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ASDA Little Angels Newborn Nappies at a glance:

ASDA Little Angels Newborn nappies are wonderfully soft and breathable for your bundle of joy. Accredited by the Skin Health Alliance, feather-soft materials and SmartFlo absorbency ensure sensitive skin is cared for and moisture is absorbed quickly and evenly for comfort. Gently elasticated leg cuffs and a super-stretchy waistband help prevent dreaded explosions and a wetness indicator allows you to check if baby needs changing. A special contoured design helps prevent umbilical irritation and a handy size guide shows you when it's time to go up a size all from 3.6p per nappy, and also available in affordable jumbo packs.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Emma: This product makes it easier in life as a mum firstly because the tabs at the side of the nappy are easy to fold due to the shape of them. They are more rounded rather than square so they fold into the nappy well and fit to babies’ body shape more easily. The tabs on the nappies are better or at least on par with other nappies I have used when changing baby especially in a hurry due to this shape. However, although the tabs are more efficient on the side of nappy the strip where the nappy secures at the front of the baby’s body is thinner than most nappies and while this adds the quality of the design it doesn’t help with the security and comfort of the nappy and can cause the nappy to come undone occasionally when baby is playing or kicking around making this harder to keep up with baby changing resulting in more changes throughout the day and more time used. This is time consuming and is not very good throughout the night. In addition, the line on the front of the nappy to indicate the wetness of the nappy is clear for you to see when the baby needs a nappy change and that makes it a lot easier to keep an eye on throughout the day when a baby nappy change is needed as the yellow line becomes blue and is very easy to see. The way the nappies are packaged makes them easy to fit into a changing mat and due to them being packed so neatly and efficiently they are not bulky and are easy to take when leaving the house. The clear marking of the nappy size on the front of the nappy makes it easy to distinguish the size when they are out of the original packaging and you are looking for a baby nappy as well as being a lovely design.

Georgia: Asda’s Little Angels Newborn Nappies exceeded my expectations. My favourite feature was the wetness indicator, a stripe which changed from yellow to blue once the nappy was wet. However, on a newborn baby it didn’t stay yellow for long so I ended up changing my baby’s nappy more frequently and potentially a little unnecessarily. The guide for where to put the sticky tabs was also a useful indicator as I could see that my baby would soon no longer fit the size 2 nappies due to a recent growth spurt. Even when used for longer periods overnight, the nappy did not leak and wasn’t too bulky or sag. This was probably in part due to the elasticated leg cuffs that kept tight to his thighs. Although sometimes this looked a little too tight and left red marks. I was also very pleased that no explosive poos made their escape.

Helen: I liked that it is very easy to tell when a nappy needs changing with a single touch as the absorbent part is split into 3 sections which swell evenly due to the SmartFlo technology. Nappies fit nicely under vests, even when full and are easy to secure and remove, even on a wriggly baby. They are small and convenient to pack in our nappy bag.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Holly: If the nappies did not leak, I would recommend this product for its design and comfort. The nappy had a minimal design, it just had a simple name on the front which helped my partner put the nappy on the right way round. Sometimes the nappies with all pictures all over them are just not needed for practical reasons. Secondly, the nappies felt soft compared to other nappies I have used.

Isabel: Yes completely and I have already. They are a favourite of mine and the main reason I would go to Asda. The price is fantastic value too. I especially like that the nappy absorbs the fluids so efficiently, meaning my daughter's nappy area has not been sore at all and also makes an easy clean nappy change. We have never experienced any leakage.

Mia: I would recommend the ASDA Little Angels Newborn nappies to fellow mums for the reasons that they are very reasonably priced, they are easy to use and I liked the fact it described clearly when baby needed to move up to the next size. The material was soft and it didn’t seem to leave baby's skin feeling wet or cause a nappy rash.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Tracey: It is a good all rounder. To be honest I would choose based on easy accessibility, for example if there was an Asda nearby I would definitely go get it, but I would not necessarily go out of my way to find an Asda further away to acquire these nappies. As mentioned before I feel these nappies are less absorbent than some other brands as baby's skin is wet on nappy removal, however we have not had any nappy rash or adverse reaction to this which is a good thing.

Nichola: If I'm honest... No! The asda little angel nappies are great as I've stated above and I would buy them again if my usual nappies weren't available and I was in asda however for me I still prefer my usual nappies! The elasticated waist is a feature I'll miss but I don't like the way the nappies feel once wet! The crackling sound / feel puts me off. I just don't like it.

Emma: I do not think this nappy is a winner above all other nappies I have used although they are a very good contender. I do like these nappies and they are very easy to use, packaging is great, and they have a lot of good qualities such as design, comfort and materials used. They would be a great back up choice for me personally if I could not secure the nappies I currently use. Firstly, the quality of the design on the front of the nappies and the packaging is brilliant with the bright colours and the easily readable nappy size on the front of each nappy also making it easy to distinguish nappy sizes. My favourite feature by far on these nappies are the side tabs as they are easy to use due to the rounded shape and fold easily into the nappy and around baby’s legs for extra comfort. Even with the slim front tab which could be better, making this bigger would increase security of the nappy when the baby is active and have more grip across the front of the nappy for more of a secure area and add to comfort. The nappies are of a good quality material and easy to use. However, in my opinion the maime nappies from Aldi are my overall favourite when it comes to price, design, comfort for my baby and hygiene. Aside from Aldi nappies Pampers are the overall winner in my eyes for the hygiene factor and are easily the top nappies for fit with my baby but the price of pampers is the down point for me personally as they are way overpriced compared to this product and the Aldi nappies. I would like to see the front section of these nappies adapted to secure the nappy better and this would then be a very good contender for the top spot.

What changes would you make to this product?

Georgia: If I was to change one thing about Asda’s Little Angels Newborn Nappies it would be to make them out of more eco-friendly materials. I would then feel less guilty about the nappies piling up in the bin if I knew they would decompose quicker and they would also likely be that little bit kinder to my baby’s skin. Now there are more environmentally friendly nappies on the market, I feel that all companies should aspire to improve and align their values. This would hopefully cause the costs to go down and make eco-friendly choices more cost-effective and accessible to all.

Mia: If I could change one thing about the ASDA Little Angels Newborn nappies it would be the fact they have quite a strong chemical smell that I have not noticed from my experiences with other similarly priced nappies. Unfortunately, this would prevent me from any future purchases as I worry what is in them, especially when they are on a newborn's bare skin.

Nichola: Easy! I would look into changing the material that's used to absorb the wee. Only because of the way it feels once wet. It's crackling sound / feeling really isn't appealing to me at all and just put me off the little angel nappies which is a shame as the nappies as a whole are great and affordable.

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