Taf Toys newborn kit review

taf toys newborn kit

by Maria Martin |
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The Taf Toys newborn kits is a great addition for those first few months of your little one's life. As your newborn is beginning to learn the world around them, this newborn kit has 12 development toys and products to help support them in a fun and healthy way.

The kit comes with a development guide, providing parents with newborn tips and explains how to use each toy and product inside. It encourages and nurtures development, visual stimulation, tummy – this Taf Toys newborn kits is also a Mother&Baby Awards 2023 Silver winner.

Overview of the Taf Toys newborn kit


  • Encourages and nurtures development, visual stimulation and tummy time

  • Encourages newborns hit their milestone developments

  • Perfect for newborns

  • Good quality materials, well made, durable toys and products


  • Could include more sensory materials

  • Doesn't include bright enough colours

  • Doesn't include a mat or blanket to place newborn on

  • Doesn't include any sounds

  • Quite costly

The Taf Toys newborn kit is a Mother&Baby Awards 2023 Silver winner.

Testing the Taf Toys newborn kit

Our parent testers, and their little ones, put the Taf Toys newborn kit to the test – here is what they thought.

Rebecca said: "My twin boys really loved the kit. The flashcards were a big hit (with me waving them and moving them around in front of them). They followed them with their eyes and were transfixed! They also loved the mirror - again when I waved it in front of them and propped it up next to them. The tummy time pillow was really good for and also for popping them up to view the flashcards. One of my twins (Joshua) also loved the rattle and held it himself. I also used it to dangle in front of them and move around. They were less enthusiastic about the soft toy with crackly fabric inside and the cuddly toy - perhaps they’re a little young for those. The stands for the flash cards seem unnecessary as there are many other ways to prop them up."

Pamela said: "Overall my little girl has thoroughly enjoyed exploring this kit. We have not only used it during tummy time but have been able to slot the cards into the sides of her Moses basket so she can look at them while lying in there too. I didn't have any high contrast toys for my child to look at until I received these and I have noticed how engaged and helpful these items have been in getting her attention and helped her to focus on something."

Kayleigh said: "First of all I love this product, secondly this product has helped my daughter hit her milestones sooner than anyone had ever expected. She loves the comforter and smiles when she sees it, it settles her and the neck support for tummy time has helped my daughter build more strength than she already had. The picture cards and mirrors are amazing for tummy time to encourage her to look up."

Jade said: "My baby was two months old when we started using this product, she was able to interact with the product straight away, the colours caught her attention as did her reflection in the mirror, the tummy cushion was a lovely added extra to help aid not only head control, but encourage tummy time in a comfortable way."

Sarah said: "The newborn kit arrived in a nice sturdy box and the product inside was wrapped very nicely, which gave a sense of quality. The soft toys and pillow are great and my 4-month-old and she plays well with them. She can hold the rings and uses the cushion to do tummy time. The stand for the mirror and cards is a fantastic idea and has really helped to encourage tummy time! She loves looking at herself and I can regularly change the cards. My only disappointment is that it is cardboard and she has managed to get hold of one, bend it and have a ‘chew’. I don’t think these will last long as she gets older."

Fatima said: "Really happy with this, it's beautiful and comfy for my littlest babe. She loves looking at the different characters, and white noise options are pleasant and the colour ways are a joy, especially in a world of abrasive primary colours. Materials are super soft and very easy to assemble with it. Very comfy. My little girl plays with this kit all the time. She looks at herself in the cute mirrors and she loves this - I am also very happy with it."

Taf Toys newborn kit specification

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