Tommee Tippee Ultra-light Silicone Soother review

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Tommee Tippee ultra light soother

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Tommee Tippee's lightest soother ever helps solve the problem parents experience of having to replace their baby's dummy every few minutes! Light enough to stay put in the littlest mouths, this ultra-light soother helps babies stay calmer, soothed and happier for longer. Made from super soft 100% food-grade silicone it's safe for little mouths, even newborns and is an ideal dummy for breastfed babies. This soother curves around sensitive cheeks and noses to help prevent skin irritation and rashes.

How did this product make your life easier?

Stacey: This product is fantastic and it makes my life easier as a mum because it allows me some respite from an upset baby. If my baby is due a feed he can become unsettled and upset and this soother does what it says on the tin and soothes my baby enough to allow me to finish making his bottle. Its great for pacifying for a short period of time.

Victoria: I really like the simple look of this product. The colours are understated and attractive and I really like the fact that they are plain and do not have tacky pictures or obvious branding like many other soothers on the market. In my opinion soothers have a purpose and are not a fashion accessory and these really meet that brief in their appearance.

Ashley: The Tommee Tippee silicone soother helps for when I need a few minutes before feeding during the day time or while seeing to my older child and also during the night time to help with babies sleep in between breastfeeding. They are lovely and light and my son who is breastfeeding seems to really like them

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Victoria: My baby seems to be a lot calmer when using this product and keeps the pacifier in his mouth longer than he does with other brands due to its texture and lightness. It also is anti-static which means it’s great at repelling dust, so when it does drop out of his mouth, I don’t constantly need to wash it and it feels hygienic. The all in one design also means we don’t have the haunting sound of the ‘dummy drop’ when it falls out of his mouth too!

Vashti: I'd recommend them based solely on how well my 4mo accepted them, and the fact that they don't fall out all the time. He has did accept a dummy at times, the harder Avent kind, but these he actively chooses when his teeth are sore because he can chew on all edges without hurting himself, he finds them easy to put in himself, and because it's all one piece it is very easy to clean and doesn't collect any dust or condensation inside.

Ashley: They are lovely and light and my son has really taken well to using these. They look so nice and the colours are lovely too. Nice and easy to sterilise and I also like that there are no handle parts for water to become trapped in or for the soother part to come away or break. Its harder for baby to grab hold of to accidentally pull out.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Stacey: I wouldn't choose this over all others in the market because my baby prefers a different brand. I can use this to pacify him for a short period of time before feeds but he won't accept it to sleep at all. My toddler uses it but I don't encourage him as its obviously for the baby however the material makes it easy to clean and sterilise.

Victoria: I would choose these for their simple lightweight design and their aesthetics. They are ideal to have in the hospital bag in case needed for a newborn because of their gender neutral design and I would feel much more confident offering to a very new baby because of the full silicone design- I do not like the hard plastic on a lot of soothers. They are also easy to clean.

Vashti: This is the first fully silicone dummy I've ever seen, it has certainly opened up the design possibilities and I would choose them myself in the future based on how much my son likes them and how easy they are to clean. But I would choose another of a similar design if I saw one based on the look of them, they are very weird looking and I've had a few comments on them out and about!

What changes would you make to this product?

Victoria: It would be great to see this product in a wider variety of colours. This would be to both make it more appealing aesthetically in comparison to other brands on the market as well as easier to identify when you’re frantically searching for a dummy at the bottom of the bag or in the crib during the night! An alternative would be to make this product glow in the dark for this reason.

Ashley: I don't think there can be anything that would make the tommee tippee soother better itself however I do like soothers that come in a microwave sterilising case that the soother can then be stored in as it makes it much easier for a quick solution especially when breastfeeding as I don't need to use my steam steriliser all that much

Stacey: I can't really comment on what I would change as there isn't anything that needs to be immediately improved. Overall its a well made quality product. I think my baby just prefers a different shaped teet. It is much easier to clean and sterlise than the other dummy and it feels really good he just didn't fully accept it.

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