeks of using the product it seemed that the rubber buttons didn’t align with the actual mechanical button underneath. As if they had moved slightly over time. I managed to master finding where exactly to press but my partner had difficulties. We also use a small pillow with a small hole for our baby's head to ensure she doesn’t get a flat head. It might be worth incorporating this into the product.

I feel the number of audio modes could also be increased, we found that using shushing videos on youtube help our baby sleep very well. So this sound could potentially be used as one of the audio modes. My partner also mentioned that it might be worth making different sizes too, as it quickly becomes too small to use.

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