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At a glance:

These soft cotton cellular blankets are large enough to be used for swaddling, out and about or around the home. The open cellular construction allows airflow and is safer than normal blankets. It keeps your baby warm in the winter and cool in the summer with 100% soft cotton.

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Would you recommend this to other mums?

Mairi-Clare: Yes I would definitely recommend this product to a friend or fellow mum. It is soft and comfortable for your newborn but durable and I am sure it will last. It is very stylish. I like that it can be washed/tumble dried for hygiene reasons and it does not lose its shape. It takes up very little space and is extremely easy to store!

Katy: I would happily recommend this product to anyone looking for a useful baby blanket. It is all naturally produced and has clearly been made with babies in mind. It is extremely soft and although it is warm and snuggly it is also lightweight. This makes it more comfortable for your baby at nighttime. It is big enough to wrap around your baby or to tuck down the sides of the cot bed.



Emma: I would recommend it because it is a nice size and thicker than most cellular blankets. It is always nice to have a range of sizes and thicknesses for changing weather conditions. My daughter seems comfortable enough using it. Although the main colour is grey, there are different colour trims available to match your baby’s room.

How did this product make your life easier?

Samantha: I absolutely love this blanket! We have several cellular blankets but I like this one the most. We have the cot sized blanket which is the perfect size. It is big enough to be tucked into the sides of the cot and we can fold it in half to make it double layered. It has made bedtime easier.

Hanna: Cellular blankets are infinitely useful with newborns. With the changing weather, it is important to keep your baby cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It is lightweight and large enough to double-fold as needed. I don't have to worry about my baby overheating which can be a worry. They come in lovely different colours and they brighten up the nursery.

Lianne: This is a 'go-to' blanket for various reasons. It can be used as a single layer in warmer weather, can be doubled in cooler weather for more warmth, is big enough to spread on the ground for my baby to play on when we visit friends and family and it is attractive. It is 100% cotton which I like as my son has eczema. It washes really well.

Would you choose this product to win?

Billie: I think this product should win! I would definitely choose it over others on the market. The size and colours are perfect! I love that it’s cellular. As a mum, it really puts my mind at ease letting my daughter sleep with it. She loves it which makes it a winner in my eyes. It really helps her to get to sleep.

Stacey: I would choose this product as it looks and feels lovely. The grey design with the colourful trim really makes it stand out. I was pleased with how well it washed and dried. It came out looking new every time. I think the design with airflow to allow for warmth in cool weather and warmth in cold weather is fabulous. This is great as it prevents overheating. I also feel the airflow aspect makes the blanket a lot safer for your baby.

Nicola: I would choose this product as it is very high quality and not overpriced. It is soft and washed and dried really well. The blanket is beautifully designed and I was stopped many times by people asking where I got it from as they loved the yellow colour. Most cellular blankets are dull so it is a nice change to see bright colours available. It is great value for money and the size means I’ll be able to use it as my baby grows. It was multifunctional. I used it as a single layer in the cot and doubled it up when outside on cooler days.

What changes would you make to this product?

Mairi-Clare: I would increase the range of colours available. A traditional baby pink and baby blue or a completely neutral white would be good. There are no major downfalls to this product. It is fantastic and we have been delighted with it.

Katy: I don't really have anything negative to say about this blanket. I would happily pay £19 for it. However, I do feel that the price may put some consumers off as there are many other competitors on the market who advertise naturally made blankets for a lower price.

Samantha: There is nothing I would change about the product itself. It would be great if the company thought about selling it in a reusable travel bag. A cotton drawstring bag would mean it can be transported more easily. Apart from that, I wouldn't change anything. We love it and cannot wait to get another.

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