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shnuggle air bedside crib

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The Shnuggle Air Bedside Crib has all the key features to provide a safe and close sleep space from birth, but is a uniquely designed baby crib to grow with baby; converting to a stylish cot and extending the safety and comfort for toddlers up to approximately 2 years of age.

It has seven height adjustments and a gentle incline to help babies with reflux or general comfort, with a zip-down side for night-feeds and soothing. It also has a hypoallergenic airflow mattress and fabrics to help keep baby at the right temperature. Shnuggle's Air Bedside Crib converts to a cot (kit sold separately) when baby is ready ensuring a smooth crib-cot transition.

The Shnuggle Air Bedside Crib's design is based on 'breathability'. Its mesh sides mean you can see your little one at all times, with the mattress offering 50% more breathability than standard foam mattresses.

We spoke to these real mum testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Natasha Barker says: "I honestly can't think of any way it makes life easier. The assembly although simple was rather faffy and the picture instructions could be improved with some words. The fact this is advertised as a co-sleeper crib I think is wrong as it cannot be used with the side down when baby is asleep unlike other similar products, this means any time baby wants to feed the side needs to be unzipped, unclipped and then put back together again afterwards which if you're cluster feeding could be quite a few times in the night! It also means that if baby just needs a little pat to soothe back to sleep parent has to sit up in bed and reach over the sides. Yes it's great that you can see baby through the mesh but it would be far better if you could keep the side down at all times. This essentially is just a crib that you put near your bed with what is supposed to be easy access, although I just ended up lifting baby out to feed as it as less hassle!"

Paige Barker says: "The idea of a next to me bed always appealed to me more than a Moses basket, due to it being bigger and the baby being able to stay in my room for the full 6 months advised. This bed is great quality, nice colours and looks very nice. It’s sturdy, but light enough to move if I ever want to push it away from the bed. Overall a great bed."

Alison Barnard says: "This crib is so much better than a moses basket. My son is on the 75th centile and would easily have out grown a moses basket by now. This crib feels sturdy and much safer than that option. I like the drop down sides which allow you easy access to your baby, however they can be quite noisy to zip back up again/clip the bar back in and on one occasion I did wake him doing this."

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Adelle Barnett says: "Yes I would recommend this product. It is well made and solid and you can really feel the quality from taking it out of the box, building it and then finally when made and baby is in it. It is easy to build and it did not take too long to do, it would be handy if they included a guide time for how long it would take so knew if we needed help looking after baby as we built it. The youtube video from them was handy to follow. The cot does not only look smart but due to how solid and well it is, feels so safe for baby which helps everyone sleep better. The sides and top sections are the right level of thickness, nothing gets in the way of being able to see with our baby monitor. The simplicity of the click system gives me confidence when we use it as a cot it will be straight forward to use."

Jessica Bates say: "I would recommend the Shnuggle Air Bedside Crib to other mums because it is a lovely design in neutral colour which would fit in with all decors. Although my baby hasn't suffered with reflux/colic it does have a gentle incline which would be useful for babies with these conditions. I also really like the storage hammock underneath as it makes the area look a bit tidier as before I always had random items in a heap nearby."

Abby Kolberg says: "I would recommend this to fellow mums as it is very stylish (a nice grey and white) looks nice in a room. Love the design and durability of it - so sturdy and high quality. Easy to move around and also easy to access as a next to me and to turn into free standing. Can tilt for reflux comfort, so baby is propped up - amazing feature. Easy to construct and read instructions. It actually came with two sheets and a lovely mattress, super airy and soft - i loved this extra."

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Kira Lancashire says: "I would choose this over other products due to the durability and that the bedside crib can eventually be turned into a cot bed helps reduce costs and space. This bedside crib stands out to me because of its multi function capability. I like that the crib can be used up to 2 years after being converted into the cot."

Stephanie Langham says: "I would definitely choose this product above all others on the market, and will be selling the next to me crib i originally had in place of this one. i think it is very useful that this next to me crib tilts. babies often get colic or reflux, especially formula fed babies like mine. it was good to be able to tilt the next to me crib and put my baby in it straight after a feed so they were not sick. my baby did not suffer from colic, however i know parents whose babies have and they would have welcomed a next to me crib that tilted. this product is so stylish and would look fantastic in any nursery or bedroom. the expensive looking sturdy wooden frame looks like it would last for a very long time. it is hygienic as you can clean the wooden frame, and as it is white any dirt would stand out and make it really easy to keep clean. the grey shelf at the bottom of the crib underneath the baby is a real design revolution for me. i think this part of the product should win alone! i think it is fantastic that the crib tilts and think this should be a permanent feature on all next to me cribs on the market. it is on the small side and as soon as your baby can roll you would have to stop using it as the sides a quite low, but there are different heights and chances are you could overcome this small issue. this is a really stylish and practical product and I think it should win."

Hannah Rose says: "This is a fantastic sleep system which looks really stylish yet super functional for parents. It allows for lots of different options including attached to the bed or standalone crib. I really think this product should win because it meets so many needs of new and experienced parents alike and the two different colour options mean it goes well with most interiors too!"

What changes would you make to this product?

Natasha Barker says: "The biggest issue I had was that the crib couldn't be used as a co-sleeper as the side had to remain in place. If the bottom of the bed was made sturdier and the side could be left down and clipped into place under the crib that would make a huge difference to my opinion of the product. Having the leg height be more easily adjusted for colic relief would also be better."

Paige Barker says: "The only downside is that I find the mattress tilts so my baby sometimes rolls to the side. I am not sure if this is the design or just because the side is down. I am also not keen on the base being a thick piece of cardboard. I think it would be better a hard material being build into the base of the fabric to make it a bit more sturdy."

Alison Barnard says: "If I could change anything about this product I wish it had a rocking feature. My previous crib could do this and sometimes after a feed I've found it useful to be able to rock them for a few minutes to help them settle off to sleep again, especially if they are a bit older and stirred after a recent feed they often just need a bit of comfort to nod off again. With this product I have to pick my baby up and rock them in my arms which runs the risk of them stirring again when being put back down."

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