Mamia Swim Pants review

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Mamia Swim pants Silver Award 2024

by Aimee Jakes |
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Designed with a special absorbent material that won't swell up like a nappy, your baby will be comfortable and protected during water play.


Mamia Swim pants Silver Award 2024

Mamia Swim Pants won Silver for Best Swimming Product at the 2024 Mother&Baby Awards.

Testing Mamia Swim Pants

One tester said: These are great value for money.  The price is low and the packs have a good number in them.  The sizes are accurate and the design is fun. I feel that you can trust these swim nappies to contain any accidents that you baby may have without worrying.  They fit well around the waist and legs yet are easy to put on and remove. Just being picky but a choice of girls and boys designs might be nice.

Mum Elizabeth said: I would for sure recommend these swim nappies. For sure yes! I loved these nappies for so many reasons. They are comfortable, easy to use, very hygienic. I never used this type before but now that I have, I will for sure change the swimming nappies I will use from now on. You get enough Mamia Swim Pants nappies in one pack to allow most parents to use for a while, the price is also amazing and well worth it... Quality is amazing.

Another mum tester, Jane, said: These Mamia Swim Pants are excellent. They have a nice design on, they didn't leak at all and they were easy to put on and take off. All in all a great product. Changing nappies without any worries as my baby's skin is protected (never developed a rash) and the nappies don't leak. I'm not sure that I can think of anything that I would change. This is a great product.

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