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Joie Baby Sansa

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At a glance:

Joie Baby's Sansa seat is a sweet and innovative lounger that can sway and glide your baby in every direction. This lounger fits into any space easily, has five nature sounds and five lullabies, and a vibration that will soothe your baby wherever you are.

How did this product make your life easier?

Liz: This product makes life easier as a mum as the different movements help soothe and calm your baby especially if they like being held and rocked all the time and of course your baby can stay in there if they happen to fall asleep. The seat can be removed from the base unit and carried to other rooms. As the seat is higher up when on the base unit and bigger than in a normal bouncer/rocker, my baby seemed to like it more as he could see more of what’s going on. Using this product meant I had more time to spend with my toddler and catch up on housework.

Lindsay: This product makes your life easier as a mum as you can leave your little one in here with peace of mind they will be safe and occupied. The sway and glide motions are brilliant as it soothes the baby. The toy bar is also a great addition. The seat has multi-position fit comfort. The cover is also machine washable which is always a plus.

Faye: This product helped me as mum as I was able to soothe and calm my baby while my baby was upset. My baby enjoyed the soothing birds chirping and the other different noises too. It provided a safe space for my child so that I could also leave the room for short periods of time, knowing my baby was secure and chilled while I was away.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Helen: It was really easy to put together as I did it on my own quickly while the baby napped. It is a sturdy product and is built well and I am confident that my baby is safe and their head etc is well supported using the newborn insert in the chair. The baby also appeared more comfortable in this product as a pose to other similar alternatives. The design is pretty and they offer gender-neutral designs meaning it could be used for multiple children. The product can be used in different ways if visiting family or friends it would be possible to take the battery-powered bouncer section and use the vibrating function. The electric mode offers a smooth movement and the option to play white noise etc something that my baby finds very soothing. There is an inbuilt play bar with toys on for baby is a bit bigger and begins to interact with toys.

Lucy: I’d recommend this product to a fellow mum because it has a wide range of features that can help soothe the fussiest baby. It also looks great as it blends in with most room decors. It is also gender neutral which is great for people who do not wish to fond out the gender, do not wish to conform to gender stereotypes or are purchasing and may go on to have additional children.

Beverley: It is a good size compared to other electric rockers. It means you get some hands-free time while safe in the knowledge that the baby is safe and secure as the straps are good and the padding on them comfortable. The songs were lovely and relaxing for me and had plenty of choices. I would have liked it to be easier to move but that was minor to my use of it.

Would you choose this product to win?

Hannah: Personally, I felt that it was a bit big and took up a lot of space in my living room. It was also quite noisy. I’d be more inclined to go for a more traditional design, though I can appreciate that lots of parents like more modern products. Therefore I probably wouldn’t choose it myself, but it did have some good features (e.g changes into a rocker, the baby seemed to like it, washable.)

Caroline: This product should not win in my opinion due to the lack of style for the price. The chair is far too bulky compared to similar products. The chair looks cheap and needs a more contemporary design to justify the price. The chair is too big to put away with ease so therefore needs to look better. Other chairs feel much more luxurious and cost similar.

Lucy: I would choose this product as it has a range of features. Most others seem to either vibrate with music or swing back and forth- something which my baby personally dislikes. My baby really likes the rotating motion along with the vibrate when she was tiny and not she is older loves the music to be playing whilst the plays with toys say comfortably.

What changes would you make to this product?

Helen: I would like it if the electric cable was longer or that the cable acted as a charger for the unit so that I was able to use the electric function of the product more flexibly around the house. At present, I would be limited to where I can use it because it needs to be near a plug socket, but other than that, I am very happy with the product and there is nothing else I would change about it.

Clare: The main thing that I would comment on with this product is the fact that when you use the movement options (forwards and backwards/side to side and the mixture of the two) it is a rather loud, mechanical noise. I found that I needed to have the products sounds on when it was moving to help ease the mechanical sound. It would therefore be nice if the product was quieter if at all possible.

Beth: If I could change one thing it would probably be that the chair was suitable for a larger child as there are products on the market which see the child through to a toddler which means less packaging, less storage space and less money spent overall. I’m quite lucky as my daughter is 8-months-old is very small but if you did have a larger baby they would soon grow out of this chair.

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