Bambino Mio Swaddling Blankets review

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by Catriona Watson |
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At a glance:

Swaddling blankets are a must-have item for all parents. This is a multi-purpose product that has so many everyday uses from mopping up spills to using as a burp cloth or to swaddle baby and much more.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Hanna: These swaddling blankets are so soft. The quality is far superior compared to any other brand I have used. Even with multiple washes, it retains its softness and quality. They are really lightweight and fold up into a very small space. You can fit them into the smallest of baby bags. They are great used as a light blanket especially in the heat. They have been very cooling on my baby. They come in a lovely white and grey design which is neutral so can be used with babies no matter the sex.

Abi: The Bambino Mio swaddling blankets are the type of product I would recommend to my mummy friends. I found myself using them in multiple ways - as a blanket, a muslin or a general cloth for my toddler. I used them more as a muslin and blanket as I was confused about how to swaddle. The design of the swaddling blanket is simplistic and stylish. It could be used as a scarf now I am not using it as a blanket.

Claire: I would definitely recommend this product. The design is lovely and more suited to the parent rather than for infants which makes a nice change. They are pleasantly gender neutral. They are extremely lightweight, soft and have such a variety of uses. I think most mums would use and appreciate them.

How did this product make your life easier?

Karen: These swaddles are very good for burping and cleaning up a mess. They are very soft against the babies skin. They were not very good to use as swaddles as they had too much give. They were so soft that my baby kept wriggling out of it. They are so light meaning they are very good for using as a light blanket in hot weather.

Kelly: The Bambino Mio swaddling blanket/muslins are such a handy, lightweight and versatile product. I couldn’t be without them. Due to the size, it can be used as a cover-up, blanket, nappy mat cover, for burping and for any spills. It is easy to find them in your nappy bag. They have a trendy pattern that could also be worn as a scarf/cover-up for you when are breastfeeding. I’ve also used them as a sunshade over the pram.

Sarah: The swaddling blankets/bamboo muslins are very useful in the early stages with a newborn. The cloths can be used for lots of things. I particularly like how they can be used as a nursing cover and for burping/catching sick at the same time. They are so light and airy so using them in the warmer weather feels safe.

Would you choose this product to win?

Charlene: I would certainly choose the Bambino Mio swaddling product over others on the market. It is such an elegant and soft feeling material. It has a classy-looking feather design and you feel stylish when draping it over your shoulder. The bamboo fibre material makes it stand out as it is super-soft. I have never felt a muslin blanket quite like it. The quality is just fabulous!

Mmasifon: Yes they should win because of their large size, great design and soft fabric. It's a must-have for me and I never leave the house without them. I have other muslins but this is by far my favourite. They are good value for money, great quality, practical, versatile and stylish. I am very pleased with them.

Nicola: I like that this product is a pack of two. I love the design, pattern and delicate fabric. This product is soft and has many uses so I would choose them above others.

What changes would you make to this product?

Hanna: I am not sure there is anything I would change. The usability, quality and design are fantastic. They are slightly on the higher price bracket and you only get two blankets so perhaps an extra blanket for the price would make them more desirable. If you are looking for quality swaddling blankets I would pay the extra price to have these.

Abi: The Bambino Mio Swaddling Blankets do not need to be improved! They have a lovely, soft feel, a simple design and print. There is a lack of information on the packaging about the uses of product and instructions on how to swaddle. I have never swaddled before and if there were instructions to follow I would have been able to use the product for its main purpose. With the relevant instructions and information, I would have been more confident to try and swaddle my child.

Claire: I would suggest having two different designs in the pack rather than identical blankets. Some information on the packaging about how to swaddle safely would be useful. New mums may not be aware of how to swaddle or at what age to stop.

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