Nuby Baby Bath review

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Nuby Baby Bath

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With its built-in seat and easy to grip handles, Nuby's Baby Bath will make your baby bathtimes easy. This product eliminates any stresses or anxieties over bathing your baby for the first time. It also has a soft-foam headrest for extra support.

How did this product make your life easier?

Clare: This bath is fantastic, I would definitely recommend this product to friends as it is very lightweight, it has an indication to show the safe level of water, a nice soft headrest for baby to lye back on and also the seat is an added bonus ensuring that my baby does not slide down the bath. This was particularly useful as it frees up my hands for example when washing my little girl's hair. I found the Nuby bath very versatile as it was great for her to sit in with a blanket inside even when it wasn’t bath time, as it provided her with some support and she was able to look all around her. This product gets a thumb up from me.

Helen: This product makes my life so much easier. When the baby first arrived, I would worry about washing him. With other baths, I felt I didn't have enough hands to hold him and wash him properly so my husband and I used to bath baby together. This meant baths had to be scheduled to fit in around dinner etc when my husband was home from work. This bath has given me the confidence to bath the baby on my own. I am relaxed which means baby is relaxed and bath time is enjoyable, not a dreaded chore.

Liz: This product makes bathing a newborn baby so much easier. With my first child, I struggled to bath him on my own in a normal baby bath as one hand always had to support his head which is uncomfortable and meant you couldn’t really enjoy it. This baby bath has made bath time so much easier and more enjoyable as the baby is fully supported so your hands are free to wash and play with the baby.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Sally: I would recommend this product because it is lightweight and easy to use.... very important for us postpartum mums whose muscles are still relaxed. I didn't feel there was a risk of pulling my back out or anything. The design of the nonslip chair and headrest makes it really easy to bath a sloppy, wriggly newborn by yourself. The bath is small and so easy to store. The bath is small enough to fit in the main bath if my toddler wants a bath with her baby sister.

Alexa: The bath is very practical and compact. It's easy to store and then place into the bath when needed. The surfaces are easy to clean. It's made of sturdy, durable plastic and looks stylish. The seat is at the perfect angle to support the baby and the wedge in the base prevents them from slipping down. My newborn's head just reaches the foam head rest so there's still plenty of growing room. My newborn's head appears very comfortable against the soft foam. The fill line is really useful, making the bath quick and easy to fill to the optimal level for baby. The plug hole is a handy additional feature. Although it's easy enough to tip the water away when finished, the plughole is handy if the water becomes heavily soiled and needs quickly draining and the bath refilling.

Pearly: The bath is useful for bathing a newborn on your own but my little one prefers to be in the main bath with one of us. I think the support mechanism for the baby in the bath could be better to assist when bathing a baby alone. The bath is plastic, compact and lightweight so fairly easy to store, transport and clean without too much bother. It is easy to set up as the maximum water fill line is indicated in the bath.

Would you choose this product to win?

Amanda: I absolutely think that this bath should win. I really like the support that it offered my daughter and how comfortable she looked once in it. I just don’t think you get this with bulk standard baby baths. She could lay there and I didn’t have to worry about her sliding down as the bottom support held her in place. I also liked the handy fill line that it has, this ensures that you don’t overfill the bath. With it also being so easy to move around I liked that I could bath her in the living room if I wanted to.

Rachael: I do think the product stands out from others in its category. It’s a much better design for ease of use and practicality. I like how it’s easy to store it’s half the size of other baby baths and my little boy can be easily submerged with not to much water so he’s kept warm and happy. He’s tall for his age so I am not actually sure how much longer he can keep using it though.

Liz: This baby bath is intended for 0-4-month-olds's so I would definitely choose this over others for this age. I haven’t been able to find a fault with it and it has made bathing my baby so easy. It holds just the right amount of water without being wasteful and also allows the baby to have a splash around. The bath is compact so is easy to store and move around. I’m just sad that my baby is now getting too big to fit in it.

What changes would you make to this product?

Clare: I loved this product but felt when my wee girl was only a couple of weeks old that the foam headrest was too high up the bath and I felt she was slipping a wee bit in the water as her head did not touch it. Therefore if the foam was down a little further or right down the seat this would have been better. But apart from that, I have no other suggestions as it is a very useful and handy product, which makes bathtime easy and enjoyable.

Rachael: I am actually struggling to think of how to change or improve this product! I think it’s a perfect design and very much fit for purpose. Possibly to make it available in a different colour or design. I do really like bright colours or unique designs and it’s nice to be able to choose funky looking baby products.

Sally: The only improvements I could suggest are to use recycled plastic to manufacture the bath so that it is more environmentally friendly. Another useful change would be for the bath plug to change colour to indicate if the bathwater is at a suitable temperature. Red for too hot, blue for too cold and then an intermediate colour? Although I understand there may be responsibility issues raised by this should the plug fail to change to the correct temperature?

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