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Vital Baby® HYGIENE odour

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With dirty nappies comes bad smells, germs and bacteria. The vital baby® HYGIENE™ odour-trap® nappy disposal system has been carefully developed to lock-in unpleasant aromas to keep the nursery smelling clean and fresh. Unlike other nappy disposal systems, no refills, cassettes, or even specially sized bags are required. Any plastic bag is compatible. The system will hold up to 25 nappies, saving multiple trips to the bin, meaning more time to spend with your baby. The vital baby® HYGIENE™ odour-trap® nappy disposal system is simple to assemble, empty and clean. It's the convenient and easy way to dispose of dirty nappies.

How did this product make your life easier?

Charlene: It saves so many trips to the outdoor bin and also nappy bags which is a small way to help towards the environment. I did find unfortunately that it was not odorless when putting soiled nappies within the bin. At first, I thought it was how I fitted the carrier bag but after 2 further attempts, it still continued to smell when I open and closed the rotating lid. Therefore I put only wet nappies into the bin which eliminated the odor issue.

Zainab: It makes my life easier as it has a good capacity volume for the nappies so you do not need to be emptying it constantly, and with two children in nappies that is ideal for me. It also does not need specific bags to go in to it, which makes it cheaper to upkeep and also saves me from checking If we are running out of the bag and then ordering more.

Hannah: The vital baby hygiene nappy bin is a fab product that all mums should have in the house. This bin means that you don’t have to head downstairs to put unpleasant nappies in the outdoor bin in the middle of the night. The bin’s clever system means that you put the nappy in, turn the handle and the nappy drops into a bag underneath, keeping odours from escaping into the bedroom.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Alexandra: I thought the product was ok but not amazing so no I probably wouldn’t recommend. You could still smell soiled nappies and with three children in nappies it had to be changed very frequently anyway. The top part could be hard to move when my older child’s nappy went in that she wears overnight as the slot wasn’t massive.

Naomi: We have had a different nappy disposal unit since our son was born 2 years ago which we have been happy enough with but this one is so much better. We only use a few disposable nappies as my son is normally in reusables but he comes home from nursery in a disposable and for this reason having a good bin is important as they are sitting around a lot longer and are more likely to smell. Our old bin needed cartridges which are expensive and also wrapped each nappy in plastic which I was never happy with for environmental reasons. This one is so much easier to use and you can use any bag and it still contains the smell.

Laura: I would recommend this product as it does contain the smell of dirty nappies. Although you use nappy bags there can still be a smell when entering the room and this bin contains that very well. The bin is also a nice grey colour and therefore goes with most rooms and isn’t an eye saw. It’s also super easy to use and empty.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Zainab: I would choose this product maybe as a gift or something but I’m not sure if I could justify spending this amount on a nappy bin, however, I would possibly consider it as you may save costs in the long run as you won’t need to buy the new rings every few months. It does the job and make it more convenient in this respect. You could also take it somewhere else e.g grandparents' house and leave it there to use whilst you are there, but then not have to worry about getting refills for it. I think it's great and versatile because of this.

Laura: I haven’t personally tried other comparison products so it’s hard to say if I would choose this over others however I do like the fact you can use normal swing bin liners or similar and therefore there are no expensive refills to use the product and it also blends in nicely with any room and doesn’t stand out.

Charlene: As much as it is a handy product to have for me I wouldn't purchase it. With our first baby, we did buy a nappy bin and it was great, however, with the twins being our second pregnancy we felt that a nappy bin is a nice to have product rather than a necessity for us second time around. Money no object then yes I would purchase this product even though I found it wasn't completely odorless with soiled nappies so I'd use it for wet nappies only.

What changes would you make to this product?

Ellie-May: Although this product does not release odour once the lid has been closed and the nappy has been discarded off, but when you open the lid to begin with the smell is quite nasty, even if it only has a couple of nappies in. Maybe some sort of fresh scented air freshener would avoid this and make it a little bit less smelly.

Laura: The one thing I would change about this product is securing the bags, occasionally if you don’t place it in properly or the bin gets too full the bag will slip through. Also when you open the bin to put the nappy in it does release a smell so if there is a way to fix this that would be helpful. Except for those two points, I find this product very useful.

Alexandra: I would possibly make it a little larger having multiples means more nappies and having to empty the bin a few times during the day. So having a larger bin would help as I would only have to change the bin once in a day. Unless of course the smell seeped through. It would be big enough for a single child though.

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