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At a glance:

Nuvita's PRIMI PESI baby scale is a useful device to help keep track of the amount of milk consumed during the first few months. It even provides precise measurements when your baby is moving around!

How did this product make your life easier?

Holly: This product is very useful for recording accurate weight in young babies even when they are moving. It is a lightweight device and easy to store, transport and clean. This product wasn’t as relevant to me as I received it when my baby was nearly 5 months, however, it still recorded her weight accurately and saved me a trip to the health visitor clinic as I could personally record her weight. It would have been very useful in the first few months when weight gain is very important and when breast milk supply is not established and mums are not sure how much their babies are consuming. The machine records weight within 5 grams. To test this I weighed my baby with and without clothes and prep and post feed. The recording appeared accurate.

Lara: If you had a baby with concerns about their weight then this would be an easy way of weighing them at home to check they were on track. It is easy to use and a nice design. The measuring tape aspect is a nice idea but in practice not that helpful as most newborns are more than 50cm in length; it might be helpful for a premature baby though, to check they are growing enough.

Anouska: I was able to use this to weigh my daughter when I was worried about her weight. She was born weighing 8lb1oz but has always been very petite and was in micro nappies at birth (certain the midwives weighed her incorrectly at birth as she’s dropped 1lb in two days after!). When I received this item I immediately set it up (although the wrong size batteries were included so I had to go out and buy some!) to weigh her... the accuracy of the scales was perfect! I took her straight to the health visitors who confirmed her weight and she is only just above the 9th centile! Healthy but very petite!

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Josie: The design of this product is really appealing. It’s sleek, lightweight and easily portable. It takes little storage room and can be tucked away when not in use. It’s also easy to use. The buttons are sensitive and work every time - you’re not having to repeatedly press them. The different options for measurement and nappy/clothes on or off are good and the movement button for wriggling babies is so useful.

Samantha: The Primi Presi allows you to monitor your baby’s weight gain from the comfort of your own home and at a time convenient to you, thus avoiding waking your baby to attend specific weigh-in groups at inconvenient times. It is incredibly easy to use and comfortable for baby. The surface is easy to clean and therefore hygienic.

Jennifer: I would recommend this product to a friend because it is a good value for money and you end up using it so much you absolutely get your money’s worth. I would recommend it to all parents of newborns, particularly breastfed babies or premature babies etc or for anyone who is worried about their babies weight gain as it allows you as a parent to take control of the situation by weighting baby yourself and having a more clear understanding of what is going on/the overall picture. In my experience, I have second-guessed health visitors/GPs on occasions when my baby's weight has been checked quickly or the scales haven’t been set to zero before starting etc and this way I can double-check myself and feel reassured. It has really saved me from worrying and has reassured me that my baby is growing well. It is easy to use and looks nice.

Would you choose this product to win?

Sara: I found the lock feature really helpful, not sure if this is available on other scales. The controls were very intuitive to use, I really didn't need to look at the instructions at all to use it. The size is compact - it doesn't take up too much room in the nursery. The design is sleek and ergonomic.

Holly: I think this product is very useful and simple to use and compared to other baby scales seems reasonable value and in general appeared more portable and slimline to store. It appears to give accurate measurements even when the baby is moving. Bigger babies can sit on it as it has an almost flat surface so will continue to be useful for monitoring your baby's weight as they grow. I’m not sure of the other products in the best product for newborns however this product is very useful and if weighing your baby regularly is needed I can recommend it.

Jennifer: I haven’t used any other infant weighing scales and can only compare it to the weighing scales used by health visitors - I think it looks much sleeker than the one I have previously seen, the design is lovely and neat. It is very easy to use and to change between metric systems and easy to clean should any accidents occur. However - the end is not tapered up, meaning babies, particularly a long baby like mine, can hang their feet over the end, touching the ground and giving an inaccurate weight and I think that this is a flaw in the design. It is designed for use up to 18kg so while a 0-4-month-old baby may not be longer than the scales (my 3 months old was and he is only on 50th centile for length!) older children will be and if the ends were tapered up or it was more bowl-shaped it would help.

What changes would you make to this product?

Samantha: Personally I didn’t feel the ruler measurement on the top was useful as both my children were born longer than 45cm (the maximum value) but maybe I just have long babies! I felt that the size of the product was about right though so I wouldn’t want it to be longer to incorporate a longer ruler as then it could get tricky to store.

Vashti: I would make it more accurate and while it boasts taking up to 18kg, to measure my long toddler it would be useful to have the weighing bowl be a little longer so her bum and head are supported as sitting up she just ends up getting off it! I think it would be a nice touch to have a removable, fitted, brush cotton cloth cover for it too, to stop it getting so cold as muslins just get pushed off.

Sara: The length measuring system on the edge of the scale was probably unnecessary - it is too short to measure anything but very young babies. My baby at almost 4 months was too long to be measured on this. That said, it does not detract from the scale in any way to have it there and it may be useful for some parents.

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