Merifor Moses Basket Mattress

from Merifor
RRP  £45.00

by Catriona Watson |
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At a glance:

The Merifor Moses Basket Mattress is made from superior nursery foam for long-lasting support and comfort. It features a sealed waterproof inner cover to protect the mattress core, advanced 3D spacer fabric for improved breathability around your baby, unique Ellergenic technology and Merifor allergy protection to reduce allergens in the sleeping environment. It has a removable outer cover with heat adaptive and anti-allergy properties for the ultimate protection which is washable at 60°c.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Claire: This looks and feels like a premium product. It will be well suited to parents where only the best will do for their little ones. It feels luxurious and comfortable. I trust this brand even though I know little about them. It washed well at a very high temperature. I like the fact that the mattress can still be used when the cover is in the wash. My baby still has somewhere to sleep even if the cover needs an unexpected middle-of-the-night wash!

Jennifer: Yes! The mattress seemed very comfortable. If they did it in a bigger size I would want one. It was clear that the outer cover could be washed in the washing machine which was reassuring. I love that you can still use the waterproof inner core so you can still get your baby down for a nap. It is great that Allergy UK has given its seal of approval too!

Sarah: The quality is excellent. It is much more comfortable and softer than the generic mattresses that come with Moses baskets. The cover is machine washable so it is easy to take care of. I think £40 is a reasonable price which is similar to others on the market. My baby seems to settle well which is something that sells a product to me.

How did this product make your life easier?

Laura: I have definitely noticed a change in the way my baby sleeps at night after changing his mattress to the Merifor. You can tell how good the quality is and I can see how comfortable my baby looks when I lay him on it. This has made my life easier as a mum as my baby now sleeps through the night a lot better than he was before which is a huge bonus.

Emily: This is a supportive mattress with a great design. It allows my baby to sleep well. My son looks so comfortable and sleeps for longer. The mattress has a removal waterproof cover which is ideal for any accidents or leaks.

Lorna: It is very important for me to know that my baby is using products that are safe. This is a quality product that appears to be comfortable. It is very useful that you can wash the outer cover at a high temperature, especially for a baby with reflux. You can still use the inner cover when washing the outer layer.

Would you choose this product to win?

Jenny: This product is more expensive than other mattresses I have seen on the market but is obviously of superior quality. Sleep is so important and you want to know your little ones back is well supported. I felt my little boy was well supported and I would definitely recommend this product.

Zara: If I had to buy a Moses basket mattress separate from my Moses basket then yes I would. This is far superior than the ones often provided with a basket. The holes mean it's breathable which puts my mind at ease especially as my baby rolled from an early age! Most do not come with covers never mind the actual mattress being waterproof.

Jennie: A good mattress is very important to help my baby sleep safely and soundly. When I looked for a replacement mattress, I found it hard to source. I would choose this over other the mattresses I have seen. I would recommend it as it is good quality and comfortable. However, it is not an exceptionally innovative or novel product.

What changes would you make to this product?

Jennifer: Nothing! I thought it was a brilliant product.

Sarah: I would provide a second cover to use when the first is being washed. I like to have spares in case my baby is sick. I can't use the mattress again until it is washed and dried which obviously takes time. As a busy mum of two, I don't always have time to wash it straight away.

Laura: I would add a spare top sheet. You can remove the sheet to wash it but it would be good if there was another one so that you can put on it in the meantime. Overall, I am very happy with the product. I think it’s safe to say my baby is too as he gets a good nights sleep.

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